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Full Version: Questions regarding the Bottom of the world
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Anyone know where/what has happened to the Antarctic?

I mean, there are more than a few bases down ther, not to mention a bloody huge chunk of it is "held in trust" by Australia.

With the advent of megacorps, resoruce rape and general unpleasentness, what of the precious natural environment down there?

I can see a fleet of Japanacorp whalers and mega-fishers steaming down there the first chance they could get, not to mention the usual systematic overfishing of the Great Southern Ocean.

I think some mention was made in the Year of the Comet, regarding the Orichalum rush, but is there anything else?

Just thought it may make a few people break out the ultra-cold weather gear for a REALLY hazardous series of runs. I mean, it's remote with a long history of scientific research, what better place to do dirty deeds on the quiet, apart from the moon?

Now...there's a thought...


Jr. Woodchuck
Actually i'd like to see Antartica stay the way it is. Few tidbits here and there, but largely untouched by the metaplot. Think of all the nasties that could be living there! vegm.gif
Ancient History
I'm guessing neither of you read Target: Wastelands?
Jr. Woodchuck
QUOTE (Ancient History)
I'm guessing neither of you read Target: Wastelands?

Guilty as charged!
I was going to say yes, but realized I have Target: Awakened Lands. Duh me.

So, what's the skinny daddy-o? .
..Or maybe not, gives me more incentive to go to work, get money, use money to buy shadowrun materials, etc.

Well, it's nice to see that it's not forgotten.

Definitely not forgotten. It's got about seven pages worth of material in there. smile.gif
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