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Full Version: Ruthenium, eat your fucking heart out.
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Jesse Jenkins cursed as Mike took a Ruger Thunderbolt burst to the head. Fuck, their mage was done! This whole thing had turned to shit once Tweek had triggered something nasty in the Matrix just trying to hack their way through the back door of this damned place. One minute they're a trio of cool professionals, the next instant blood is streaming from that computer geek's nose and ears like a fountain, and an instant after that they've got the Star shooting at them.

The street samurai kept her cool, though. She had training, and chrome, the skills and edge and drive she needed to survive this. She was specops. She'd made it out of the Arcology! She'd lived through worse. She slapped a fresh magazine home in her Ingram Smartgun and loosed half of it at the Lone Star cruiser and the pair of assholes that were leaning over it to shoot at her. One fell back in a spray of blood, the other ducked behind the engine block and screamed for backup.

"Fuck me, we stepped in it this time," Jesse fired off quick three round bursts as she backed away from the corpses of her teammates, keeping that bastard's head down and sending pieces of Lone Star Americar windshield flying.

Fresh sirens sounded as she ducked behind a dumpster to reload, and she saw more lights at the far end of the alley. It was escape and evasion time, there was no doubt about it.

She dropped a flash bang and ran, darting around the corner and out into the street. She only had seconds. Precious few seconds.

Her hands reached for the bottom edge of her dress -- she heard jackbooted thugs stomping down the alley towards her, racking their shotguns as they approached -- she was dead, unless she could....

Fresno Bob
Thats all well and good, but what happens when they decide to try get a coke out of you?
I like the Manhole Bag. biggrin.gif
I predict within a year there will be a fetish sub-community in Japan of people who have sex with vending machines that they pretend are rape victims hiding inside clothes that look like vending machines.
an entire year?
New disguise: vending machines that make themselves look like people when a possible assailant approaches.

new new disguise: dressing up as one of the fake people that the vending machines disguise themselves as!

standard exchange if this trend continues:

GM - "Okay, you're scouting out the target site. There are two guards, one of them is a cyberzombie. He's getting a coke from a vending machine, and--"

Player - "I shoot the vending machine."

GM - "The cyberzombie also shoots the vending machine."
QUOTE (mfb)
an entire year?

It takes a little while to get a fetish up and running. First, you have to get the courage to try it, then you have to say, "That tickles," then you have to buy all the equipment... its not an overnight thing.
All I need to know is can I get one of these in time for Halloween?
Wounded Ronin
I like how it's not even a good disguise and you can see the feet.
The disguise is actually on the third one up. The feet are on a real vending machine.

(Also, I think this is projected to be used most during low lighting conditions, like after sundown, rather than in the broad daylight the picture is taken in)

Wounded Ronin
In my mind this is an example of how people who have lived in very safe conditions (i.e. Japan) think about self-defense when they have the chance to go take taekwondo or carry pepper spray or something. Completely naive, fanciful, and driven by commercialism moreso than even an extremely minor degree of common sense.

This is why people like Dillman ( ) can hold expensive seminars where fat housewives break out notepads and think that by squeezing someone they'll be able to make that person drop dead. That's like the feet on the freaking vending machine.

That's also the mentality of chess-club types when they buy a few paperbacks from Paladin Press and then imagine that if someone violently assaults them during chess practice they'll be able to whip out eye gouges and testicle rips like in a Tarantino film and thus by playing these fantasies through their heads fulfill their longstanding mental desire for revenge against the football team jocks who stuffed them into lockers back in middle school.
The kid in the newspaper box (or whatever it is) is pretty sad. Not something I see becoming all that popular at school.
I want one thats a TARDIS.
this coming from the country that introduced the world the wonders of the metal gear video game with Solid Snake and his box disguise... I'm not surprised.
Wounded Ronin
this coming from the country that introduced the world the wonders of the metal gear video game with Solid Snake and his box disguise... I'm not surprised.

That was even a better disguise. At least you couldn't see his feet.
If you happen to be in a place where there are in fact lots of boxes similar or identical to your box, and the guards are either not intimately familar with the room, or they are tired, or else so familar with the room that they get sloppy, then yes, the "I'm in a box!" disguise might actually work. Works better if you just hop into a box that's already there but convienantly empty, though.

This vending machine is just fucking retarded. Funny, but retarded. Though I imagine the new new fad will actually be fucking inside a faking vending machine, on a crowded street at night.
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