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Full Version: How much can I throw?
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I'm making a throwing adept. I'm not exactley sure how many weapons I can throw in a pass.

I have Quick Draw, Nimble Fingers and Ambidextrous....

Assuming I'm willing to split my dice pool and throw with both hands....

With Grenades, knives and shuriken.
the Quick Draw adept power specifically states that it allows you to draw only 1 weapon. Now, as for if this would be allowed to be mirrored across hands as normal quick drawing permits would, I think, be up to the GM. Assuming he allows it (seems pretty reasonable) I think your answer is 4, unless their is someway that you have obtained more that 2 simple actions per pass. This of course would imply that at max IPs you would be throwing 320 grenades each minuet assuming no quick drawing failures.
And of course, assuming you can carry 320 grenades.

What!? you mean the average shadowrunner doesn't carry nuyen.gif 11,200 worth of explosives on their person at all time?! Well I suppose you actually could carry 320 shirukien on your person at once. But that's only nuyen.gif 9,600 worth of ordinance!
QUOTE (Narse)
What!? you mean the average shadowrunner doesn't carry nuyen.gif 11,200 worth of explosives on their person at all time?

Sure, but not necessarily in grenade-sized chunks. biggrin.gif
Still, that's also four Skill + Reaction (4) tests that you will need to make, each round, which is not a piece of cake even with high numbers for both of those stats - sure, on average you'll get it, but the odds will eventually slow you down. Not to mention that glitching, or, even worse, critical glitching, is a bad idea with grenades.

GM: "Your hand whips out with blinding speed. There is a 'ping' as the metal pin bounces near the puzzled-looking guards. You hear a slight hissing noise coming from your pocket..."
why not make it one such test per IP and each success allows you to draw/throw one weapon?
Already came across this with my Throwing adept, word from the Devs is you have to ready the weapon first (don't have my books/pdf handy at work) which is a simple action then you can throw a single weapon that round with your remaining simple action. The next pass you can throw 2 (if you have enough readied.)
Nimble fingers gives your test a +1 modifier. Quickdraw lets you actually quickdraw the throwing weapons. Your test is throwing + reaction + 1 (nimble fingers) (2) each weapon, you can draw and throw up to 2 weapons per round. (You can't throw 2 weapons in one simple action.)
I don't think there's anything technically stopping someone with ambidexterity from throwing two weapons with a simple action, assuming, of course, that they split their dice pool. I don't like it, myself. Firing a weapon from each hand seems more believable to me than someone lobbing a grenade with each hand, even if they are both simple actions. But there's nothing in the RAW stopping it.

I didn't notice that Quickdraw lowered the threshold for quick drawing, but trying to quickdraw two grenades at once would still raise the threshold to 3, and that's still something that can eventually mess you up if you do it all the time.
Glyph. There is. The rules. 141. The modifier is Attacker using a Second Firearm. You can do it with pistols or SMGs, thats it. The quickdraw power lets you quickdraw throwing weapons, and attack with the same simple action, so, the adept can quickdraw grenade w/either hand and throw 1st simple action. Then, quickdraw grenade w/either hand and throw 2nd simple action. He never will be able to throw more than 2 weapons per AP.
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