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Full Version: [SprawlSG] College Football?
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Crimsondude 2.0
As the NCAA college football seasons come to an end and fans prepear to flock to bowl games acorss the country in a month, I was wondering if SSG had covered college sports. I was under the impression that it vcovered sports in general, but I would just like to know if it did or not in weighing the aspects of whether to go out and buy my first SR book in ... a while (or wait for SoE).
As far as I can remember, I don't think it did.
Look to the major leagues for the significant parts, and do the math on the rest.

Magic is probably forbidden, for the same fears and whatnot as in the big leagues. Having 'ware probably isn't restricted, since few (if any) college students can afford much 'ware.

I imagine that there'd be some serious protesting to get at least the adepts in college into collegiate sports; colleges are usually the first places that such things start happening. We know that it's going on, and given how... passionate that some college folks are about their pet causes, you can probably imagine that the debate between letting magic/adepts into college football and keeping them out is very hot right now.

There might be a magic-accepting league our there, for the schools teaching university courses in magic, but it'd likely be scoffed at by the other folks, or ignored altogether.

Use the same general idea for other collegiate sports, too...
Crimsondude 2.0
Well, I don't think magicians are going to be a big deal in Division 1-A, especially since the major magic universities in North America don't mean squat in college football today (MIT, Georgetown, Chicago, UCLA...).

I made up a list, and then trashed it because what the Hell was I doing that for? The SEC will still exist in 2064. The Bix ten and twelve will have to chnage, BFD. The MAC and CUSA won't change much (Again, BFD). The only problem is the Pac-10 (I'd mention the WAC and MWC, but who cares?) since the universities are geographically spread across five different countries, one of which is a neo-fascist daisy-eating faerie-filled fantasyland under martial law and run by immortal elves. Not that I didn't think that they might still play as the Pac-8, but ... It just isn't the same, which is a shame because the Battle of Los Angeles is a tradition for a reason.
I'd just make some notes to flash in front of the players as background noise during a run or something. It'd be funny to have players placing bets on teams (maybe they'd get an opinion about letting magic into sports if their team lost because of it).
Chicago is actually allowed to enter division 1-A at any point it wants. Part of the deal when it stepped out of the league. If they were able to use magic to field a competitive team I would expect they would do so. If for no other reason then to show the use of magic in sports.

That would be a classic University of Chicago academic exercise.... Then again, I can also see bored U of C students just creating low-force elementals to play ball for them. Afterall, it was Robert Maynard Hutchins (former Chicago president) who said, "Whenever I feel the urge to exercise, I lie down until it passes."
I always free spirits would make a good football team. Although with a fire elemental blocking is anyone going to try and take him on. I see a whole new game idea, elemental football. Considering the money you could make for a game it would probably even be profitable.

not knowing much about american football OR the official fasa shadowrun universe, still i dare to voice an opinion.

forgive me for my mistakes.

College football, as i percieve it nowdays, is big busyness. Maybe it's not as big a busyness as pro football (i really don't know how it is for you guys in the US), but still big. as such, it is likely to survive whatever national turmoils the world is taking. So I would gather that perhaps the physical makeout of the groups might be different - perhaps according to the more nationalistic take on the NAN and the elven nations - but the game would be still afoot.

it is probable that the league's matchings will remain more or less unharmed - perhaps more in line with the euroleague/uleb (basketball) or with wefa (football) in europe. So long as that happens, the corps get their little endorsement fees, and the schools remain happy.

As for pro football, i can certainly see groups of augmented trolls out there. but i don't see overaugmentation entering college football. It just seems like too much of an overexploitation of youths to allow that. I suppose adaptic and magical enhancements will have to stay out of it too - if only to balance cybernetics and to discourage cheating.

Which might turn out to be the big differance between pro and college football, and lead to the creation of a new football league - for augmented/nonaugmented players - the interest in non-augmented football might arise in flames, much as women's tenis has managed to take the lead from the men's, due to their inability to pummel their opponents with 200 mph balls.

QUOTE (Eindrachen)
Having 'ware probably isn't restricted, since few (if any) college students can afford much 'ware.

I figure implants probably come standard as part of sports scholarships.
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