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Full Version: spotting and gunnery
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normally, you use Launch Weapons for spotting tests (specifically, the Spotting specialization; CC, 99). however, if you're in a vehicle, you're supposed to use Gunnery for any firearms tests--including stuff like missles and rockets (SR3, 86).

the question, of course, is what you use if you're spotting from a vehicle--Launch Weapons, since that's what CC specifies, or Gunnery, since that's what you use in a vehicle?
Spotting, since you're not actually firing a weapon.
hm. that's an interesting argument, but i don't see that the rules back it up. to be fair, i don't see that the rules contradict it, either.
What exactly is it that you are asking? To spot for an indirect or information guided weapon, you use the spotting skill. It doesn't matter if you're mounted on a vehicle or on foot, or if the laster/radar/microwave designator that you're using is mounted on a vehicle. It's still spotting. To actually fire the weapon, yes, then you would use gunnery if you're firing a missile or a mortar mounted on a vehicle. If you're working with a BattleTac network, then it's a sensors test, not a spotting test.
right, but launching a missile is launching a missile, and firing an MG is firing an MG. (for that matter, firing a rifle is firing a rifle, but witness the rifle and assault rifle skills.) welcome to the random funkiness that is SR's skill lists.
I'd go with Gunnery, IF the designator is actually mounted to the vehicle (for example, in a drone); you would "fire" it like anything else you'd shoot with Gunnery.

If you're just sticking your head out of something, and holding a designator, then I'd go with Launch Weapons instead.

For indirect fire, there are two tests required. The first is Launch Weapons (spotter) to gain a target lock on the intended target. The second test is gunnery or launch weapons or whatever direct fire weapon you happen to be using. There must be a spotting test or else you're simply lobbing shells blindly at your target.
right. and i'm thinking that the spotting test should be done with gunnery, assuming the target designator is mounted on the vehicle, since there's no appreciable difference between lasing a target and shooting it (excepting the fact that you have to hold the lase). according to the rules on SR3 pg 86, gunnery takes over for any other weapon skill if the weapon is vehicle-mounted; i'm trying to make sure there's no rule hidden anywhere that contradicts this in the case of spotting tests.
Ol' Scratch
I agree. Gunnery is the generic skill used for anything on a weapon's mount. If it's on a mount and you have to point it, either manually or remotely, you're using Gunnery. I cannot think of a single exception to that rule.
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