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Full Version: My Imaginary Friend.
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So i have a theory. i think that in the shadowrun world before the awakening or any of that, what we took as a child's imagination and need for a friend were really totem spirits. Like mike has an imaginary friend named bob. Bob, he says, looks like a cat but bigger and with silver fur and he talks.. sounds a little alike a totem spirit.. lets take this a bit further. bob tells mike about things that the child may not ever know about of even understand normally. that bob does and says things that help guide little mike to make the right decisions and choices. Sounds like a spirit, right?

what do you think?
This was covered in 2XS. The reproter Jocasta had some marginal magical ability that manifested as her 'invisible friend' as a hcild to warn her of danger. it was only in college did she realize what it was.
2XS? i don't think i ever heard of that one.
Novel by Nigel Findley. One of the best, in my opinion.
QUOTE (Blade)
Novel by Nigel Findley. One of the best, in my opinion.


Indeed. One that should be brought up more in threads about mundane characters without 'ware, too. And LOTS of other threads, if it's beneath a spoiler tag.
i will have to pick that one up.
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