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Full Version: New Adept Power (Muscle Mimic)
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I got the idea for the muscle mimic from the TV show Hereos (if you haven't seen it yet you should). In the show there is a girl that can instantly learn any physical skill that she observed being done. I was thinking for Shadowrun you would have an adept power called Muscle Mimic with a rating. If you witness a physical skill being performed you can do a check (rolling the number of dice equal to your adept power rating) and gain that physical skill at the number of success you through (max being the number of success thrown by the observed person performing the skill). If that skill is used before the end of the game session then it becomes a permanent skill. Else the skill is lost. There would only be 3 levels of the power and they would cost the following:
Level 1 = 1 point
Level 2 = 4 points
Level 3 = 9 points

No skill could be improved with this power just learned initially. Any skill that is retained could be increased as per a normal skill.
Kyoto Kid
...if the costs are in power points, I don't see most adepts going beyond rating 1 at chargen. Spending four fifths to two thirds of your starting PPs on the "chance" to permanently learn a new skill at rating 2 would leave little for any other (more useful) powers. And what happens if you glitch (or in the case of rating 1 critical glitch?). It would make more sense to base the DP on the power's rating + the Adept's MA like Attribute Boost does.

Still the cost for the subsequent rating levels is way too high. If for example, the character started with an MA of 5 without the power (so she could have a few other abilities) it would require eventually initiating and raising her MA to 14, which would cost a whopping 448 Karma (with no group or ordeal) to finally attain rating 3. With that much Karma you would be better off just spending it directly on buying skill groups, raising them and investing PPs from initiation into other powers that would augment individual skills and/or the character's combat and other physical abilities.
This came up in another thread. My search-fu has failed to find it. One suggestion was an Adept power; another was a skillwire system which uses AI software to mimic skills. See also the Marvel Comics character Taskmaster, and the Hero System talent "cramming" which works for knowlege skills and languages.

9 Magic points for the ability to mimic a skill at up to 3 successes? Or are you proposing a 9 BP Skill/Quality which can only be bought by Adepts, but does not count as part of their Adept powers adding up to their Magic stat? I would rather than it fit in the same stack as other Adept powers.

What I'd most like is the ability to mimic Specializations. Because I'm a munchkin. smile.gif
I suspect that she is based on Taskmaster, only not as awesome.

His power is called photographic reflexes.
The earlier thread is here.

Taskmaster's powers are similar to what is described in the show, but he has the advantage of living in a world where there are many world-class or superhuman people for him to mimic - Captain America, Hawkeye, the Swordsman, etc.

That's the existing thread
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