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Zhan Shi
Same as "Fantastic" thread. Also, please feel free to beat the crap out of me if you feel I've missed the mark. biggrin.gif
Well, first off, Street Magic should be on this list, and Harlequin and Harlequin's Back should not (though they're not fantastic, and I admit HB's pun was abysmal).

Definately Augmentation

Ugh..... the cover makes me cringe everytime I pull out the book.

The best reason for simple black covers, wth only the SR logo and the name of the sourcebook in silver print on it.
Vote for Augmentation . . if it had been on the list, i'd taken SR4 . .
It trolls!
Augmentation. SR4 is just bland and uninteresting. Aug's cover is... well, fugly!
SR4 Core Book.
See now, I do have a special spot of loathing in my heart for the SR4 core book cover, but I'm with It trolls! on that one. When compared to Street Magic or Augmentation, it at least has the decency to be a little bit quiet in its ugliness—you have to actually look at it for the eye-gouging to start.

Yep! I have to say that Augmentation is my least favorite out of those choices, and not far from my least favorite overall as well.
I voted HB, but only for the pun. They should be pun-ished.

Street magic should be on the list. i hate that guy's expression.
Kyoto Kid
...yeah 4E most definitely both for cover and a lot of the interior art.
I just looked through the covers that someone posted a link to on the 'Fantastic!' thread and I have to say the one that stood out was Imago. all I can say is UGGH!
the SR4 cover is kind of an homage to the original SR1 & 2 covers. Different team, but same idea. My only complaint is some of the clothing, but then I've always had some complaints about some art depictions that started mid 90's. why do all characters have tons of wrinkles and warts? Alot of the art in alot of the book interiors makes everyone extremely ugly.
Voted for Augmentation, even though I like Sasso's other covers.

But I only voted for that because the SR4 BBB was not offered as a choice.

I remember the first art preview - and I PRAYED it was some kind of joke.

Not all prayers are answered.

Do they LOOK at the art before they pay for it?

Is the artist the nephew of the secret money-man behind FanPro?

I have head SR4 is selling very well, and I am most pleased - but think how much better it might be selling if they had a COOL cover instead of a total embarrassment!

Come on - that's gotta be like the single most important marketing point for a hardcover core game book. Ball dropped.
Kyoto Kid
...that's the other reason I have the PDF, I never have to see the cover. grinbig.gif
Just be glad they fixed the PDF. Ah, the first release, where you could open to a page, the gratuitous little green critters would load, and then ten seconds later you'd see some text.

As for Imago, it could have been saved if they'd included a '58 Corvette or a Chrysler 300 in the art. As it stands, it is insufficiently campy.

I voted Augmentation, but I think "The Sprawl Survival Guide" was pretty bad too.
I personally liked the cover art for both harly's books, as well as SF. But My GOD was Augmentation bad.
Kool Kat
Augmentation for the LOSE! XD Gawdy aweful and I agree that the cover art for SR4 is.... dull. It is suppose to be some kind of action scene but FAILS epically. SR3's cover was killer with the Troll lighting up the scene and the dwarf and hacker hang'n on for dear life. Good perspective and a sense of desperate action. The team on the SR4 cover are like... Hoooohum... Look we opened a door... and are being shot at... let's stroll on in.
The Dwarf's pants (with matching shades!) are enough action for anyone.

But I should note, SR3's cover does not have a hacker on it.

Kyoto Kid
...that's because they were called deckers back then grinbig.gif biggrin.gif

[jacks out & runs away really fast...]
SR3 cover was more "active" but had a cartoony feel that doesn't really fit SR, at least not my SR.
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