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Full Version: Dunkelzahn and Dragons Flight
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After Dunkelzahn had died a few days afterwards a group of dragons manifest themselves over DC and do this aerieal dance for a few hours. I can't seem to find it in Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets. The time line explorer says it was in Mercurial. I find this hard to believe since that adventure takes place in 2051, if my memory serves me correctly. Well if anyone can give me the part of the book. Or if it was in another book. I guess tell me what that book is and where.

Thanks for the help. Trying to flash out me.
It was mentioned in DotSW. Just read the section, actually.

Just got the book. <3
It is also mentioned in one of the novels I think.
Okay so know I'm getting my books confused. (Was rereading Dunkelzahn's will when I got Dot6W.)

Anyways would you know what part the dragons thing is referenced at. I'm trying to read it to get more understanding of it. Was it separately mentioned in any of the dragons side sections.
QUOTE (Dragons of the Sixth World @ p. 17)
...These rituals of etiquette also extend to matters of spirituality, magic and life and death.  The "Dance of Death" that several dragons performed when Dunkelzahn died is one of these, though it didn't show up on film so we're forced to rely on eyewitness accounts...

That what you're talking about?
Actually that is one of them. However I thought there was a more descriptive one in Dunk's Will Sourcebook. I hate it I've skimmed through the book so many times. I'm guessing I may just have to read the book, yet again.

Not saying that is a terrible thing, but I still need to finish some of the other books I'm reading like Rigger 3 and Matrix. As well don't forget Target: Matrix. Ohh these are a few of my favorite things.

And with them I don't feel so .... sad!

Well I thought it was described that Lofwyr was one of the dragons in the pack, and least that is what the Dumpshock's, timeline said of the matter.

I believe this happen august 11th. For those who think it matters:

2057 - On August 11, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, witnesses report seeing a flight of at least a dozen dragons (one of which tentatively is identified as Lofwyr) performing a complicated aerial dance over the site of former President Dunkelzahnís assassination. This performance lasts for about an hour and has security agents in near panic. Many news reporters attempt to film the event but no sign of the dragons appear on any video shot. (Mercurial)

As it says Mercurial. Now I don't have that adventure yet, however I don't remember that being part of the anything in 2057. Besides that one of the Will's items actually goes to those adventurers who still have their ticket stubs. That I believe is a nother matter.
It definately isn't Mercurial. That was one of the first scenarios ever published and set waaaaay before the Big D even thought about running for UCAS Prez. (2050 I believe) In fact the only wizworm to feature in that presentation is Perianwyr with his late chummer, assassin Kyle Morgan.

As for the flight of Dragons reference, well you've pretty much quoted what any text might say already. There might be that piece of info in DW:PoaD and also one or two shadowtalk comments about it as an oblique reference in a few other sourcebooks. But as far as I can recall that's about the gist of it all. There were some dragons that did a dance above the Dunky Rift to honour his memory (part of the old Dragon ritual thing) and it didn't show up on recordings.

If you want a bit of further info then I'd suggest looking at the Dragonheart Trilogy of novels (Stranger Souls, Clockwork Asylum & Beyond The Pale). There might also be a reference hidden away somewhere in Ragnarok too. If you're after more detailed information about the aspects of the ritual, then track down the Earthdawn sb Dragons. It gives a bit more insight into their society and customs.
PoaD: Dunkelzahn's Secrets page 54b
Thanks guys for the help. Especially the page numbers. Those Rock! If I can only get the freaken dragon heart trilogy. Working hard at getting the first, have the second(don't want to read it out of order.) and still haven't gotten the third.
Oh side note that timeline thing seems to be off it said for only a half hour. Don't know where a few hours came from.
QUOTE (252 @ Nov 25 2003, 08:07 PM)
Working hard at getting the first, have the second(don't want to read it out of order.) and still haven't gotten the third.

Beyond The Pale the third book is available at for 1.95 if that helps? has 15 of them starting at 2.98 and 29 Stranger Souls 7.99.
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