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Full Version: Shadowrun Limited Edition 3rd
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Hello. There's a Limited Edition of the Shadowrun Core rulebook (only 1000 produced) that is currently up on eBay. I was wondering if anyone has come across this book before and, if so, what it might be worth?

Is it especially valuable/worthless because it is not numbered?

Like any 'collectors' item, it is worth what someone will pay. That typically seems to be between $100-200 dollars in the case of this book.
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In this case, they're hardbound, which is cool, and of course there's only a limited number, which make them collector's items.

That said, some are signed by writers and artists. I've seen those go for over $300.
I've heard of people who'll buy something just because it's signed. Might be one of those occasions where the buyer has no clue what he's buying, but is getting it just to have another signed item.

Who knows, might be worth something someday to somebody.
Digital Heroin
Of all the times to go and buy a $1000 TV... *mutter*
I'd buy that for a dollar wink.gif
I went and took a look at it but it ssems that it has a ding and for some reason was not given a number where it says _____ of 1000 it is blank except for a yellow slash mark. So it may not go for too much.

1000 bucks for a t.v. dammmm I bought 2 32 inch t.v.'s for 600.
IIRC, there were a bunch of hard cover books released from old stock with no number at a convention sometime in the past.
Some of the books aren't numbered. I believe they were part of a box found after the others were sold off and sold at the next year's Gen Con.
I'd love to actually get one of those suckers, but $200+... ugh. dead.gif

On a related note, why exactly is it that the German version of SR3 is produced in hardcover format, yet there's no possibility of getting the same treatment for the American version?
Digital Heroin
That's $1000 Canadian mind you... 27" HDTV... my baby... now all I need is a better video card and I'll have a monitor with 1900 x 10something resolution...

I had a shot at the hardcover when it was first released... was a low number too... just didn't have the scrilla... makes me cry thinking about it...
ARGH! At least you guys over there had a chance of getting hold of a hardback copy. (Written in English)

Apparently they only ever released a handful of hardback 3rd Edition rulebooks at GenCon several years ago, back when 3rd Ed was first released. Ok, so I managed to pick up the 1st and 2nd Ed hardbacks 'cos I lurk around the stores when I sense the shift in the flow of the Force. Rule #1 Terms - get 'em while they're hot. The only problem with that little baby was that it was never released for sale in the UK. Oh, what I would have done to get my mits on one... Unfortunately, by the time I heard that there was one, GenCon was well and truly behind us and even then it would have been bloody hard to get over the pond at such short notice just to have the opportunity. Grrrr. The only incompleteness to my SR collection.
Oh, what I would have done to get my mits on one...

I think you're confused. That's a totally different book. biggrin.gif
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