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Full Version: Spirit Movement Power
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From SR4, p. 289:

The critter may increase or decrease the subject's movement rate within the terrain it controls.  Multiply or divide the target's movement rate by the critter's Magic.

The spirits which have Movement as a Power or Optional Power are:

Air, Beast, Earth, Guardian, Man, Plant, Task and Water.

My question is, what is the 'terrain it controls' for various spirit types?

For the elemental spirits, Air, Earth and Water, it may be straightforward, though I bet it seems reasonable to many to allow a spirit of air to speed up a vehicle, maybe even a spirit of earth.

A spirit of man probably has effect in areas developed by metahumans, urban or farmland for example. It too could speed a vehicle, on a road anyway, but not out in the desert. A spirit of plants may be able to aid travel through vegetation, parting the trees and bushes as it were. But what about Beast, Guardian, and Task spirits? What do you think are their 'terrain of control'?
Beast: Zoo
Guardian: Prison
Task: Workshop

Just kidding

The ambiguities involved with Guard, Movement and Accident get crazy.

Trying to figure who can use what where gets as nuts as spirit domains outta first edition...

As a house rule for our game, we dont worry about what spirit is where. If a mage has a fire spirit summoned and needs to get somewhere quick. It materializes, activates movement on said mage's moped and off he goes like the mad monk!!
Technically any spirit could provide movement. For example
Fire = the spark of the internal combustion engine
Water = the liquid fuel
Air = oxygen needed to ignite the spark/ the electrical spark from the plugs
Task = need to get to the job quickly
Earth = smooth the ground the vehicle runs on/ make the metal more conductive ( metals in the earth ya know)
Beast = Beast were the first mode of transportation
Man = it is a car ya know
Gaurdian = The car is a means of protection as you are fleeing certain doom
Eryk the Red
Next time I have a new mage character, I'm going to solve this problem by talking over the nature of their tradition with them. Define each spirit type's general nature and what the tradition calls them (rather than saying "earth spirit" and "fire spirit" no matter the tradition). I would also determine each spirit's domain (for the purpose of powers like movement, guard and accident), in broad terms. For some spirits, this would be locational, and for some it would be situational. Having this sort of thing clearly established from the start will make life easier in game and help to give the mage's tradition unique flavor.
If a spirit has a power that may work intermittently due to circumstances or environment I go for whatever causes dramatic tension without outright killing the PCs.
In earlier editions, it worked basicly as Magus describes. You envision how your environment is appropriate for your spirit and it is the appropriate domain for your spirit and it can flex its muscle. A different mage might be envisioning the same environment differently allowing a completely different spirit type to oppose yours on equal footing.

If a character is trying to stretch his view, you might wish to use a Knowledge skill to represent whether he can really grasp the concept. Maybe, a magic theory + logic (Spirit Force/2) test.
What if you summon an air spirit, have it use Movement on your aircraft, and then keep flying west so that you stay ahead of the terminator? One service... for 100+ hours? If you have the spirit aid a flying drone with electric engine powered by solar panels on wings, then one service lasting for the rest of the Sixth World (or mechanical failure)?

That would be kinda unfair to the spirit, eh?

Mercifully, you can't also task a machine sprite to keep the drone Stabilized forever, because those run for only 8 hours, because techie sleep/wake cycles have little to do with daylight.
Well, if you did that then you would be a tool and no spirits would ever trust you once the word got out.

Well there is that little blip about being above the artic circle where you do get 6 months of daylight/nighttime and you can have a spirit tasked for 6 months. This is supported by RAW in the SR4 BBB.
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