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Full Version: a few quick questions
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One of my players is pretty much demanding a vulcan cannon and hellfire missiles. for the Vulcan we pretty much made a panther full auto. For the Hellfire missiles we went with ATGM's that about right??

Another player wants a flamethrower for bbq-ing some vampires, but there are no flamethrowers in the core book, that we could find anyway, ditto for lasers, and WP grenades. These are all things that will be in Arsenal when it comes out.

I guess what I am asking is, what would be a reasonable damage code for a flame thrower? we were thinking 5p -half ballistic armor when applying the rules for fire?

Sounds alright to me. I wouldn't give it a very long range either.
40x46mm types include the M576 and the XM678. The M576 contains 20 pellets of #4 buckshot. The XM576/XM576E1 was standardized to become the M576. Another test variant, the XM576E2, which had 27 pellets of #4 buckshot without a sabot within the shot cup was deemed to spread too quickly for effective use. The XM678 does not appear to have been standardized and contained 54 tungsten balls, again of unknown size and weight, but likely considerably smaller than those in the M576 if number of projectiles is any gauge.[/QUOTE]

wondering, Should I just use the AP grenade for this? Or just do shotgun damage over about 150 meters?
Just take the AP grenade. Being hit by one of the pellets 150m away is not that likely, so donĀ“t even try to find rules for that.

Flamethrowers had damage slightly below heavy pistol levels before, so 5P/fire damage sounds about right. Take note that fire damage has more rules than halving armor.
And if you have any interest in keeping historical accuracy with your weapons, you should note that a flamethrower only had enough gas for about 4 seconds of burn.
DrZ, that is at odds over what has been shown on the History Channel on some of their WW2 shows and interviews with flame thrower operators.
That's odd; I got that piece of information from either them or the Military channel. At any rate, a personal flamethrower had maybe 10-20 seconds of flame, max. However, I could completely understand more for a game like Shadowrun; it is more movie-like than anything else.
I think he means, historical accuracy within the Shadowrun rules. I seem to recall that there was a 4-shot flamethrower in Cannon Companion. Don't have it handly right now, tho.

"...Although its actual "burn time" was around 7 seconds and the flame was only effective out to around 33 meters, it was still a decent weapon that had great uses in the war..."

Enough of all this nyahnyah.gif
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