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Full Version: What spell/spirit knack would you choose?
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Okay, fairly simple question here: If you (the person sitting in the chair, not the character) had the spell/spirit knack quality, what spell or what spirit would you choose to have a knack for?

Myself, I would hope for either spirits of man or Levitate.
'nuff said.
Zhan Shi
I would choose to have a Knack for summoning the spirit of Kristina Loken. biggrin.gif
I prefer the Knack: Orgy
A Task Spirit would be pretty useful. biggrin.gif
Turn to Goo.

It doesn't kill the person, and if someone pisses me off, I can turn them into a puddle and stick them in a toilet a few times before tossing them out and dropping the spell. biggrin.gif

and when they chased me, i could turn them back to said goo. It has all kinds of uses.
...Is there a weight loss spell?smile.gif


Okay then, I choose Mind
Mr. Croup
Shape Change for myself.

Why? Because in SR4 it's one of the few spells worth a damn when using in conjunction with spell knack.
definitely levitate.
I would make up my own using the rules on page 159 of Street Magic. It would be a spell called Rejuvenate Malady. It would help the body push back the tide of genetic breakdown that leads to illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer’s. I would be rich beyond imagination and I’d get to live a lot longer to enjoy my cash! I'd also earn the gratitude and dependance of he world's richest and most powerful people. It would be good to be me.
Mr. Croup
I've changed my mind, i'd take "One Less" and shake you by the hand ;D
heal, although sometimes I wish I had invisibility.
Water Elementals. Even a small chance of being able to change the weather every day makes you win at life.

Weather man threatens rain.

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