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If I remember correctly, the SR3 corebook says that suppressors can be used for up to 300 rounds before needing replacement. So...What about weapons with integral suppressors like the HK227-S and the Ares Viper Silvergun? What would one do then? I'd guess possibly make a weapon B/R test.

...Just a random thought that I'm not sure has been solved yet...
Austere Emancipator
QUOTE (Phaeton)
What would one do then?

This one would scrap the "300 rounds" rule. But then this one has done that anyway, since the rule is moronic to begin with.

If you want to stick with that rule, for whatever reason, then a Weapon B/R test and a spare barrel/suppressor-entity might be the best way to go about it. And the TN should probably be low, seeing as it's unlikely that HK would market weapons that would virtually require rebuilding every 300 rounds (Ares just might...) and they'd make it a quick-change barrel, or maybe even just a quick-change suppressor. The spare part shouldn't cost more than maybe 1/4th of the original weapon price, or ~1/10th or less for a spare suppressor. But I still suggest just getting rid of the "300 rounds" rule.

[Edit]Unless of course it gives an answer somewhere in canon. I wouldn't know, because I don't really care.[/Edit]
Eh. Yeah. Besides, by the time you get anywhere NEAR that many shots with the same weapon, you've usually bought a new and better one. Si? biggrin.gif grinbig.gif
Austere Emancipator
A shadowrunner, maybe. wink.gif A regular gun-user, hell no.

Go ask your friendly neighborhood SWAT chief how many rounds have been fired with their MP5SDs (if they've got any). I should hope a lot more than 300...

In my current game (~15 games), one character has fired ~2000 rounds with one LMG and another ~750 rounds with one AR, and those are the only two fully automatic weapons in the group. Caseless ammunition, often APDS, often somewhere where there's no one to check the riflings.
actually, IRL, the "300 rounds" rule is something approaching correct. All such devices will eventually foul with powder residue, etc and will need to be serviced. However, it usually doesn't involve replacing the entire silencer/suppressor. Usually, it involves opening it up and cleaning baffles, replacing wipes, refilling oil reservoirs, etc.

So, to answer the question, yeah, it's be a Weapon B/R test, but a relatively simple one (can you avoid the one horrible mistake that can ruin your weapon?). Remove the barrel assembly, open/access/whatever the suppression unit, perform routine maintainence, reassemble.
Hot Wheels
It would probably something easy to switch on the gun, they want to keep customers happy, so call for your surpresser replacment kit from Ronco! just twist a few screws and out comes the old fouled surpresser, in goes a brand new one. tighten the screws back up and you're ready to roll!
Austere Emancipator
"Opening up and cleaning" should be required for the weapons themselves, too, if you want to go that route. Now I don't know exactly how many rounds you can fire through an MP5SD, suppressed USP or a suppressed M4 (with a dry suppressor in each case) before the effectiveness of the suppressor is significantly worsened, but I cannot see it being a lot less than the amount of rounds you can fire through the weapon itself without it significantly losing effectiveness (in the way of far greater chance of jamming, losing accuracy, etc).

If the regular maintenance of a suppressor really includes cleaning the baffles or replacing the wipes, it's certainly a lot more difficult than just cleaning the barrel, gas ports, bolt, etc, though that still wouldn't amount to more than a TN of 4 at most. Refilling oil/water reservoirs should probably be excluded from all this, unless you want to use very realistic (and necessarily quite complicated) rules for suppressors, like Raygun's Suppression Rules.

Misc rambling on suppressors can also be found in this Old Forum thread.
Not to mention that Shadowrunners are more likely to ditch, drop or lose weapons than, say, the local SWAT team.

Austere Emancipator
Sure they are, but the HK227S is designed more with the SWAT teams in mind than Shadowrunners. Or HK would've went out of business ages ago.

But certainly that's a relevant point in the sense that the 300rnds rule might not be a serious problem in many games, because it doesn't come into play. I'm saying that it should never come into play, even if people do fire more than 300 rounds with a weapon.
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