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Full Version: Karma for cash
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just wondering if anyone out there has tried this route, and if it worked out for you how did you handle it. did a search but that wasn't very user friendly, so i'm not sure if that has came up on here or not.

i got to strike a balance between my players who want cash and those who want karma, they are both wanting me to up the rewards but i don't really want to go that route, and i was thinking of making it so you can trade in karma for cash, or cash for karma ... something along the lines of nuyen.gif 10,000 per karma.
Karma is the most precious substance in the game.Therefore, you could make it both ways, just uphill for both. So around 100K nuyen.gif for a single point of Karma. And for those in need of a quick buck, you can trade in 1 point of Karma for 10K nuyen.gif The impotant thing to do though, no matter what the values are, is to make the player consider the consequences of his/her actions, and to make sure that it is challenging enough to not be a common occurence, because if you do make it easy, eventually the game will become so easy that it will lose appeal, and the players will lose interest.
We go 5000 nuyen.gif per karma, whether you want to sell your karma or buy extra karma. But I agree with want to budget how much karma you sell. If you ever have that big payoff run, limit how much karma people can buy.

I think 10k nuyen.gif is reasonable. I don't see any reason to punish the chars for wanting to exchange cash for karma or vice versa. Mages need more karma. Sammies need more cash. Careless riggers need WAY more cash.
I run at 2500 nuyen per karma and limit it to an amount equal to you're last karma award. I also only allow it for topping up karma to get enough to buy something.
Eryk the Red
I don't allow karma for cash or cash for karma, but if I did, I would have you get less money for karma than the amount of money you'd pay for karma. This makes these trades a more desperate act, rather than making cash and karma interchangeable. They're different resources; I'd rather keep it that way.
You could use this as an opportunity to set up a run:
Have those wanting cash for their karma track down a powerful free spirit and negotiate a deal with it. This way the amount of cash they get for their karma can vary quite a bit depending on how good they are at bargaining. This also provides a realistic in game explanation for the mechanic as powerful free spirits can be flush with nuyen (especially if they have the wealth power) and generally want all the karma they can get their hands on. (Think Buttercup, majority stock holder of Evo corp.) These same spirits can also drive very hard bargains.
When you buy lottery tickets, can you spend Edge when seeing if you won?

Mages with Quickening can create permanent magic items with karma, and any spellcaster can create permanent Wards with karma. What's the market value of a permanent Ward compared to the market value of a lasts-for-weeks Ward?
When I allow the exchange, I use the 5000 nuyen.gif / 1 Karma ratio, and have no real problems with it.
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