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Full Version: Looking for Simple Answers in the Matrix
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Working on writing myself a Matrix sheet with the programs, actions they take, and such and was wondering if some of these typo's possible. I'm posting as I go, so I'll probably be posting more soon.

Anyways first.
Does Medic take a "Combat Turn" (pg 219 - Repair Icon) or a "Complex Action" (pg 219 - Matrix Actions Sidebar)?

Does Crashing a Program OS take a "Combat Turn" (pg223 - Crash Program/OS) or a "Complex Action" (pg 219 - Matrix Actions Sidebar)?
Ok, this ones not a contradiction, just a clarification...

Under Crash Program/OS (pg223), it says that once the OS crashes it takes a number of Combat Turns equal to the System Rating to reset. So I take it this kind of reset is different from System Reset (pg 223) which takes an Extended System + Response Test (10, 1 Combat Turn).

This means if you crash a small System rating, it will be up faster than if they shut it down themselves....

Ok, maybe I've figured this out on my own... The first
Extended System + Response Test(10, 1 Combat Turn)

is how long it takes for the system to shut down.
The second
A number of Combat Turns equal to the System Rating

is how long it takes to come back up, this only applies to a crash. A higher system has to go through all the error checking before it can boot up I guess...
I'm sorry, there are no simple Matrix answers. In general, text receives a more thorough reading than table entries, so the (1 Combat Turn) is more likely to be correct for Medic.

That being said, no one really knows. The Matrix rules are in shambles. I am posting a link as a shameless plug for my own Alternate Matrix Rules for your edification.

Frank's review of the situation is pretty closely read. I'd offer two things - the Combat Medic action functions as text if you can find a precedent for it elsewhere. IE other actions that take combat turns to complete that are executable as programs. If not, and this is what I suspect, that most programs resolve in complex actions.

The balance is one of two things - either you spend a whole turn fixing your icon (a decidedly engaged-defensive or out of combat action) or an icon can be fixed on the fly as an action done in the midst of combat. Since most matrix combat actions resolve on a per phase basis, I'd lean towards the complex action route. This would let a hacker engage IC rapidly, one after another, with basically no downtime. Less downtime in the already time intensive hacking process is good if you ask me.

Otherwise, run it as a post-combat full combat turn action. Once you have beaten the IC, you fix yourself up. Takes you a little while but it gets done.

The last consideration is whether or not you want someone with Hot Sim to be able to fix themselves FASTER than someone in AR or cold-sim. Is the act of repairing an icon dependent on the program / computer's speed or is it something that the player's speed can influence?

Ah the Matrix in SR4. What a mess. I enjoy a mess... it means I get to write rules to clean it up. I enjoy strange things.

- der menkey

"Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter."
~ Ernest Hemingway
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