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Full Version: 4e Sinsearach
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What's the status of the Sinsearach in 4e? I seem to remember in 1e, and possibly 2e, that Sinsearach was still part of the S-S council, but I can't actually find any mention of it in any of the books that I have right now, so I suppose I might be wrong. The Tir Tairngire book doesn't really address whether or not all of the Sinsearach went to found the Tir, unless I'm missing something.

So I guess the point is, right now, in 4e continuity, does the Sinsearach tribe still exist, and does it border Puyallup?
If you want it to do so in your game, then it does! No one's going to come by and beat you for not following the exact canon.

But, to answer your question: I don't know silly.gif
QUOTE (Dashifen @ Nov 8 2007, 10:58 AM)
If you want it to do so in your game, then it does!  No one's going to come by and beat you for not following the exact canon. 

But, to answer your question:  I don't know silly.gif

You'd be surprised, I've gotten into a LOT of arguments on these forums about "canon" smile.gif

But also, I'm trying to follow everything as exactly as I can right now, because I'm in a group with new players playing a new edition, and as a longtime SR player, I think it would be kind of unfair to weigh them down with all my baggage. They got into it for what THIS book says, and I kind of feel that if I was like "Yeah, but in my experience (which, by the way, none of you noobs are privy to), things work better this way," I wouldn't be letting them fully discover for themselves this game I love so much. Still, I DO wish I still had all those wonderful Seattle sourcebooks and Neo-Anarchist's Guides and what-not. But I guess that's what the Internet and a strong community of friendly SR veterans is for?

Also, thanks!
Ancient History
Yes, it's still in, yes, they're still there, there is a very brief confirmation of their existence in Runner Havens.
From runner Havens
page 72

The Sinsearach elf tribe around the Mt. Ranier area is
primarily anti-technology primitivists pursuing a low-impact,
back-to-the-land lifestyle.

page 89

The syndicate is small, but the population of Tarislar is extremely
insular and protective of it. As far as we have been able
to determine, their operations are mainly limited to smuggling in
collusion with the Sinsearach Tribe, including elven liquors such
as taéngelé and Sinsearach-crafted foci, fetishes, and ritual materials.
Members are trained in Sperethiel as a code language and
are taught the elven martial art of carromeleg for self-defense.

Also NAN 1 has some information on them.

Thanks a ton!
From NAN1:

11% of the population of the SSC

an association of elves from other tribal groups, large number of pinkskin elves
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