So I lied, the character is only a 300 bp shaman following the Dragon mentor spirit, aspiring to be a great shaman.

The Dragon Mage turned out to be a rather goofy and interesting character.
He is convinced that the mentor spirit he follows is none other than the great dragon Dunkelzahn.
He has a limousine loaded with all kinds of sensor equipment (no gun) that he would probably call at Dragon Mobile.
He makes ludicrous claims such as "he can summon a fire spirit" (When the last attempt earned him the spirit bane: fire spirit quality)
He runs around with a Dragon Mask and tries to convince others to wear one as well
He uses his fashion spell to make masks and other stuff in his spare time

Character Background

He and two others (Wage Mage and Lorekeeper) who share the same belief seek to fulfill Dunkelzahn's will. However, they differed in opinions and went their separate way.

Dragon mage chose the shadow/physical plane
Wage mage chose the corp/matrix
Lore keeper chose the legitimate small business/astral plane

They are still in contact, but mainly pursuing after their own goals.

The Dragon Mage thought it would be best to become a shadowrunners to carry out Dunkelzahn's will where others can't.

The Wage mage seems to have joined the Draco Foundation as his way of carrying out the will, but she is secretly investigating Draco Foundation to see if the corp is actually carrying out Dunkelzahn's will.

The Lore Keeper knows about the Horror and seeks to carry out Dunkelzahn's will by doing astral quests.

Anyway, the character's stats (or if you prefer an excel)
[ Spoiler ]

About the game
I have been playing in this 300 bp game with a GM new at running games. The game actually turned out to be rather fun as our characters are so incompetent that we botch often in a funny way. In our first adventure, we tried to sneak in an apartment with 3 shaman casting spells. One casting invisibility, the other casting levitation, and myself casting magic fingers so we can enter from the window. The Moon Maiden shaman botched the roll on invisibility and so I lit up like a xmas tree. Once inside, we also botched an infiltration test.

It really was a game about bunch of shadowrunners-wanna-be and it was rather different for a change.

Since I had more experience than some of the players, I decided to play a character that's not combat oriented.
Our team looks like..
Troll adept - combat specialists
Elf Face
another mage with drones and all kind of spells
infiltration/explosive specialists
and of course, the great Dragon mage

Some questions:
If someone is dressed up just like a mage on the trids with a ridiculous costume, would people think that he really is a mage?
How young does someone become a shadowrunner?
We all know Dunkelzahn died in 2057. So I was wondering if someone born on 2057 (13 year old) will be old enough to shadowrun.
What should this character improve on to make him even more fun and bizare?

As we lack a hacker and that I have decent logic and program (and software), I thought I could load take a few skills so the group wouldn't be incompetent at the matrix aspect.
Shape concerete also sounded like an extremely useful spell to have in an urban jungle.
Improve the dragon mobile is another option
Or bring the strength up to two at least.

Any feedback is welcome.

Side Note: also fleshed out the contacts as 400 bp character for fun. They are more specialized in building things and what not that it might not be as fun to play, though.