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Where is the best place to get magical componets?
I mean If I had to travel to get the raw materials where are the hot spots?

Any ideas on what paper work needed and the restrictions on these places?

What are the new animal bones and hides that are being potched for magic?
The animals that are now on the Threaten or Endangered Spiecies List because
of potchers.
What are the various countires doing about this trade?

Are the Unicorn horses still wanted for their horns? And what are they good for?

Is there a list of plants, and animals that are used for magical rituals and various

Where are companies growing and/or raising these animals/plants?
I am planning a small adventure on a grab and snatch of animals and plants.
The PC in the game I am running tend to be a little crazy and money mad.
thank you for your time.
Ancient History
Have you looked in Street Magic yet?
The Book "Street Magic" doesn't have specific locations listed.
It only has a general table. No locations on California, the UCAS, Tir, CAS, or Sioux.

No information on what each country policies are on getting raw magic supplies.
No examples on wildlife, plant, or types of metal.

No real info given on the other than a small paragraph, and 3 examplies of compounds on page 88.
Well, in Seattle you can go to Puyallup to get some materials since the area is very magically active and widlerness. Or else you could hop across the border and talismonger in SSC lands if you want.

Basically you need to look for areas that are natural and relatively untouched by human hands. Otherwise you'd have CAS Aristocrats enslaving Task Spirits in their Cotton Radical
Ancient History
Ach, weel...

Rule one is that almost any natural material has the possibility to be a magical reagent. So you're not limited in what you can aim for; you might choose to do some research in what your magician's tradition normally uses for ideas.

As for where...any area of natural, unspoilt wilderness. You won't find a radical in a tree farm or the crater left after a corporation finishes strip-mining. There are more places than I could readily list right here; the Amazonian rainforest, the Siberian taiga, the Mojave Desert, etc.

Awakened critters are a good source of exotic telesma, and ones in the wild are prime candidates for natural radicals. Again, there's no single list of source critters - it depends primarily on the needs of the magician and their tradition.

Various countries, particularly Awakened nations like Amazonia, attempt to curtail talislegging, particularly where it impacts endangered species.
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