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Full Version: Seven Deadly Sins campaign ideas
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Hey everybody,

I have an idea for a campaign. Its inspired a lot by the movie Seven, though I intend to use a ton of poetic license. Fortunately for me none of my players are on this site, so far as I know. I'm going to start by interspersing murders throughout other runs and stories. I have Sloth figured out, a stay at home Hacker who betrayed one of their contacts trust, when the players find him he is already dead in a reasonably appropriate fashion. I'm looking for help with the other sins. I'll list my current ideas below and others can pipe in with their thoughts.

Lust: Street Walker or Maybe a whole Bunraku "palace"

Gluttony: Mafia Don

Wrath: Lone Star Officer, or maybe a big time gamer

Envy: my current thought here is to have him blow up/demolish via explosives a building filled with squatters just outside of Bellevue in the Barrens

Pride: all I could come up with was a corporate bigwig

Greed: here I figured I would save for whenever I had the killer go after the runners

I'm still in the formative stages of this idea, so feel free to offer suggestions and/or constructive criticism.
A Pride killing goes well with a Street Sam, given the street-bushido honour systems. Perhaps a very vocal, over-the-top but very skilled sam is espousing his virtue as the best chromer there is and will gladly take any other sam on is found impaled on his own sword in his residence, no sign of a struggle.

However, Pride is fairly common on the shadow scene amongst many of the archetypes, such as riggers and deckers, magicians etc.

Perhaps to focus your campaign, and make it more compelling to runners, why not restrict the murders to the shadow community. There's something like... 300 runners in Seattle, so once runners start getting iced, the odds may intimidate the player characters into action, or perhaps a fixer or shadow Johnson might hire the runners to find the killer.

Lust could be a runner who gets a sick thrill out of passing sexually transmitted to the joyboys and joygirls of the city.

Gluttony could perhaps be a rigger who never leaves his vehicle, and constantly eats drive-through junk and stuffer shack stuffers.

Envy? Perhaps an annoying ganger kid wannabe. Jealous of the shadow "prestige" that he gets in and starts making a nuisance of himself, being rude to important fixers and johnsons.

Wrath? Haha, any out of their head violent runner. To avoid the troll stereotype, perhaps some sort of elven or even more hilariously, Dwarven combat monster, spiked to their eyeballs on Nitro or Cram. A Twisted Way adept would also be great, especially if you make them hairy and clawed, and give them the cannibalism power to make them much more threatening. (On second thought, seeing as they're going to get iced, seems pointless).

Give it a thought, as not many campaigns really revolve around the Shadow scene. Most shadowrunners only know other members of the community as scarcely used contacts or rivals to be pitted against on fragged up runs.
Simon May
Before I offer suggestions, are your players tracking the murderer or is the murderer killing people they've been hired to kill? Unless it's a seemingly random series of victims, I'm not sure how the killer connects to the players.

Regardless, here's what I would choose:

Sloth: The hacker is a solid call, but physical sloth and actual sloth are very different. To sit on your ass and study or be active in the matrix isn't really sloth at all. It's merely activity in a different paradigm. If that's the case, you might want to leave this till late in the series so it shows that the killer is becoming more desperate.

Lust: Sex addict businessman who visits a brothel on a regular basis and doesn't treat the girls very well. Perhaps the runners are even hired by the madam to dole out the damage.

Gluttony: A mafia don is so stereotypical. I'd go with a competitive eater who got some gene therapy to increase his metabolism, thereby cheating.

Wrath: a cop is a great go, as long as he's vindictive and dirty.

Envy: I don't understand why these homeless guys would be the target? Offenders of the sin of envy must already have and want more. If they have not, their desire isn't envy but need, and in that case, it's considered a sin not to help them. Think maybe Elf or Ork poser. Anyone who literally gets surgery to look like another metatype would be ideal.

Pride: Sim-sense starlet who has to be in the public eye. Think Paris Hilton of the 2060s. Or, in a different direction, Urban Brawl star who's a Prima Dona, like Terrell Owens.

Greed: Since Pride and Envy could also likely apply to the runners (or maybe even Wrath as it did to Brad Pitt in the movie), you might want to have a Greed in mind just in case. Greed could be their Johnson or Fixer. It could be a bookie. It could be just about anyone in the 6th world.

Remember that the real twist in Se7en was that the killer was a victim as well. His sin was Envy. He fully intended to die.

Your biggest obstacle may be getting the players actually interested in the murder. If they're really runners, the odds are in favor of them claiming the first killing as a job well done and trying to get paid for it, then trying to forget the whole thing.
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