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Ok so we're sams, riggers amd deckers. We've got holes drilled in our heads, servomotors in our arms, and superconductive wires wrapped around our nerves, that extra gland or two was grown in a vat and allows us to spit hydrochloric we're pretty normal.

So many people have the ubiquitous Datajack, a hole drilled into the skull by which a person can interface with a computer. By the Sixth World's standards, that's nothing to blink at. But let's talk about the real "freaks", the people who take the cyber and push the boundaries way past what is practical and totally acceptable, even by chromed up Shadowrunner standards.

QUOTE (Loose Alliances. 41)
I may get flack for including this group, as the
Transhumans are not necessarily “metahuman.� The
Transhuman philosophy, in fact, challenges the limitations of
metahuman physical (and mental) capacity and advocates the
use of technology to enhance our bodies and pursue a posthuman
condition. The Transhumans see metahumanity as merely
the latest stage in our physical development and seek to accelerate
our evolution into new life forms. To this end,
Transhumanists promote anti-aging and longevity research,
biotechnology and genetic manipulation, as well as means of
elevating their emotional and intellectual capacities.

> In other words, this group is a haven for those freaks that go
in for the extreme biosculpting—we’ve all seen the glowbugs,
furries and androgynes out at the clubs. There’s even factions
of the movement that pursue full-body cyborg conversion or
seek to download their personalities into the Matrix. Drugged
out weirdos, the lot of them.
> No Body

> They’re not all socially maladjusted. The League is actually
pulling forward as one of the more vocal champions of
changeling rights, and they’ve always shown a lot of support for
metavariants and sentients like shapeshifters—and even ghouls.
> Grid Reaper

> Let’s not forget the faction that wants to meld metahumans
and spirit forms together, to achieve a new form of astrally
active entity. They’ve been a bit too interested in bug spirits,
you ask me.
> Raid

> Word is that the Transhumans recruited a few scientists to the
cause and even managed to scrounge enough cred to start
up their own black clinic operation. They’ve been known to
hire runners to steal the latest genetics research and bioware
prototypes for their own uses.
> Fauna

QUOTE (Ted on Neo-Communists)
Like all supervillains, communism didn’t die (how many
times to I have to tell people to make sure there’s a corpse?
Jeesh!). Nope, it slunk around the world and even mutated into
a new form: neo-communism (bwahahaha)! Maybe Ted just
likes neo-communism better because it was invented by people
who used computers. Maybe Ted just likes to be scared.
Anyway, the neo-commies mostly gave up on telling workers
to revolt. Instead, they wanted to build their communist society
by getting all of the middle-class people to connect their
brains using tech or magic. Hmmm, no middle class people
around these days Â… guess they failed.

> Huh? Neo-communists want us all to have a hive mind? Ick!
Hasn’t anybody scanned these guys to see if they’re possessed
by bug spirits?
> Skaven

> Not a hive mind—hives have a queen, and the neo-communists
don’t want an overarching authority. They want something
more like a mass-mind-meld. They even creep the other commies
out, but they get along great with some transhumanists.
> Deprogrammer

To help you kids get in the mood, I've provided some canon and not-so-cannon visual aides.

Transhumanists (surprisingly canon)

Technoshaman? Cyber-head and Kid Stealth legs?

Kid Stealth legs and Cyber-skates

The cyber-tail (A personal favourite piece of ware)

A freaky cyber-gun rendition

A Transhumanist "pet-project" perhaps?

With a Bergting for good measure

So on to discussion. Tell us about your wierdest characters, NPC's, locations and plots. Ghost In The Shell 2 had psychopathic anthroform bunraku sex dolls, so why not have a few in Shadowrun.

If you had a campaign where people's brains were being taken out and put into anthro-form drones, despite being essencetially impossible (geddit?) that's cool, tell us all. I want canon and non-canon discussion, just full of wierd stuff about body modification, transhuman projects, and ideas.

for me, personally, I'd like to have some truly wierd inspiration for things to throw at the characters, not necessarily "A CYBERZOMBIE! ROLL INITIATIVE!", but just experiences to be had in the darker corners of the Sixth World. Also, I think it's an interesting discussion point, as the truly wierd cyber maybe doesn't come up in many people's games, and with all the surreal roleplaying and shock-tactics to be had, why the hell shouldn't it?

Pictures and links are also very welcome. And if there's a picture from a particular book that you think I should load up, I've probably got it in my archives of Shadowrun pictures.
In one campaign, I had a club in Seattle where the extreme cyber scene gathered. Mermaids, furries, cybertorsos with additonal arms, all sorts of bodymods, all gathered in one club (including a tank for the aquamorphs).
For the most part, the weird shit doesn't come up in most people's games because they players themselves are -- by nature of being Shadowrunners -- encouraged not to partake in such augmentations themselves.

There are a few cybernetics that can be rationalized away due to their sheer numerical usefullness (Kid Stealth legs, for instance), but even in cases like that in some games under some GMs, having anything about you that distinctive is something of a death sentence.
Even Kid Stealth had spare (normal) legs for those times when he wanted to blend in, few though they might have been.
Even Kid Stealth had spare (normal) legs for those times when he wanted to blend in, few though they might have been.

it's been at least mentioned in one novel, but it's also been mentioned, that he never uses them because he likes the raptor legs better ^^

strangest characters i built were: Blurr . . all the way Ruthenium Dermal sheath and cloth so he constantly was a bitch to look at 'cause he looked like a blurry image and mostly "talked" via emoticons he displayed on the Ruthenium . .

And there's screech . . all voiced up cyber so his actual voice was never in sync with his mouth who also doubled as the walking shotgun-microphone by listening in on people fromk afar and relaying the said words with his own voiceware . . of course, out of sync to his own mouth too . . if the GM had tried to use those sound blaster rifles he would have recorded that and made his voice pretty much a weapon *g* . .

And don't forget about the Borg . . i built one or two of them in SR3 . . of course not complete body replacements but obvious dermal-tech made to look like replacement parts and an obvious cyber-arm and eyes . .

then there were BEAST . . yes, the blue furry from X-Men . .

and Blanca from Street-Fighter . .

and yes, i even went so far as to build Darkwing Duck . . with surge, there's few things on the side of impossible *g* . .
but yeah, aside from screech and blurr i never played them, 'cause they would have stood out like the biggest Troll/Giant between the smallest dwarves . . hmm . . dunno if this counts . .

i had Trick-shot with cyber-ears with sound-dampener and a third eye on the lower back of his skull partially hidden by hair and clothes most of the time so he could just do the Rifle-man trick from Battletech and flip over his weapon backwards to shoot at things behind him . .

i built Scorpion from Mortal Combat once i think . . two heavyly modified oral slashers into his arms and an obvious cyber-skull to make him look the part . .

yeah, building characters is almost as much, if not more, fun for me than actually playing them *g* if one were to disregard some rules one could actually make a rigger in an hover wheel-chair too i think . . of course most of those characters were never played, but the GM's and other players were impressed and found them funny enough for them to make cameo appearances in the background somewhere *g* . .

last i built an Troll or Orcish woman with obvious cyber-legs all tricked out to accomplish this: . .
and on today's:How to be cruel to dwarves . . TROLLS IN KILTS/SHORT SKIRTS!
Boy, that's wacky.
why? those were the most beautyfull obvious cyber-legs to ever grace the ground they were gliding on . . i paid extra for that using the synth replacement prices instead of obvious prices . . had her be passionate skater (of course, with built in skates) one weapon mount on each leg, 2 foot anchors on each side and Strength 12 (yes, we are pretty much houseruling replacements untill we come up with something similar to SR4 Augmentation stuff . . of course with the SR3 pricing *g*) she happyly glides down the streets in a short mini-skirt most of the time . . the troll-version being extra tall with telescoping legs just kinda glides over dwarves and anything else that will fit *g*

also: i am waiting for others to contribute . . don't make me look like the lone nut-job here people <.<
Sorry Stahlseele your on your own...

Closest i have is a wear' fixer that is a transhumanist changeling that runs a private fetish/transhumanist club.
Plenty of whacky types with in its walls. Anthromorph bio-sculpted animals, raptor legs, wrap round cyber eye with mulitiple laser systems, bespoke cyber wings, modded changelings. Borg's, vatjobs and hivers. O my.
Firefox presses into Gatitos, keeping a hand firmly on the hilt of her pred. It was the standard low-life bar she'd visited dozens of times before, with the standard collection of low-life bar flies. The bouncer gives her a knowing nod, an eight foot troll with studs actually implanted directly into his otherwise bare shoulders, a foot tall neon green mohawk and cybereyes modeled to look like a pair of wrap-around shades. Firefox returned the salutation and pressed into the crowd. She was immediately enveloped by the stench of metahumanity as she had to push against the back of a rough ork in front of her, his back displaying the current Colts game through expensive, but not especially attractive light-tats installed in his back. His rump is currently colored silver, possibly from skin-tight pants, possibly from a full body tat job giving the illusion of clothes. There's only one way to find out which, and Firefox decides she isn't that curious. Behind her a dwarf lets out a broken mrowr and shows off his freshly sharpened canines and his specially implanted ears. "No pussy tonight, thanks." Another nearby had full military get-up, spraypainted with neo-Anarchist signs and slogans, as he yelled a conversation with a amerindian in the full leather and feathers getup.

Gatitos isn't a sort of place to forget oneself. Firefox had a girlfriend who got raped here a few years back. They dragged the body out of the lady's room, her head in the crapper. They determined the assailant used a cyber-snake, an extendable, tentacle like cybernetic appendage, generally topped with some sort of a tool. No one had any obvious cyber like that, and the rumor is the assailant was a woman. An angry woman, but a woman nonetheless, with an excellent place to hide such a tool.

She spotted the Johnson easily. He was the one dressed like an asshat. He had wrap around MC Hammer sunglasses and a big, silly gun with yellow highlights. His mix of accidental gang-signs and colors screamed he had no idea what the language of the streets was, and was begging for a hole in the head, and the name-brand shoes, boasting "nike-tech" pico-technology shock absorbtion whatever-the-hell it is clearly stated this guy had more money than he knew what to do with.
i just found some more of those . . yes, i get bored easyly and then i tend to do things that should probably not be done . . kinda like a modern Dr.Funkenstein *snickers, runs and hides*

Hell-Boy by using a Troll und mucho Bioware to make him that red . . and a custom made cyber-arm that looks and FEELS like stone too . .

an Orcish Gargoyle shaman body modded to resemble a certain Gargoyle named Goliath . .

(probably not fit for this thread a little omage to John Spartan from Demolition man . . called John Spaten (Spaten is the German term for a special kind of shovel) . . he had a specialisation in that tool in at least 3 skills if i remember correctly . . )

The joker from Batman . . obvious modded Cyber-Skull and chemical gland and dispenser through built in tubes that ended on the outside in what looks like a flower . .

and of course we've all done the predator at least once *g*
Orc with cyber-torso, weapon mount and dermal sheath with ruthenium polymers and a cyber-skull made to look like a predator and an special kind of helmet made to look like the predators mask . .

The Human Torch and Iceman known from comics and films . . magically done, because there's no way to do that in cyber/bio sadly . .

Edit: okay, i have not jet dared to delve into cyber/bio tentacle rape thingies . . but heck, if i read augmentation just right i can probably build it according to rules . .
Kyoto Kid strangest has to be Night Angel (#59), my fallen angel from the Seraphim (one of only two elf characters I ever played).

She was designed as the ultimate spy after reading the Games of State chapter in SOTA 64. She had a crapload of sensory mods whereby she could easily eavesdrop on and record conversations as well as the people she was shadowing, then upload it either to headware memory or her media van parked a few blocks away (she often portrayed an "in the field" news correspondent).

Angel also was loaded with bio all to make her even smarter faster and tougher. By far the the best implant was her chemical gland which she called the "Kiss of Death" (Arsenic, spit vector)

She was an excellent EW & B & E specialist and as well as being deadly with a sniper rifle and her Super Squirt (loaded with Gamma S of course).

Of course, she was a "looker" and master of disguise with excellent social skills backed by Knowledge such as Acting and Psychology and a host of languages (love that Mnemonic Enhancer 3).

A lot of her gear used the concealment/disguise rules from SOTA '64. Very "James Bond-ish" indeed including a micro transceiver disguised as a necklace, various B&E and EW gear diguised as various common items from an MP3 player to a pocket secretary.

Her most important edges were Friendly Face (naturally), Friends in high places (she had a high ranking CIA operative - who actually managed to get her Spy Sat links, an Ares Senior VP, and a Star Commander among her contacts) and Blandness. Oh, and she also had Human Looking (out of disguise she looked like a human in her late teens to early 20s).

Now for the really fun part, her flaws. One of them was Incomplete Deprogramming. Sometimes she was the B & E expert, other times she was the sniper, or she was the info gathering socialite. Not necessarily at the appropriate time during a mission mind you. It was hilarious seeing her working to spring a maglock while dressed in an evening gown, heels, and Tres Chic Longcoat (Zoé armoured of course). The other was the basic Amnesia flaw which actually worked with the concept as she had undergone so much programming/deprogramming during her career she eventually lost track of her real identity (though I did still write up an outline of her "real" backstory for the GM to play with & just played her oblivious to it). Her base personality was a mix of traits from several of the personafixes she had been programmed with. totally messed up, yet still pretty effective character as well as some good comic relief at times.

...since I now have Augmented I am considering trying to rebuild her in 4e.
ah, just found another batch that must be recent builds because they are WH40K themed and i haven't been interested in WH40K for a long time yet . .

of course, there's the more or less standard orc, basically just an large orc with mass bio and not much cyber . .

then there's the orc waagh-boss/big mek based on a troll with LOTS of obvious cyber and little bio . .

and an space marine with a good mix of cyber/bio and an obvious cyber-hand as i decided to try and build Berek Donnerfaust(Berek Thunderfist?)

some ideas i did not yet do i got on these very boards just recently . . the romulan elf and the klingorc *g*
As a shady nemesis for a player I'm gamemastering (A completely Delta-wired covert ops specialist/decker/agent provocateur/assassin/jason bourne who's got self-induced gene-therapy/nanite-scrubbed amnesia, has had his base genetic code rewritten and treated a dozen times, and was once [unknown to him of course] a quadraplegic japanese corporators daughter and was once the weapon of choice of a blacker than black independent cabal of immoral genius recluse scientists [Genetics wizzes, pioneers of delta-ware, nanotech etc.]) I created Creeper.

Creeper started out running the german shadows with his rigger girlfriend as a covert ops spec/decker/terrorist. They were a pretty wild but competent Anarchist team, tearing up the shadows. As they got bigger and bigger, and became international talent (mainly assassinations, datasteals, and anything that requires stealth) they came across our friend in the above paragraph's parentheses (not that he remembers anything of it). Creeper's girlfriend was killed in the encounter

Creeper is nuts. he's turned cyberzombie by now most likely. He's got an unknown sponsor in his quest to avenge his lover, and has submitted to some serious upgrading. Now he's looking at bladed, hydraulic jacked kid stealth cyberlegs, a slick move-by-wire system, dermal active camouflage (nanotat or ruthenium perhaps), some genetech combined with some electrolosis, not to mention his nasty scarring from encounters with our John Doe.

So here we have a crazy bald German assassin with jet-black skin, deadly raptor-like cyberlegs that give him swift running speed and a three-story leap, a full electronics headware suite, cyber eyes and ears full of expertly tuned surveillance ware, who can disembowel you twice before your eyes adjust to the blur. So he's a pretty freaky customer. Did I mention he uses a fingertip compartment mono-whip ala Johnny Mnemonic?

Of course then again, John Doe started the game with a horrible deadly wound and 11 points of stress, halving his body to 2 and intelligence to three, with +2, +3 TN mods to all linked tests, severely crippling his own move-by-wire and putting his super secret brainware prototype out of commission for quite some time, not to mention he has full five point amnesia, meaning the player has nothing on his character sheet other than base attributes, and I roll his dice (for now, anyway). I'm pretty excited about this campaign. Before waking up he was hiding out fifth world wooden manor-house while his memory was being scrubbed by nanites when Creeper got to him, and the resulting fight had his left cyber-eye removed with a monowhip, his throat cut, and an incendiary grenade that was flung took off his right arm to the elbow and left up to his shoulder with incredible burn scars.

It was quite hilarious him waking up in a pool of his own blood, barely rescued by an Israeli Troll, and then on the way to a (drunk) street doc, I had him roll his stress points, and then wake up in a grimey post-op missing an eye, a hand, with horrific burns and a barely closed gash across his throat. An excellent start to a game.
Kyoto Kid
...nice story. I really like Cyberzombies. One of them can ruin a whole team's day especially when it has an area cortex bomb designed to go off should it's biomonitor flatline, hehhehheh. vegm.gif
Despite the fact that John Doe is also brimmed up with classy ware, I just don't see him besting Creeper in combat unless he does some sneaky, which would be very tough given that Creeper rolls 10 dice for hearing tests and hears as "ten times closer to the source".

I think the hook will be that if John Doe figures out why Creeper wants to kill him, he could fake his death, and once Creeper thinks his revenge is complete, the IMS won't even be able to keep him within his shell and he'll fade away. I'm considering suggesting at some point that Creeper is in fact a clone of John Doe, or vice-versa, and leave it as a very subtle possibility, ala Blade Runner.
kinda like in the crow 3, where the supposed killer of the girlfriend of bidy died and after finding the remains birdie goes to die die bye bye O.o
O.o ?
Kyleigh Wester
In our campaign my decker character has the cybernetic tail, the balance tail. Though as a group we've decided it's...not really all that weird. Maybe it could be odd at a fancy dinner party, but at the same time my character has six charisma and lvl 2 cultured tailored pheromones, giving him like ten charisma. We pretty much negate the tail as a social factor, hell everyone I met thinks it's more badass then weird.

One of the baddys in our campaign is uber cybered, but you can't tell, all under the skin stuff. Our GM wanted to see how powerful he could make someone using all delta ware stuff to minimize essence. The character is all but unbeatable, actually, our GM swears he is unbeatable, we never really listened.
Also remember that freaky is all realitive, if it's not uncommon to walk down the street in any given sparwl and see several people with one of the following; eyestalks, wrap-around cybereyes, dyed skin, implanted stilts, ect ... then useful implants that a Runner might want isn't going to draw nearly as much attention.
Ha! Telescoping cyber-leg carnies!
Way back when I designed a Dwarf named Raptor who got Kid Stealth Legs, an obvious Cyber-Skull, and Hand Blades. Basically turned himself into a Velociraptor with opposable thumbs.

I also designed a character who was basically one of the metal men getting carved up on the front of the Man and Machine. Not particularly useful because all of the essence and cash was spent on alpha obvious cyberlimbs/torso, but it was a fun exercise.

My favorite, however, was the Space Marines and Space Marine Scouts I designed. The Scouts had a small amount of cultured bioware and Delta cyberware to represent the implants that are active at that point in a Space Marine's life, Gyrojet pistols (Bolt Pistols) and Vibro-Swords (Chainswords). They were actually mildly playable, with a slightly lower level of augmentation than a million-nuyen Sammy, although at much lower Essence costs and much higher monetary costs. The Space Marines, on the other hand, were ridiculous. They were crammed full of cultured bioware and Delta cyberware until they were a couple hundredths of an Essence/Body Index point away from Bioware overshock (or whatever it's called... I forget right now). I actually managed to find replacements for just about every implant Space Marines are supposedly fitted with. They were rather ridiculous, and that was before the silly-thick armor and Power Weapons.

That is, of course, beyond Transhuman.

In one of the Campaigns I ran, however, one player did a really good job of playing up the fact that his Ork Street Samurai was always at least one step removed from the world around him given the fact that he could resist a shotgun blast to the chest and cave in a man's (or even an Ork's) skull with his fist. Very well played on his part.
i don't quite remember where that was, but i once saw a picture on what i could have sworn to be a shadowrun book . . maybe cyberpunk, not sure anymore . .
there was a dude who had replaced everything below his navel by . . a small little tank like drone-thingie with tracks and iron case and everything . . and his left arm completely from shoulder down with what looked like an LMG . . of course i had to build that one, even if it meant making rules for that kind of thing up on the fly *g*

edit: as for the space marines, i did that one too . . i even used a nice little tool to create bolter/storm bolter with the canon companion weapon build rules
Heavy Pistol
Conceal 7/7
Mode: SA/BF
Damage: 10M/13S
Weight: 4,25kilo
Ammunition: 30 Clip
Mounts:Top/below, barrel
built in recoil compensation: 3 Points
Modifications: Frame, Bigger Clip, Personalized Grip, Remove Safety
End-Price 2500 nuyen

Storm Bolter:
Conceal 6/-
Mode: SA, BF, FA
Damage: 7M, 10S, 13D
Weight: 5,5kilo
Ammunition: 30 Clip
Mounts: top, below, barrel
Built in Recoil Compensation: 3 Points
Modifications: Frame, improved concealability(2), enhanced power-niveau(1), Fire-Mode(SA/BF/FA), enhanced buildability(4), Recoil Compensation 1, Heavy Barrel, Custom Finish, Embossing, bigger Clip, removed safety, automatic mode
sounds like you're talking about a Reaver, from the X-Men.
who? me? maybe . . but as i said, i am quite sure that i saw this on the cover of a shadowrun sourcebook somehow x.x . . maybe cyberpunk2020 or something else . . but i am pretty sure it was NOT X-Men . .
There is a Reaver from the Marvel comics that is just like what you're describing (Bonebreaker). It sounds a little too out there for Shadowrun or even something for the cover of a CP:2020 book (I don't recall any of the chromebooks having that cover art, but to be fair I've got them in the collected bundles so maybe the cover art's different).
i know there's a reaver like that, but i am still pretty sure, that it was not in x-men, where i saw that . . anyway, i had it built, wasn't nearly as effective as one would have thought . .

Edit:people should stop giving me ideas, i just built The Darkman and The Shadow *g*
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