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EVO Corporate Offices, West Tower, Seattle, UCAS
1347 PST, Wednesday, 21 January 2070
2347 GMT, Wednesday, 21 January 2070

Matt Freewind

The green haired elf looked up from where he was concentrating, hand on chin, to the floating ectoplasmic eyeball there in front of him. The bluntness of Wotan made the man know the spirit didn’t want it’s time wasted, so he broke straight into what he could think up. Taking a breath, Matt started with, “Using the known recourses available to me, I’ve thought up this set of actions, though keep in mind that it’s still beyond myself to keep track of everything that goes on in Seattle, as you know yourself…?

The next three quarters of the hour was used with Matt explaining his plan of using astral oversight to witness activities going on while inspecting overall astral security, using watcher spirits when he couldn’t be there in astral along with personally going down to the streets in the physical to try and make contacts who could supply him the information EVO wanted. It was a back and forth chatter between the spirit and it’s charge, Wotan offering out counterpoints to portions of the plan, to which the mage brought up the reasons he fell on those actions.
Dr Alton Memphis; Wednesday afternoon, January 21st; WHO Tower, NYC, UCAS

"To use your eyes." one of the ghouls leered at him across the table, another smacked it's lips in a tasty retort, while the third shook her empty eyed head and raised her left hand. A brief waggle and a tricorned antelope manifested over the table, snorting at the end of a head shake.

"Trident will guide you."

The ghoul woman raised her scarred weathered right hand peremptorily silencing the other ghouls with a feather ringed callused finger. Not one of her own, but a fetish she carried.

"We will watch your meat."

"None here shall taste your young sweet flesh." the woman shook the finger negatively in response to the pantomimed request to taste a little bit, a small pinch of thumb and forefinger. And pointedly at the other ghoul miming how big the your troll was and how he could fill their stomachs

"Begone." she spat out to the young doctor.
London, greenwhich Observatory Navy Widows and Orphans Charity Gala Ball 2150 GMT Wednesday January 21st 2070
As the simsense feed comes through Mariko collapses to the floor in shock , then tearing off the interface staggers to her feet blood dripping from her nose and ears. Shaking off the shock she makes a few quick gestures and the bleeding slows leaving her looking somewaht disheveled. Then she looks around and moves towards the ambassadors party.
Seeing one of the suspect list approaching the ambassadors party but remembering something about him possibly being an undervcocer agent she keeps an eye upon him
London, Greenwhich Observatory Navy Widows and Orphans Charity Gala Ball 2205 GMT Wednesday January 21st 2070

Her jade earings swung silently in short quick arcs as she assertively shook her head and waved away the security team chief. He clamped his jaws in frustration. Ignoring him Sung Ching spoke out into the air, "Asterix! Now." Numerous ARO icons shifted into static in an explosive wave then froze into place in an elongated dome 3 meters across and two and a half meters tall over the EVO ambassador.

"Handle incoming." she commanded the air in front of her, as she pointedely ignored her security teams actions.

<<Augmented Reality space cleared out in a smooth transition and the reality filters shifted into the shape of a spring field surrounded by a circle of towering granite stones. Center circle, before an altar stone, stands Sung Ching, to her side, the gallic blonde in his horned metal helmet, his primary colored clothing and smooth edges contrasting a great deal with the high resolution grass and and gentle breezes.

Sung Ching's slanted eyes narrowed, "You have a team in place already?"

Asterix coughed, his hand near his mouth, then twiddling his moustache answered, "Seattle Oracle gave me the word. Not very specific, but enough to shift resources."

She nodded, "I give you Orange Blossom then. Tell the shifty eye one he needs to do better."

Turning to address the group, "I am putting the entire European EVO theatre on Green. Asterix is Orange Blossom Project Team Leader, you are team Orange Blossom."

Sweeping her gaze at each team member, "Abuse my authority. Find them and bring them to me."

"Back to damage control. Asterix?" with that command, Sung Ching's image faded out of the circle.

"Merde." swore Asterix after the EVO ambassador left.

"I've got 3248 simultaneous conversations going, get going and do something."

"Wait! Merde! Yes, that was real, some martian elf babe chopped the head off of our lead mars base xeno ecologist. In front of 3000 witnesses. We've lost communications from that sector, a full brigade is on the way to the site, ETA two hours."

"Keep me informed.">>
Slick - Downtown Denver Crash Cart Morgue, ~ 1000 MST UTC/GMT -7 Wednesday January 21st 2070

Misty turned and stared down hard at his subordinate, tears streaming out of one eye, "Attitude, good. Listen!" The large man tapped the slab in front of him, "Aside from being someone I loved like my own daughter, she cost 4 million in recruitment, 2 million in training, and another 1.6 in incurred operational costs, not to mention another cool 3 million in death benefits. This here's over 30 million in sunk costs I need to account for."

The large man stabbed a a wide finger at Slick, "You are not exposing yourself to any risks. If I toss another 6 million down this same hole I can kiss my christmas bonus good bye. You run it open and by the book. Use the sector resources and always have back up on hot standby."

"When you have it figured out, you come to me and don't share with anyone else."

Reflexively Misty wiped away the salty stream from his cheek, "Someone owes CTB 30 million plus, and we are going to make them pay."
Matt Freewind - EVO Corporate Offices West Tower, ~ 1300 PST UTC/GMT - 8 Seattle Wednesday January 21st 2070

The discussion drew near the end, "Excellent analysis. Of course, I am already doing all of that, but now I can apply a little more focus and efficiency. I knew you might be able to help."

The Eye floated away a little, "But, you haven't thought about the real problem I have. I can see a great deal, in fact too much."

"What do you think my real problem is?"
Spirit Bomb - Shopping in Tokyo ~ 1400 JST UTC/GMT +9 Thursday January 22st 2070

"Read the file when you're in a secure room." an alto voice replied, "Surrogate bringing to term, biological doesn't mind the pain, scars, or two years of post partum reconfiguration, but she doesn't have time to deal with the post partum recovery regime."

Roberts snorted derisively in response.

Venusion Blue continued, her tail swishing in a sightly faster rythym, "Buddha bless the child, makes you wonder if we should, I've seen the schedule, the mother's planned her out for two decades of forced sim training regimen, but we need the mother, and she won't work without her baby in the can, so we get to be mid wives."

"And before you ask, father's about 64 random DNA donors as far as we can tell."

"Looks like she's just realized and hit the button for the ambulance."

Dr Alton Memphis; Wednesday afternoon, January 21st; WHO Tower, NYC, UCAS

Alton felt like he was back on the Market Street and faced by the Rabid Pit Bulls. Geek was the street name of the leader, not because of a penchant for technology rather the slang meaning of the word equating to death. The old ghoul woman is quite the contrary to Geek in about every way.

Not quite sure about the ghouls Alton knew one thing, never fully trust anyone. He reaches into the astral and pulls an air elemental to him. Watch my body. If anyone attempts to touch, move or poke my body defend me. He then reaches out with his left hand and pulls a watcher out the astral, Watch my body. If anyone attempts to touch, move or poke my body alert me and sound the alarm.

His actions not needing words he lays his head down on the table and projects his spirit forth from his body. He looks to Trident, "Lead on."
Spirit Bomb - Shopping in Tokyo ~ 1400 JST UTC/GMT +9 Thursday January 22st 2070

"Wow thats pretty depressing but I guess we dont get paid to judge people do we? Give me a second to ask a spirit to help us." Spirit bomb pulled a wand from the inside pocket of his jacket with his right hand. Pointing the wand at the ground he used his other hand to make a rise gesture. "Spirits of land I am in need of your help will any of your kind heed my call?". Roberts and Venusian were watching Spirit Bomb and were both a little wierded out as his face began to change, his face got a little more wrinkly and his nose began to up turn and his ears seemed to grow wider and longer but only for an instant.

Then there was the hazy form of a creature made of rock and dirt right where Spirit Bomb had been pointing with his wand. It was tall and muscular looking. "You are to puny Spirit Bomb, your connect with the land is not strong enough." it spoke into Spirit Bomb's mind directly. Before Spirit Bomb could even reply to the spirit and maybe try to convince it to stay the hazy form disappeared almost as quickly as it had shown up.

Spirit Bomb easily faught the fatigue off and put his wand away back inside his suit jacket's inside pocket. "Hmmm it seems I dont have a strong connection with the spirits here, dont worry though I still have some help I can call on in an emergency. Let me just cast one more spell so I can keep up with you guys..". Spirit Bomb closed his eyes and imagined the sun, the earth, and the moon right in front of him. Reach out with his hand he grabbed the earth and starting making it go backwards around its orbit of the sun. As he did so his arm made big loopy circles in the air and his face began to take on the features of a myotis septentrionalis bat. The necklace under his shirt was also glowing but nobody could know that from looking at him.

Argh!! What the hell is wrong with my magic! Why isnt it working?? Spirit Bomb did his best to act like nothing was wrong in front of the others but deep down he was scared, he failed miserably to summon a spirit and improve his own speed. "Let's get this over with."
QUOTE (DireRadiant)
Slick - Downtown Denver Crash Cart Morgue, ~ 1000 MST UTC/GMT -7 Wednesday January 21st 2070

Misty turned and stared down hard at his subordinate, tears streaming out of one eye, "Attitude, good. Listen!" The large man tapped the slab in front of him, "Aside from being someone I loved like my own daughter, she cost 4 million in recruitment, 2 million in training, and another 1.6 in incurred operational costs, not to mention another cool 3 million in death benefits. This here's over 30 million in sunk costs I need to account for."

The large man stabbed a a wide finger at Slick, "You are not exposing yourself to any risks. If I toss another 6 million down this same hole I can kiss my christmas bonus good bye. You run it open and by the book. Use the sector resources and always have back up on hot standby."

"When you have it figured out, you come to me and don't share with anyone else."

Reflexively Misty wiped away the salty stream from his cheek, "Someone owes CTB 30 million plus, and we are going to make them pay."

"I do not like exposing myself to risk as well. However, I find it heartening that I am valued so highly. I think there are a great deal of things we can do, to make sure that they do pay.

I'll need a running list of approved resources and those pieces of information that I had requested. We will need start immediately. "
Dr Alton Memphis; Wednesday afternoon, January 21st; Asamando

Tridents horns twisted into a single large horn and the beast arrowed off into astral skies shattering the ward around the meeting room. Tail elongated and sparkling like a comet it flew ahead in the cool free moistness of trans mid Atlantic weather space. The space barely dimmed as they moved away from the sun dropping to the horizon behind.

The moving surface underneat hardened as the great continent rolled under them, a slight veer to the right, followed by spiral, and the beast alighted by a powerful ward obscuring what lay beneath.

A Masai adorned traditional garb salutes the spirit, then turns his piercing gaze to his companion. Wordlessly the shaman turns to the ward and at his touch an opening spirals transparent revealing the scene within.

With a sad expression he awaits a response to the wracked vision of fevered magically consumed souls quarantined beyond the ward.

"The death of a million cuts."
Station 6 Clinic, Tokyo
17:00 JST Friday January 23st 2070
(08:00 GMT Friday January 23st 2070)

Dr. Adone - Medical Examiner

The day had come and gone rather uneventfully, much to the annoyance of Adone, who, while still making progress on a number of other projects, found himself scouring the Clinic's nodes looking for any indication that his reports were being processed. A number of messages to the proper people got the wheels moving again, and like a clot in a bloodstream, he watched his work make its rounds through the EVO network.

Before they left, Akers and Mori had finished their analysis of the facts at hand and submitted them to Adone for review and approval. It didn't take the scientist long to compare the notes and see that very little new relevant information had been brought to light. He corrected a few mistakes, but otherwise marked the documents 'satisfactory' and filed them away in the appropriate AR filing cabinet.

On the clinic's node, various AROs winked out of existance as the rest of the building's staff logged off for the night. However, just as Adone was drafting an email inquiring about the delay on his request, he recieved the message he had been waiting all day for.

The response was not what he had hoped for, but it was what he had already concluded was the most likely outcome. In typical bureaucratic fashion, the powers that be acknowledged the danger, fully supported an investigation into the matter, and expected to hear something definitive soon. They did not, however, offer any additional aid in this matter, or offer up any information pertaining to EVOs involvement in the situation. They made no comment on his inquiries into any further investigation, or into what the parents had been told about the situation.

Adone was not without resources. Now that the project was approved, his research budget would easily swallow the costs of growing a dozen clones, or any other medical equipment that Adone would need to complete his investigation. The problem was that that sort of project would take a great deal of time, especially if it were to be done properly. Corperations spent decades working on their genetic sequences, and, although reverse-engineering them would certainly be easier than redesigning them from scratch, this would certainly not yeild results anytime in the near-future.

From the perspective that EVO might be able to discover the purpose of the genetic alteration, and put it to good use, this was an understandable and acceptable situation to be in. However, from the CTB's perspective, that this particular case signaled a glaring weakness in EVO security, not to mention a potential threat to its current employees, this was unacceptable.

Apparantly, Adone's recommendation that the threat of terrorist action be downgraded (because they were not targetting random EVO employees, but were targetting only those subjects of a specific genetic experiment) had been phrased a little too well. That, or those responsible for reading his report had not properly done so. The last two days had seemed like an eternity for him, but Adone tried to remember that most of the people in his department worked more reasonable hours, and had other things to do than to pour through his entire report. His summary had, it appeared, been sufficient in explaining the cause of the deaths, and their relation to EVO personal. It had not, it seemed, been sufficient in explaining his reservations about letting it go uninvestigated.

He was not sure what kind of a response he had hoped to receive. Adone wanted to hear, from the parents of these girls, what they had been like - what, if anything, they might have expressed, that might have been tied to their spacial awareness. He knew EVO employed armies of psychiatrists, and other specialists who were best suited to interviewing grieving parents reguarding the murder of their children. He was not such a person. Adone found it very difficult to relate to most people.

Perhaps, if he had had the opportunity to meet them, he would have been able to relate to those girls. Over the next few months, he will have the opportunity to meet parts of them. In time, he was sure he would discover what made them special. Right now, he needed to find out why they were special, and who made them special, and he needed to do it quickly.

That evening, he wrote a formal eletronic letter of inquiry to a number of the parents living in the Tokyo area. His letter asked them, strongly, to come into his laboratory and answer some questions reguarding their daughters medical records - information that was confidential and could not be explained through this electronic medium. He included all of the necessary paperwork to facilitate the errand, and offered to cover any expenses involved with the visit. If transportation was required, it would be arranged. He attemtped to make it clear that this was important. More important than whatever else EVO might have on their schedule.

He also requested a secure meeting with the girl's pediatricians, either in person, or in VR. These were the doctors who had administered the tests that showed statistically significant anomolies in their spacial awareness, and Adone wanted to find out if any further tests had been done, of if anything medically relevant was observed. He had a feeling that he would be able to relate to the doctors more easily, and after finishing the letters, regretted initiating meetings with the parents in the first place.
Crank - Bull and Bear, Hong Kong ~ 0200 HKT/UTC + 8 Thursday January 22st 2070

Perhaps it first started when Crank kicked the bedpost with his toe this morning when he got out of bed, or when he hopped into the shower and there was no hot water, or any of the other dozen or so quirks that marked a bad start to a day that just got a little worse.

So, it should have come to no surprise to me that this mission wasn't going to turn out the way I had hoped, nor the fact that I would be hit in the chest with a flash-bang grenade today.

With the grace and dexterity of a big cat the Commander easily dodged the shot from Crank's Miroku, the shots coming from behind me as Ruff squeezed off a few rounds had little effect as well. This was expected, we held our breaths as Lily closed behind the Commander and would deliver the blow to the back of the head to render him unconscious. But it never came. With a sixth sense the Commander had anticipated Lily's closure and easily blocked her strikes from across the bar. The Commander dodged a series of blows from Lily as the two engaged in melee, though Lily was clearly superior in skill her attacks were having little effect.

The Commander now had the initiative as we waited for his actions to unfold. With a quickness unnatural for a man of his age he turned back towards Ruff and I and threw three plastic canisters our way, one of them hit me square in the chest - the others fell nearby. He sprinted for the exit as he moved, fumbling with something from within one of his many pouches on his belt. Before I could react or throw the grenade back at the commander the flash-bang exploded and sent me flying upwards into the air crashing onto a table which collapsed into a pile of debris. From somewhere nearby the other two canisters began to hiss, one of which emitted a thick white smoke.

Lily, seeing Ruff and I incompacitated came to our aid and slapped a stim patch on us to get us back on our feet then hurriedly rushed me towards one of the exits. While she half carried me/dragged me I slipped into full VR mode and gave the bar's already compromised system the command to lock down hoping to trap the Commander and foil his escape. Again, it should have come to no surprise to know the Commander had prepared for such an occassion and had been preparing a small block of plastic to force a portal for his exit. I quickly hopped in the Strato hovering outside and gave it a command to pursue and fire on the Commander if he should make it out of the small bar.

It wasn't until I began to feel dizzy did I remember the third grenade hissing on the floor, it had to be dispersing some kind of toxin. I quickly jumped into ventilation system with my icon and turned the overhead fans on high and vented air from outside. It was about this time I heard two small pop bangs and the shattering of glass marking the Commander's escape. I was very near to passing out but I could hear the chaos errupt out on the street as the Strato opened fire. The last thing I remember doing is unlocking the doors and being dragged out onto the street as I passed out.

I should have went back to bed and called in sick, today was not a very good day.
London, Greenwhich Observatory Navy Widows and Orphans Charity Gala Ball 2205 GMT Wednesday January 21st 2070
Looking around at her colleagues in AR , Mariko pauses before putting her ideas forward to her more experienced colleagues.
"It seems we are to investigate this incident . To me it seems we have two possibilities , that the killing was an end into itself or that it was aimed to disprupting this broadcast and attacking our companies reputation. I think we need to investigate both, obviously we cannot take a lead on investigations on Mars as we are rather a long way away but there should be some leads to follow up here.
First we need to identify the murderess and see if we can find out anything about her background and associates we can follow up.
Secondly we can see if there where any personnal reasons for the killing by investiagting the deceaseds background and family. Probably he has family on Earth and we should try and interview them that is something I am fairly skilled at so I can take a lead on that .
But with your greater experience can any of you think of anything else we should be doing to help the company"
She looks around at her colleagues somewhat nervously

Dr Alton Memphis; Wednesday afternoon, January 21st; Asamando

Stepping out of his body was, and will always be, an odd sensation to Alton. There is something about shedding around six-hundred kilos of flesh that just doesn't feel normal. He pressed into astral space and followed the beast spirit like a leaf being blown in the wind; A gale force wind mind you.

As he approached the Masai, Alton remained silent. Today he though, is a day to listen & learn and as the ward parted to show him that contained within in he knew he was right.

Anguish and empathy for those within washed over Alton's astral form. The healing arts had been chosen for him, but he had excelled at it from a passion to heal... from his own sympathetic responses to those who are hurt. Looking below he saw the pain, saw the anguish and the torment, but he did not understand.

"What is this 'Death of a Million Cuts'? What has happened here?"
London, Greenwhich Observatory Navy Widows and Orphans Charity Gala Ball 22:06 GMT Wednesday January 21st 2070

Piers was frustrated. This was clearly a situation that required a leader. He had some natural talent in that area, but this situation… how could he effectively lead a group of people that he as yet knew nothing about? Piers realized, annoyingly, that even now he did not know so much as what they looked like outside of AR. Still, even if he couldn’t provide leadership, maybe he could provide direction – or at least some cohesiveness.

Piers began to use the thought-to-speech transducer capabilities of his commlink to speak to the assembled AR personnel – sub-vocalization always seemed somehow undignified as people walked around mumbling.

<<“I’m Piers. As I’m certain Asterix has secured this channel, we can safely use its capabilities to identify ourselves.>>

A green ARO indicator winked on above a thin man with spiked blonde hair. He was wearing a sharply cut dark suit with rather fanciful trim, and was approaching the Ambassador’s entourage.

<<?The young woman is mostly correct? said Pier’s icon, nodding at Mariko’s icon “Though it is likely with an attack of this magnitude that anyone capable of pulling it off has both objectives in mind – the killing itself and the PR repercussions. We will need to do interviews, yes, but there will be time for that later. Right now, this gala event is our secondary crime scene, and we need to secure it as best we can without making this debacle any bigger in doing so.?

“One of you? Piers makes eye contact with each AR icon, “is the rather… distinctive looking woman I noticed earlier, I presume? To have picked me out so quickly, you must be quite skilled at analyzing large crowds – Or I’m worse at this than I thought.? Piers smiled a wry grin. “See if you can determine if there is some sort of pattern to who was most affected by the transmission, and who was least affected.?

“As for the primary crime scene – its distance presents problems, of course? - Piers shuddered at the thought of trying to conduct a meaningful interview with the long light delay - “But it has an advantage as well. This murder has happened in one of the most exclusive and controlled locations that exists. Every kilogram that reaches Mars must be accounted for a hundred times over in paperwork and expense. So even though we’re a long way from the crime scene, there’ still plenty for us to do here.?

“Now, who else is here – and who else has suggestions on what we can do about this here, tonight??>>

London, Greenwhich Observatory Navy Widows and Orphans Charity Gala Ball 22:06 GMT Wednesday January 21st 2070

As Mariko staggers up to the group, the obvious paleness and trickle of blood indicating dumpshock, Prometheus shakes his head once, then steps over, keeping an eye on the crowd, then focusing just long enough to squeeze out a quick healing spell.

<<“I’m Piers. As I’m certain Asterix has secured this channel, we can safely use its capabilities to identify ourselves.>>

Prometheus sighs, one hand on the gun under his jacket, surveying the crowd as he half pays attention to the man, his faceless AR icon disassociated from his physical presence, visible to only the ambassador and the team and staring slackly ahead. I wish they'd tell us if they knew something might go down. It makes the situation significantly more survivable, and less.. intresting. I hateintresting.

“Now, who else is here – and who else has suggestions on what we can do about this here, tonight??>>

Once the Ambassador has safely slotted herself out of the conversation Prometheus barks tersely <<“What? Someone on mars has cut of some bastards head? How the hell are we going to catch them from here? If you reckon that was spliced into the feed we should get the sec hackers to go over the system right now and try and trace the intruder.?>>
Spirit Bomb - Shopping in Tokyo ~ 1430 JST UTC/GMT +9 Thursday January 22st 2070

Roger swung the back door of the van open and climbed out and jerked on the gourney until the front legs dropped down. Spirit Bomb followed suit pushing the gourney out the back of the van and lifting it long enough for the rear wheels to drop and then they rushed through the crowds of people in their fake Doc Wagon outfit to their target. "Doc Wagon! Clear the way lease!"

Upon reaching her they lifted the gourney a ittle off the ground and then lowered it down as much as it could go to more easily place the pregnant woman on. "Ok mam on the count of three we are going to lift you onto the gourney ok? One...two...three..." Spirit Bomb and Roger lifted the woman over and onto the gourney. Spirit Bomb counted out a quick one two and then thy lifted the gourney back up to its normal height which allowed it to easily roll into the back of the van.

The crowd had solidified while they had hefted the pregnant woman onto the gourney but they began to part as the pair of Doc Wagon employee's began to move back owards their rig. "Just take long slow breathes mam, as soon as we are back in the rig we can help yo out more." Spirit Bomb made sure the gourney was over the lip of the van's bed and then helped slide the gourney and woman into the back of the fake ambulance and then climbed in and sat o one side of the gourney, while Roger climbed in and took up the other side and shut the door.

"Green to go" was the next thing Spirit Bomb said which caused the van to lurch into motion and the siren to begin blaring as Venusian began driving them back to the EVO medical facility. Roger had begun placing sensors on the mother to be like he had been shown by real EVO doctors, while Spirit Bomb inserts and IV. "Your going to feel a small pinch mom." Taking great effort he slid the large gauge needle into the vien of the womans arm at the inside of her elbow causing the woman to grunt in agony breifly.

Now he just had to inject the sleep agent into the IV and they would be home free, mission accomplished.. "Ok mom this is something to take the edge off and hel delay things until we make it back to the hospital alright?". The woman was looking at Spirit Bomb as he asked and then over to Roger "Thats not how my doctor said things would go what is the drug called?" Spirit Bomb looked at Roger and motioned for him to lean back. As the woman turned back to Spirit Bomb with a worried look in her eyes Spirit Bomb was already casting the spell.....he focused on the space above and around the woman and then moved his hand and arm visually over her body and as his hand and arm passed her body a bright shiny translucent shield went up until her whole body was covered restricting her movement to basically lying in the gourney. As he finished the spell he could feel the last of the mana flow through him and the pull that always was at the end but he was prepared for it and easily resisted.

This caused the lady to completely lose it and she started screaming at the top of her lungs, "HELP ME!!! I'M BEING KIDNAPPED!! SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!!!" she struggled aginst the barrier to no avail. They had barely left the curb when Roberts spoke over the team channel so he wouldnt have to scream over the lady for them to hear. "Uhh guys we have 2 Prefecture Drones moving towards us and there also a couple of guys trying to chase us down, I think they heard her. Can't you shut her up with a spell or something Spirit Bomb??" Spirit Bomb mentally ran through the few spells he had managed to learn while being trained, "Sorry, I have nothing that doesnt involve pummeling her unconscience. Just keep watching the drones and tell me if they break off or begin to actively pursue us."

Dr Alton Memphis; Wednesday afternoon, January 21st; Asamando

"It's an awakened variety of Ebolavirus Filoviridae."

The Masai hand twisted and the portal irised closed. Head tilted slowly to one side, the shaman peered at the trolls astral form, "Aebolavirus? Named for you Dr. Alton if you can help us control this."

The shaman waved a short staff swinging the small mummified human hand on the end.

"You understand the special problem this causes in our great kingdom?"
Dr Alton Memphis; Wednesday afternoon, January 21st; Asamando

Even in the astral, Alton's spirit must have turned white at those words. Ebolavirus Filoviridae

Aebolavirus? Alton couldn't fathom fame, it wasn't something that really drove him. He sought personal satisfaction in two avenues: through the passion in his studies of magic & medicine and through his desire to become of contributing, respected member of the EVO family. This presented the opportunity for both. This is a challenge worthy of dedicating one's body and soul.

Looking to the Masai, "Is it contained contained?"
Dr Alton Memphis; Wednesday afternoon, January 21st; Asamando

The shaman shrugged, the rod and mummified hand jiggling randomly in response. Indicating the barrier behind him, "These are all that I know of."

"Tell me, do you like your meat tender and sweet?" The Masai shaman grinned.

"That is the affect on the Mundane. Only better."

"On the Enlightened... well, there is none. I am quite safe for example. Other then resisting the temptation to devour the sweetest flesh, I am unaffected."


"Do you see the difficulty yet young one?"
Dr Alton Memphis; Wednesday afternoon, January 21st; Asamando

Alton hovered in the astral, his giant frame eclipsing that of the Masai shaman. He listened as the old ghoul spoke. He resisted the urge to provide some argumentative or flippant response about meat.

"If I understand properly, the awakened are immune to this virus. This would include all ghouls as well?"

"Only the mundane and unawakened are affected. The escape of this virus, worldwide, would decimate your food supply. Is there some sort of unnatural attraction for you to the infected? Or is your point simply that the number of dead would be a distraction?"
Dr Alton Memphis; Wednesday afternoon, January 21st; Asamando

"Not everyone is as rational as that when faced with the possibility of limitless ambrosia. And sweet ambrosia it is."

"Do not forget, there are many of the UnEnlightened, who have no reason, and even amongst the Enlightened, there may not be as many as strong willed as I am."

Sweeping his staff and mummified hand around the desolate circle outside the ward, "Even now, it is a struggle to keep the King and the court away from this temptation."
Dr Alton Memphis; Wednesday afternoon, January 21st; Asamando

He mulls the words around in his head and looks to those suffering and then back to the shaman.
"I see. I assume you have research data I can review? Dare I ask if I am the first researcher, besides yourself, to work on this?"
Crank - Crash Cart Center, Hong Kong ~ 0500 HKT/UTC + 8 Thursday January 22st 2070

A familiar smell hit Payden as he cracked an eyelid ever so slightly, the bright light overhead made him squint as he tried to get his bearings. "Ah yes, good to be home", he thought. The ride had been longer than expected but less eventful than he had hoped. Payden was looking for a little adventure to add to his life, he wasn't sure where he fit in so he wondered about from town to town looking for his niche. No matter where he went, it never felt quite right. Here though he felt safe, not many places like those left to find for a man in his line of work - Payden was a gunslinger...

Payden stepped out of the coach into the afternoon sun and drew his wide rimmed black hat down over his eyes. Standing tall in his long dark brown duster with his two ivory handled Colt Peacemakers hanging on his gunbelts Payden made for an imposing figure. He glanced about looking for an escape from the fatigue that was setting in from the long ride from Tombstone. Somewhere just beyond the glare of the sun he could hear the roudy sounds of laughter and piano music, "Ah the Northern Star". No finer saloon for three hundred miles, he could taste the bittersweet bourbon on his lips already and a fine cigar to boot. He started out for the saloon but his legs began to cramp and his steps slowed until he couldn't walk anymore, a wave of pain washed over him. "Damn the sun, should have waited for nightfall", he thought about the cool evening breezes under the full moon and suddenly things went very dark...

Hey! Wake up! Snap out of it, you're freaking people out in here.Lilly slapped Crank on the cheek trying to bring him out of his trance. Inside the Crash Cart recovery room the lights were flickering on and off like a bad flourescent bulb. Crank lay on a gourney recovering from wounds from his little adventure, staff scurried all about checking on patients making sure their life support units were working. Slowly he opened his eyes, that sanitary smell assulted his senses and instantly he recognized he was in a medical facility - a place where he spent a great deal of time for his new employer EVO.

Hey omae its me, Lily. You remember what happened?

Hey sweetheart - The mission, did we get him?

Frag yeah, the commander has been apprehended and is in custody. His sorry ass is in fact being treated nearby and we brought in a little mojo to make sure he stays put. Can you stop fraggin' wit the lights hun? You're making people nervous.
Lily lets out a sigh of relief when the lights stop flickering and wheels a chair over to the gurney,How ya feelin ace? How about you hop in this chair and we'll get you home.

I kinda of... sort of feel a little warm and fuzzy all over... and tired... and thirsty, got any bourbon? Oo is that him? Man he looks messed up, what you do to him?

Aw drek, you're such a tool. You're looking at mirrored glass chiphead, that's you. The nurse gave you a little morphine for the pain, you cracked a rib with that grenade explosion. Don't worry though, if it makes you feel any better your Strato did a number on the commander. Doc says you'll be wiz in a few days.

How's Ruff? Did he make it out alive?

Laughing, Yeah, he's just fine. He's in the car already, he wasn't the one trying to play hot potatoe with the grenade, remember?

Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up. So what's next?

Debrief 0700. After that I'd imagine we'll get our next assignment or a few days off. You up for another mission?

Nah, I got some sick leave coming. I'm gonna call off.

Yeah, right. You gotta stop hitting that yellow button chummer - no more morphine for you.

London, Greenwhich Observatory Navy Widows and Orphans Charity Gala Ball 22:06 GMT Wednesday January 21st 2070
Still looking unsure of herself Mariko continues
It seems that of the various things we need to check , the rest of you are best suited to review the VR systems, look for any other incidents here and try and identify the Murderess from EVO records , None of these are skills I am good at . I will find the deceased's immediate family and see if I can find a personal angle unlikely as it may seem for such a public killing. You have my decure contact if you find anything else I can help with here. Oh and I forgot perhaps we should see which programs if any the leading ecologist on mar's death would derail

She pauses before heading towards the exit as if expecting to be told she is doing something wrong . Then places a VR Call to EVO security centre in London.
This is CTB Agent Mariko with authorisation code Orange Blossom send me the personel files of our Lead Martian Ecologist and his family and give me their locations and names
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