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Full Version: Mr Johnson wants his :nuyen: back
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Daddy's Little Ninja

This actually sounds like some of our lighter runs. In the competion for Miss Puerto Rico one competitor had itching powder put in her evening gowns and an irritant in her make up, to make her break out in rashes. Clearly an attempt at sabotage. She won anyway.
Well, I may have gotten cynical but when I heard about this on CNN my first thought was, "Sabotage or a clever way to gleen the judges' sympathy?"
Investigators now think she sabotaged her own stuff for sympathy. she won anyway but one wonders how she'll fare in the main event.

But it does sound like a low grade run, or an April 1 run: Sabotage a beauty queen but don't deface her. So no violence. and since there will be sec mages no manipulation spells to make her blurt out that her hopes for the future are:To travel, to inspire young women and to sleep with each of the judges."
See boys and girls, cynism pays. cyber.gif
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