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has anyone ever made a map of the metroplex with the various security zones layered over the top? like red for A zones and blue for D zones? this would be a pretty handy reference for knowing what police responce would be appropriate for any given part of the city the team's in.
Still working on it... I don't really know Seattle so I have to "guess" in terms of where certain districts are, but it's coming along nicely.

I have lived here for 24 of my 28 years. If there is anything you need to know, ask away. =)

I am slowly becoming more canon wise, so I have a better chance of being accurate to real and canon boundries.
Digital Heroin
You do realize there's a map in the... eek.gif Seattle Sourcebook, right? Sure, it's not fancy color coded, but that's an easy task with a scanner and Photoshop.
Then slap that bee-itch up. Online, that is.
yeah there's a map of the plex in the main book, but i wanna add an overlay to it that has the security zones on it. i s'pose it's not that needed since i'll have most the general area of a run prepared and will know what security will be in each area, but just in case the runners go somewhere i don't expect i could quickly come up with the security.
As the areas are now (non-canon alert!) there are sometimes very extreme differences in area quality, right next to each other (Magnolia and Interbay for example).

If you ever have a doubt about an area's rating, I suggest you make it up on the spot. Just make a note of it and be specific. Unless you game with people from here, you should be fairly safe from dispute.
The map of Seattle in the new book blows donkey poop.

They mention all the various districts and their security ratings but they don't tell you what's what and where, my maps are blown up version of the shadowlands maps with all the districts added in, all the security zones overlapped, all the major places of interest, the highways are tagged, it's a whole different map, trust me, I wouldn't be putting in all that work if the info I wanted was available.

Like I said, they're not finished but as soon as they are, I'll have Nova drop them on his site and post the links, I actually worked really hard on them for 1 week and haven't touched them in almost 2 months, maybe the sudden realization other people might want to use them will motivate me to finish them.

Course soon as they are finished, I'll start modifying them with Nin's help of actual Seattle info, as it stands I'm sure I have plenty of districts miles from their actual location =)

So I'm working on it... I like'em but then, I'm biased since I made them, course couldn't have done it (or should I say couldn't be doing it) without the masters from shadowlands.

I have two copies of the original Seattle sourcebook.

Sorry. I just wanted to say that out loud, and then sigh, as I look at the wonderful, fantastic maps in the back...

If I was sure about the copyright issues, and one of you kind bods has some webspace they wanna use, I could scan the maps in for the use of?
It's my understanding that Adam is planning on putting the Seattle maps on the official web page at some point in the (near?) future.
I purchased a Thomas Guide for King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties. They cover all the area you would encounter in canon Seattle.

Those maps are THE BEST at detail and accuracy, not only in having the right roads for example, but digitally producing the maps (e.g. using GPS) and having them in the correct places.

As for putting them online with the relevant information; I look forward to seeing that happen!
Jr. Woodchuck
I went to AAA, there headquarters are here in Orlando, but they have offices in all major cities. Anyway I got a map of Seattle for free from them. ...and its incredibly detailed. The first day I pulled that out for the group, there eyes opened wide, they loved it!

If you need help making sure the map is acurate i'd go with a AAA map.
It might not be exactly what you need, but at least it's entertaining:
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