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Full Version: It's trideo!
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Won't exactly fit in your pocket but they're getting there:

Link (Video)
but how's it work?
or is that just computer animated video fake?
This video is blocked by my workplace's firewall, so I can't comment on it but simple trideo screens (flat screens with a depth impression) are already there. I've seen one in Hong Kong's KCR (subway) and another one in an arcade game.
Both were quite good except that you had to find the good location to see the image right, and even then the overall image quality was a bit fuzzy.

According to what I've read somewhere, it's possible that such trideo screens will soon appear on mobile phones in South Korea and Japan, because it's easier to have such new technologies in devices that are changed regularly. Then they could make their way up to the TV screens if successful, but it'll require to change a lot of things (the bandwith requirements for trideo are much higher than for video).
the thing in the video is actually not a Trideo, but a big holo projector that displays things in 3D in free air, as i have understood it . .
For the curious the video came from a slashdot link so I think its legit. Trideo is 3DTV, as near as I can figure that would have to be some kind of holo projection.
Holo projection is probably the most sensible way to do it, but provided you were able to get all of the fiddly bits sufficiently transparent you could potentially have a screen with depth and three-dimensional pixels.

i can see this happening in cinemas in the near future . . but i am afraid it will take some years untill that happens and even longer untill it comes to your home . .
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