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Full Version: Ghillie Suits?
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I have a player that wants to be a sniper and wants to have a ghillie suit. I did a search and couldn't find anything on ghillie suits on the forum. Does anyone have any suggestions on stats for a ghillie suit?
Full Camo suits give good TN modifiers - you might try adjusting these to give a better modifier for anyone wearing a ghillie suit.

Alternatively, since the Sniper Skill would, presumably, include training in the use of a ghillie suit, have the player make a Sniper Skill test (TN 4) and add any successes to the Perception Test of anyone trying to spot him?
Well, I would ask that my player who is wearing the suit run a stealth check (opposed) with a nice modifier.

If the check is won by the stealther, I would treat the stealthed player invis (+cool.gif TN.

You can find a thread from the previous forums concerning Ghillie Suits here. smile.gif
Ghillie suits are mentioned in SOTA 2063, pg 69. As far as I can tell, there are no stats to it, though.
I have two ghillie suits that I made (far cheaper...$50...than commercial versions which can cost thousands of dollars). They are very effective.

Cannon Companion page 97 talks about standard camouflage adding +4 to the Stealth test total.

In my opinion...a +8 for an appropriate (i.e. has the right color patterns for the time of year and location) ghillie suit would be acceptable.

Just a few thoughts...

My ghillie suits are HOTTER than hell.

For slow belly crawling they are great.

Upright movement you look like a shambling you might want to cut back that modifier.

Even though I have treated my suits with flame retardent I pray that they never catch fire with me in them.

QUOTE (mckay421)
My ghillie suits are HOTTER than hell.

Which is why you bung in some thermal dampening as well. Counteracts the heat both fatigue-wise as well as masking you from thermal vision/sensors. Or better yet, put in on some level three form fitting body armour you wear underneath the suit. Means you can dump the ghillie suit if needed and still be protected. Should work I think.
Sounds good to me! Wish I could do it in RL. biggrin.gif

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