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Full Version: Shadowrun in the Netherlands
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Lort Gob
Hey guys, long time since I posted here. I'm starting a new campaign, we're running in the Netherlands. Now I've searched long and far on the internet, but I can't find much info on what the United Netherlands look like in de 2060s, and the archive is down. Does anyone have some nice info that he/she can send me please?
Damn, thought for a second someone was gonna be wanting players here in this crazy country. nyahnyah.gif Anyhows, greetings mate, good to see another NLer around these parts, me and DV8 are the only locallers I know here.

As for info on the Canon NL, no idea personally. Never really thought about playing in this environment.

Lort Gob
I've found something called "The United Netherlands (VNL) in 2054" in the archive but it didn't work.

Reason I'm planning to run the campaign in the Netherlands (mainly based 'round Amsterdam) is because it's easy for us to understand where things are, and can make use of Dutch language/ethics/fun stuff. I play in a Vampire campaign which is also based 'round Haarlem & Amsterdam (but then in 2003), and it's great to play in your own neighbourhood wink.gif

[OC] Didn't knew there were Dutchies here tho, only Dutch Shadowrunplayer I ever talked to was Gurth....
The United Netherlands will be featured in the upcoming official Shadows of Europe sourcebook. The Europort megaplex, the northern Black Tide wastes, flooded Amsterdam and Brussels EC (home of the NEEC) will all be touched upon. Amsterdam was briefly touched upon previously in Target: Smuggler Havens and will be brought up to date while the rest will be all new material put together by Dutch and Belgium contributors.

There was, until recently, a "United Netherlands VNL" fanbook on the subject put together by Gurth (of NAGEE fame) somewhere on the web (likely somewhere on the Plastic Warriors site), although I'm not sure if it's still available since he was one of the contributors.
Lort Gob
Hhmmm, can't find anything about that VNL fanbook, I could try to mail Gurth, I must have his old e-mail and ICQ here somewhere.

I'll be looking out for the Shadows of Europe sourcebook, such a shame the release date is 'upcoming' and that it's quite difficult to get a hold on Shadowrun material in Europe indifferent.gif
From what I hear in the UNL the two best options for SR material are FanPro D's own online store F-Shop (pretty good distribution outside Germany too) and Leisure Games in London (nice mailing prices and well stocked). SoE should be available at both those suppliers within a week of its US release.

Regarding the setting all I can say is that the UNL and Europe at large will (obviously) have a quite different and distinctive feel from North Am.
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