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Hoi Chummers,
I have a Question about Surgery itself. How much Cyberware can a PC get implanted at once? Lets say he saved some money and now tries to replace his Alpha Cyberware thru Beta Cyberware.
As a example I have a char that has 2 small modifications to be done at his head/eyes (Datajack & ImageLink).
Furthermore he wants to replace his right Cyberarm and Skillwires.

Question is how much of the replacement can be taken at once?! I know that these days Docs dont recommand their Patient too many Surgerys within a year, besides it is necessary for them. How does this work for SR? I find the idea a lil bit too hard that my Players have to wait a few Weeks in realtime before their alter Egos can be upgraded again.

How do you guys handle this within your groups?

Since they use nanotech to assist in the surgery process, in addition to all the computer support and lasers and the like, I'd imagine that some of the reasons for waiting between surgeries doesn't exist in SR.

Also, I find it very cyberpunk that someone would get a cyber implant, and then a week later when they get a better payday, the have some dock rip it out and put a better implant in. As such, I don't enforce any time limiter between surgeries. You still have to deal with the recovery times, but they run concurrently, so if you have a month recovery and a 2 week recovery, you spend a month recovering.
I find the idea a lil bit too hard that my Players have to wait a few Weeks in realtime before their alter Egos can be upgraded again.

in my experience, you still have to wait a few weeks real time, because you simply need to scrape up some money for the toys first . . having to wait some weeks IN GAME seems unreasonable though *g*
My Players arent making so much money that they could permit themself a weekley upgrade for their cyberware. Furthermore I am aware of the recovery times. So if the PC in my example recovers from 3S damage value (less than or equal to 0.2 Essence cost) couse he upgraded his Datajack, the PC is free to go for the next implant.

But the question I have/had is if a PC can implant more then one thing at once?! I cant find anything on that.
sure, why not?
everything that comes in pairs will be done at the same time, so why should other things not be doable like that?
QUOTE (i101)
But the question I have/had is if a PC can implant more then one thing at once?

Absolutely! Go to town. smile.gif
IRL yeah, they recommend you wait a bit 'just in case'. Of course, your corner street doc won't care, and the highest level delta clinics have the equipment to minimize any risk.

However, it would appear that in SR, cyberware installation has gotten a little better. You can get a datajack installed at the mall! Cyberpunk actually gives a discount on the 'essence' cost of cyberware when you install a bunch together. So clearly a lot of cyberware won't need significant healing time. IF you decide to impose healing times, I believe the surgery rules give a number for what kind of 'wound' each surgery causes. Just impose that wound, and when it heals, they're ready to go under the knife again. The skillwires will be expensive, but the imagelink or datajack should be a breeze.
Random Voices
I don't remember the surgery rules in Man and Machine very well, but in 2nd edition surgery costs were dependent upon the essence cost of the cyber being implanted. For example (and the costs may not be accurate but these were the costs my group used) if the essence cost of the implants was .4 or less surgery was 5,000 nuyen.gif , .41 - .99 the cost was 25,000 nuyen.gif , and >.99 the cost was 250,000 nuyen.gif . So a character could have as many implants put in as they wanted, they just paid depending upon the essence cost of those implants. So it was cheaper to put in a few pieces at a time than it was to have it all put in at once (especially since the surgery cost was increased by the grade multiplier).

Surgery damage is associated with essence cost, but there is no attached price.

As for what can be done in one session at the body shop, you have two choices. The first is handwaiving the whole process - sometime in downtime the player goes to the bodyshop, next run his gear works. The second is thinking of the implication on a case-by-case basis.

My group occasionaly RPs new implants. Upgrading existing implants is mostly a take out / modify / put in process. This leads to those funny situations where the street doc is working on a dismantled but still attached cyberarm. I suppose that at the same time another doc could work on the eyes, one could implant a nephritic screen and nanites could install wired reflexes. Such a team should be hard to assemble on the street.

As for minimum waiting time between sessions, you have one more vote for "none", assuming the street doc had time to prepare himself.
Funny situations indeed . . having a DNI-Camera plugged into your datajack and twirling the cable with the camera around is not such a smart idea <.< . .
and i don't know how many things broke after my troll got a serious strength boost in game *g* . . and the novelty of seeing a troll scream like a girld and hop straight into the air doing a backflip after having gotten a mediocre reflex boost into his body and being scared by something *g*
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