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Full Version: Sprites and Response
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Am I reading things correctly, are sprites completely uninhibitted by the response of the node they are on?

Could a technomancer set up a response 1, system 1 death trap that has several rating 6 sprites guarding it?

would be hacker (or agent) logs in, gets limited by the system to rating 1 for all attributes and programs. Gets immediately jumped by things throwing 12 dices around. Intruder destroyed in a couple of phases?
Well, right off the hacker isn't limited by the responce of the server he is logged onto. But yes, sprite responce is not limited by the server they are on.

*edit* Really, the only thing this would be good for is taking out agents, as a hacker isn't at all limited by the system they are logged onto. Second, you'd have to give agents a reason to actually log onto this crappy system. Oh, and if its raitings are so low, it is likely that a hacker could get in without being noticed very easily.
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