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It doesn't really go into an extreme amount of detail in the Augmentation book, but What is required to make nanotech on your own?

The book mentioned a desktop nanoforge but doesn't list prices or anything like that.
nanoforges aren't used to make nanotech. they're used to make stuff using nanotech... for example, if i decide i want a new monosword katana (and heck, why not dikote it as well) i would tell the nanoforge to make one, and a bajillion nanobots that sit inside the nanoforge would start building it one molecule at a time, following a plan (if the nanoforge has no plan in it, it can't build anything of course).

as far as what you would need to make nanotechnology stuff... well, i suppose you'd need the appropriate toolkit/shop/facility. personally, i would assume that a facility is required for making anything from scratch... toolkits would only be good for basic modifications, shops for more in-depth modifications. you might be able to buy 'unprogrammed' nanobots and program them with a shop or something like that. building from scratch would require a nanotech facility imo, or possibly a genetics/biotech facility if you're making soft nanobots (which would then require a nanotech shop to program etc imo).

but those are mostly just guesses and suggestions on how to do it...
I'd say it takes a dedicated industrial facility to create nanites, even more dedicated than a chip factory. They might require highly refined materials to create, too. It's possible that some nanites can in turn create other nanites, but that should carry a risk of "grey goo" - an SF term for nanites deciding that *everything* is raw material for them to turn into more nanites, as they replicate like a metastatizing cancer.
Any nano-engineers out there with better-informed perspectives?
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