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Full Version: Interactive character sheets?
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HMHVV Hunter
Anyone know where to find interactive character sheets for SR4?
I use blackies spreadsheet and one of the SR4 programs. Look in community projects in the shadowrun forum.
HMHVV Hunter
Not really looking for a CharGen program though; just looking for an interactive version of the standard sheet (my handwriting sucks).
There is a character sheet floating around in rich-text somewhere...

Check out the ones in my sig.
Wikispaces awesome idea... I just started setting up one for my GM, hopefully can get all our characters into a database so he can have access to our sheets. biggrin.gif

Also once I get a chance I'll load up the excel character creator that I made for my group. Its 6 pages long when you print it out, but it can do alot of things automatically... But that will have to wait till I get home.


Thats where the file is if anyone wants to check it out. I've added a Topic in Community Projects for feed back on it.
I think HMHVV Hunter is looking for writable/editable .pdfs of the original sheets, but I haven't seen any and I don't have Acrobat myself.
I have an interactive PDF sheet made by Xenith. I don't use it myself but you may like it. Can't remember where I downloaded it from originally but if you send me a PM, I can email it to you.
Jack Kain

If you make an account there (which is free) You gain access to several interactive sheets for various RPG games including shadowrun.
For the Shadowrun game the contact list isn't as long as I would have liked but its long enough to track all your major contacts.

It also has spaces for derived attributes that aren't normally on sheets, composure, judge intent, lift/carry and memory.
Cool site, thanks Jack.
There are some PDF based characters available out there with fill-in fields in them. I have some on my site:

They were made long ago by a member here using Mintcar as a handle. I don't know if he's around any more.

Also, if you find a PDF sheet that you like, you can use the freely available PDF reader/editor PDF Xchange Viewer to add annotations to any PDF.
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