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I think THIS is hilarious!!
Wow. While I think they're determination and attitude is quite interesting, I'm not sure I approve of inserting nuclear explosions into broadcast TV footage. If people bought into War of the World read on-air via radio, I'd think there'd be great potential for hysteria if people thought a nuke just went off in their country.

Yes, but the whole point was to prove the sway the media holds over the general populace.
That can be done without potential hysteria, IMO.
The media should hold sway over the general populace. (If no one ever acts based on information from the media, what's the point!? I'm not advocating media mind-control, but sway? Absolutely.)

The media should be responsible with that sway.

It's this second part that gets problematic sometimes.
Something you're eating may be killing you! Find out more at 11.

I rest my case.
i loled
Overly sensationalized news may be slowly killing your family! Watch FOX News at 11!

So true, X-Kalibur.
If hackers could improve education so that more people compare multiple sources, rather than picking one and swallowing it blindly (whether that's Fox, the Manchester Guardian, Pravda, New York Times, USA Today, or the Observer), then I'd be *really* impressed.
QUOTE (X-Kalibur)
Yes, but the whole point was to prove the sway the media holds over the general populace.

I believe that the whole point is that skillful video editing can totally change a news story and that with modern editing software and computer generated imagery, the people in the editing booths have total control over the truth.

A newsman having a slow day and certain political leanings could photoshop into existence a picture of Hillary Clinton in full Klan regalia smiling happily as she sets a sets a gasoline-soaked negro on fire that is totally indistinguishable from the real thing and few people would dare question it.

Uh, I think many people would question that.

Now rampant internet hyperbole, that's something we should crack down on.
QUOTE (Demerzel)
Now rampant internet hyperbole, that's something we should crack down on.

Hyperbole is the greatest invention of mankind, ever.
Kyoto Kid
...and now, the President of the United States © Microsquish
Rotbart van Dainig
And remember: The safety-word is 'Artichoke'.
Now in 3D, for free.
Well I didn't foresee a political discussion about this, but thats cool...

I tend to agree with hyzmarca. The media holds way too much sway over people's perception now-a-days. I was going to write about the current media coverage of certain world events and people, but I think I'll avoid that one. sarcastic.gif

[EDIT] And to clarify: what I thought was hilarious was the creativity, the execution and the relevance to the game we all know and love. I certainly don't condone reckless endangerment of the mindless masses or anarchy or chaos or any of that.
Kyoto Kid
...mine was more from the aspect of is it live, or is it CGI?. I actually toyed with writing a futuristic parody combining elements of Max Headroom and The President's Plane is Missing. grinbig.gif

What I can't believe is that when you've seen something get out live on television, you all believe the cover-up news story about artists climbing television towers etc. and trust the media that are keeping the truth from you.

Has anyone here spoken to anyone in the Czech republic since the "hoax" ? I know that I haven't! eek.gif
Nothing beats the comfort of normality. The unexpected is not believable.
Until it's made believable by repetition and thus becoming normal and expected.
Frank is in Prague, he seems fine.

That is just a cover up. It's not actually Frank posting anymore.
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