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Full Version: Corps you actually like . . .
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Personally, I like Federated-Boeing. They strike me as the local underdog trying to stay afloat and take care of their own in the shark tank. And the fact that Boeing has the single most awesome piece of theme music I've ever heard in a commercial has nothing to do with it . . .

Of the megas, I like Yamatetsu - the "going against the flow" Japanacorp that accepts metahumans.

Which one(s) do you like?
Saeder-Krupp. Good, bad...they're the corp with the dragon. I just kinda like their style.

Ares. Good, all-American megacorp. (Yes, I bought into the propaganda, but I was really impressed with Ares after Burning Bright, too.) And I like their guns, like the Ares Alpha. The whole Ares emphasis on space wins points from a space geek like me, too.

FedBoeing, for much the same reason as Chodav.
Transys Neuronet - I just do. smile.gif
Ol' Scratch
My top three favorites are Aztechnology, Saeder-Krupp, and Wuxing.

I like Aztechnology just because they're fascinating, deliciously evil, and a media/public relations machine. The last, in particular, is my favorite aspect. No matter what they do, their reputation always manages to come out looking clean and confident to the average Joe Schmoe.

Saeder-Krupp is fun because it revolves around a dragon, and dammit, I like dragons. biggrin.gif I also like the fact that their biggest business is heavy machinery and basically the plight of Mother Earth. It leads to a lot of good sagas for me and my group.

And Wuxing... I just love the fact that we now have a cool magic-using corporation that oozes with style without relying on the darker forces (like Aztechnology). I also associate it in my mind with Big Trouble in Little China, which I absolutely adore, so it gets major kudos there.
Wuxing, for much the same reason as the Doc, Mitsuhama purely for inventing the Zero Zone, and Shiawase because they are just the epitome of 'zaibatsu'. The bushido code, the way they deal with shadowrunners and people that upset them, the whole Water And Power tank girl image.. Shiawase rock, and no one ever notices them...
Austere Emancipator
Saeder-Krupp, because I'm the GM and they basically own Finland (at least in my current game they do).

The dragon, the fact that they most likely own firms like H&K (and most other European gun makers) and (at least in my game...) DaimlerChrysler, that they are a "heavy machinery" corp like Doc said... All that helps too.
Saeder -Krupp, But then i have to say that it's in my contract. Besides Lofwyr has such an element of "coolness" about him. Would be great to play a game of chess vs him.
Fresno Bob
I like Ares, cause well, they make guns.
Aztechnology, got to love the evil end of the world types.
Ares, for much the same reasons that others have already listed. I've also been a big fan of Wuxing since PoaD, and Yamatetsu because of their bucking the Japanese trend and supporting metahumanity. That and they have free spirit on the board, it's hard to beat that.
Lort Gob
Funny to see how many people pick Saeder-Krupp....Would be my 1st choice as well...
The Jopp
Not sure if we all talk about CORPS or MEGACORPS but the one that everyone of my character LOVES is DocWagon.
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