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Full Version: Customized Cyberlimbs & Bioware enhanced Attributs
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Hoi Chummers,

how do I handle following situation during PC creation:
Dwarf PC has Strength 3, enhances it +2 thru Muscle Augmentation. Now he wants to add customized cyberlimbs, has the PC now a Strength of 3 or 5?


Doesn't make any difference. The cyberlimb has a stat of 3 regardless. Unless of course you buy a higher quality one (augmentation) or enhancements for it.

Oh, and if you mean since the limb has a str 3 which does he use, base it on what it matters for. A cyberleg would maybe make you able to jump farther, and a cyberarm would help when punching someone with it. But if he punches someone with a normal arm he uses his normal str of 5
He has a Strength of 5.
i assume you're ruling that they intended for customised cyberlimbs to be limited to the players natural score rather than the racial maximum, as the rules seem to say? (it's hard to prove intent, but i'm certainly not going to fault you for assuming that's what they meant... it's just not what they said wink.gif ).

personally, i would let them go up to their augmented attribute. they're paying twice, why not let them have it.

if, on the other hand, you're asking if the muscle augmentation augments the cyberlimb, then of course i'm going to say no... but i can't imagine you need me to tell you that wink.gif
QUOTE (Jaid)
if, on the other hand, you're asking if the muscle augmentation augments the cyberlimb, then of course i'm going to say no

No, but it augments the rest of his body. His overall Strength would still be 5, but his Cyberlimb Strength would depend on other factors.
Thanks guys.
The augmentation says that a an customized cyberlimb may have a PC starting attribute. So if he increased his strength thru bioware by 2 and gets himself a customized cyberlimb, it technicly could be purchased with a customized strength on 5. Like Jaid said i will let the PC go with their augmentated attribute.

@Jaid: Hell no, i didnt ment if the muscle augments the cyberlimb nyahnyah.gif
The rules are specific that customised limbs may go to the natural attribute maximum of the character. That will usually be used to tailor the limb to meat stats, but does not have to.

(Augmentation, pg.44, last paragraph of the left column)
Depending on how many customized cyberlimbs he gets, and how he customizes them, then his attribute score will change. Take the average strength of all his limbs (5 for naturals, and whatever the cyberlimb score is (base 3, plus any customizations/additions) and average them. Don't forget, torso and skull are limbs also (for a total of 6)).
I understand having to average in the strength of the torso, as it's the area holding all of the other limbs together. However, is the skull really included in a strength average? I wouldn't be surprised if a strict interpretation says yes, but I've never been 100% clear on exactly how cyberlimbs work...
This is a complete and total house-rule, but I count 4 limbs (arms and legs) for strength and agility, and 5 limbs (include torso) for body.
That makes sense. I suppose the best answer will be to work it out with whoever is running the game, ultimately.
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