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Full Version: Adepts and Cyberlimbs
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I feel like this question shouldn't need to be asked, but I'm just not 100% sure on the Answer.

Do Cyberlimbs stop the use of any Adept power? For example can Killing Hands, Elemetnal Strike, Critical Hit etc, be used with a Cyberlimb?

I can't think of any reason why they can't, but it's still nagging at the back of my mind.

Seeing a Cyberarm wreathed in the flames of an Adepts Elemental Strike (Fire). :/
as far as i remember everything you paid for with essence works with magic more or less . .
That's what I thought! I just wasn't sure. :/

Red-lined Cyberlimbs encased in flame Critical Striking here we come! wink.gif
kinda like that, yeah . . otherwise killing hands should not profit from bonelace or the bio-version or the more damage from muscle aug either . . obviously cyber-limbs will NEVER be profiting from Adrenaline Boost or improved attribute powers . .
So would something like this be possible (using core rules only, not got augmentation yet frown.gif )? I'm sure I've fudged something...

Magic: 6/3
Quality: Mystic Adept

Cyber Torso (Alpha): -1.2 Essence
Cyber Arm (Obvious, Alpha): -0.8 Essence
STR Enhancement x7
Bone Density 4 (Alpha): 0.96 = 0.48 Essence

Magic (Casting): 1
Magic (PP): 2

Adept Powers;
Killing Hands: 0.5
Elemental Strike (Sound): 0.5
Critial Strike x2: 0.5


(10/2) +3 +2 = 10P (Or does ES:Sound override that to S?) damage that ignores armour.

This still leaves spells, skills, more bioware, more Adept powers (maybe even a Spirit Pact to increase Magic for casting sustained spells...) and Weapon Foci left open to flesh/round out the character.

yep, should work as intented . .
as for the Arm, why only STR enhancement +7? there's the Custom Cyberlimbs Rules in Aug that allow for Arms to be made with Racial Maximum without needing to reduce capacity . . then add in bulk mod and then add in some more strength i'd say . . but because of the availability rules that may not be doable on char generation . . why the torso?
QUOTE (GentlemanLoser)
So would something like this be possible (using core rules only, not got augmentation yet frown.gif )? I'm sure I've fudged something...

Emphasis mine, I would assume that is why.

ack, i overlooked that part <.< . .
Seriously, get Aug, it's WELL worth the Moneys *g*
using core rules only, not got augmentation yet


The Cyber Torso is because you need one to have a Limb above a stat of three 3 (in the core book, again donno about Aug), and the STR Enhancement only goes up to 7. frown.gif

It was only a thought exercise to see how Cyber-tech could mix in with Adept powers (and if it was ever worth doing so).

Using the new Aug rules for cyber limbs, what's the Max STR you can take one to? Is it the aumented racial maximum, so 12 for an Orc?

With Critical Strike only costing 0.25 per level, Cyber/Bioware needs to add +1 Damage/+2STR per 0.25 essence to be equal. CS is really only limited by your Magic score. I could have dropped the Bone Density, and will it would have given me another potential 4 levels of CS (+4 Damage), because my Magic level only went up by one, I could only purchase a single level of CS. So the +3 damage DB gave won out (and allows me another 1 essence worth of Bioware! nyahnyah.gif)
if i remember correctly it states that you need an cyber-torso if you want to get your arm up more than a +3, but with the custom cyberlimb the arm starts at 8 strength and you can add in another +3 strength to bring it up to 11 without needing a torso i think . . might be wrong though <.<
Thanks! biggrin.gif
no problem, but keep in mind that i am not 100% sure if that is right . .
but about 80% should do the trick *g*
that is one of those funny new rules that make no sense whatsoever but do give cyberlimbs a little bit more playability ^^
Nostalgic Jester
Basically what Stahlseele already said: you can improve any and all of a cyberlimb┬┤s attributes up to the characters unaugmented maximums and then you can increase said attributes up to said character┬┤s augmented maximums through standard upgrades (though you need a cybertorso if you want more than a +3 upgrade, which by the way you have no reason to in this particular case).

Also true that this is a strange rule... or rather one that has been written so it can be read that way (though I am under the impression that this is not what they intended, but WTF do I know...). Despite the fact that cyberlimbs come with many particular weird rules and effects attached to them, they are finally quite a good choice nevertheless.
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