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okay so I have a copy of the DMZ I've had it forever but never actually used it. Has anyone played with it recently? Has anyone tried to "convert" it to a never version than the sr1-ish rules?
I don't know of anyone who played it, ever, and we bought all the other early SR stuff. -I've still got DNA/DOA!
I have played DMZ ... but not in something like 15 years. biggrin.gif
I'm the same way, I bought it when it first came out and I think we played it once. I like using the maps once in a while for some flavor, even though they're not very practical.
I remember playing with it back when it came out. That included punching/cutting out some of the paper characters.

I used the maps and some paper characters to add color/interest/eye appeal to SR4 demos I tried running this past autumn (along with some Sprawl Maps and metal figs.). Just about everyone who played the demo asked about buying the maps.
Yeah. I used the maps for my roleplaying games (along with stuff from Judge Dread etc) way more than I actually played DMZ.
My envy to all who own DMZ.

It would have been available when I bought my first SR books, but at that time I spend my boardgame budget on battletech.
Funny but when I saw the thread title I immediately though of the comic not the Shadowrun board game. smile.gif
I do use the punch out grenades and flashpaks a lot. I have a couple of players that love to use them and they come in real handy when you want to determine distance and damage...especially when they toss them around corners. The little pop up elementals are nice to have too!
I forget how many sheets of paper punch outs there were, but the point I would like to present is a scan of one sheet is floating around the internet. I think (I will not swear to it) I saw a copy on Ancient History's site years ago.
there was also a set of punch outs that came with the SR2 GM screen ( i think it was that)
mine are floating around the house here somewhere
I was wanting to wrangle them up for whenever I start my next game
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