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Full Version: Physical Adepts
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Looking to find out which sourcebook has the info about the guy that did the studies on adepts.

I seem to remember that there is a section or two on this guy who in this year was I belive the first to become an adept or the first to document what an adept is or something like that?
not sure how two ended up getting posted??????????? sorry
IIRC, it was in either the original Grimoire or Awakenings.
So then not in third edition?

So then would this still apply to the game?

I mean how much of second edition and it's story line cross over to third?
All the background, history, and flavor of the previous editions are still valid and compatable with SR3. The only changes are rules-wise.
Adepts were previously profiled in depth in the Awakenings sourcebook; since the piece therein is mostly fictional it's content (such things as explaining the Ways throughly) is fully compatible with SR3 and what rules were introduced have since appeared in SR3 and MitS.

In general Awakenings is an excellent addition to any SR collection for the variety and color of the fiction and not to worry almost the entirety of the rules have since been integrated to 3rd Edition and for those interested in Adepts is a real treasure trove of ideas and details.
If it's Francis Daniels we're talking about, it was in SR2, just at the beginning of the section dealing with Physical Adept in the Magic chapter. I don't remember his bio also showed up in the Grimoire.
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