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Full Version: A matter of wards...
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Mostly I have encounter, in game, this attitude to wards: Are there wards? How powerful are they?
But am wondering if in the wonderful world of DS's more information is given out for context and flavour. Assensing can potentially throw up lots of interesting information about the ward and by extension its creator/s.

For example:
One success: It a ward.
Three successes: It is a heremetic ward of the third threshold (force three)
Five successes: It is a solometic heremetic ward of the third threshold with a binding spell of Hera.

This combined with a magic background test might fill you in on the opposition inside through deduction.
For example with the five successes Assensing information: The ward was probably created by a single classical hermeticist whom believed it worth making the ward permanent. Something of value is on the other side, perhaps guarded by mid level elementals bound to the location.

So do you lot think this is a good idea? Do you already do it? Or perhaps this is over complicating things?
I usually just go by the results from the Assensing table on page 172.
As do i but I was looking at the possibility of adding more fluff detail to wards.
There comes a point where it is not what you do but how you do it, that improves the game. Hence my stylistic musings.

think that dumpshock is a little light on the style conversation side and heavy on crunch. Not to say we don't see good fluff/style discussions but they are just rarer than crunch discussions.
At the end of the day though, after the crunch is clear and sorted, its all a matter of style.
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