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Full Version: Story of the Crash?
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I'm planning on setting up a session and a series of events wrapped around some legacies of Deus and the crash.

To do so, I'm thinking I need a more detailed summary of the events around it than is in the BBB.

I've pulled a few bits and pieces together from the Dumpshock wiki and a closer re-reading of that section of the book, but I was wondering if someone on here could give me a summary of the events?

Mainly interested in how Deus went from Renraku Arcology to Boston Stock Exchange, and this woman named Pax...

Any information?
there's kinda an entire sourcebook about the crash. it's called system failure. that would probably be the best place to look.
If you like PDFs, you can find System Failure in the BattleCorps catalog.
Zhan Shi
Renraku Arcology: Shutdown
System Failure
Threats 2
Also Emergence has some crash and repercussion stuff in it. Via con dios, Captain Chaos.
Thanks smile.gif

(Yay for homework that doesn't involve the time value of money...)
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