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Full Version: Real life proof of physads: Pistols 6 (12)
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Wounded Ronin
On YouTube there's a video of a physad, a veritable SR3 character in the flesh, demonstrating Pistols 6 (12) with a heavy pistol that has a 9M damage code.

Look at that outfit. Exactly what SR characters are likely to wear, given the concept art.
Kyoto Kid
...yeah, that would be about how well my Matrix Specialist Violet would handle firing a Desert Eagle .50 (2 Str & that's with 1 point of muscle augmentation) which is why she uses a Fubuki and Hammerli instead. Though she does at least wear a lined coat. grinbig.gif

See how fast she shifts her aim to take that bird out of the sky, and without even taking her eyes off of the first target!

Kyoto Kid
...yeah just like the scene in True Lies where Jamie Lee throws the Uzi down the steps & it shoots a bunch of the bad guys as it tumbles down.

...yeah she planned that all along. grinbig.gif
Zhan Shi
Ouch! I'm just glad she was not firing a .454 Casull....
Oww! A classic example of either very low skill rating/defaulting or Incompetent: Pistols. smile.gif
Not so much, I'd call that why we should have Str min's for weapon classes. I mean, really, she couldn't have weighed more than 85 LBs. soaking wet. What a toothpick. sarcastic.gif
Strength has little to do with it, since pretty much any healthy adult is strong enough to fire a Desert Eagle .50 without hurting themselves (yeah, it fires a powerful round, but it's also very heavy, so the recoil is really nothing special) - this looks more like a great example of what happens when someone is afraid of the gun they're holding. Pretty much the same thing happens when someone is told to hold some small animal they're afraid of, and then freaks out when the critter starts squirming. If they just stayed calm and kept a firm grip...

Although the fact the DE .50 is an unwieldy piece of shit with a grip so wide and broad an adult male with average-sized hands will barely be able to wrap his fingers around it probably didn't help.
The one time I shot one I found it to be really not fun. Part of that might have been that every hot ejected case bounced off my face...

However, it shot the tightest groups I remember ever shooting with a pistol.
Hocus Pocus
nice. but ifn ya wanna see a babe that knew how to use firearms check out Annie Oakley

gun adept ftw!
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