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I'm curious if I can get any information on this thing, and, if possible, anything that could point in the direction of getting ahold of a copy. I'm under the impression it's out of print, so I don't really mind, erm, acquiring it digitally, but overally, I'm just looking for whatever I can get my hands on. Even a track list would be nice. Anyone have any information?
Did they make an official soundtrack?

I know we usually just use a trance/punk and rock kinda thing when we play. That kind of thing, like Blue Man Group, and really anything from the Alias TV show gets me into a good game mood, you can find a full list of their music each episode at their website.

If there was an official soundtrack, when was it released? what is on it? That kinda piques my interest a bit.
I used to have some MP3's of that, but they weren't very good. I'll see if I still have a straggler laying around with the artists name or something in it.
Ancient History
Alex Cremer was the artist of the official Shadowrun Music CD, which featured 13 tracks, as I recall. Decent stuff, hard to find the CD.
It would help if you spelled his last name correctly. smile.gif

[This site seems to specialize in music for gaming to.]
Interesting, but I don't think this is the soundtrack I had in mind. The one I'm aware of had music from various techno groups (The Streets, Konzept, to name the ones I remember), and wasn't all written by one person. Could be completely wrong, though, as my information's spotty, at best.
I've seen some music for SR by someone named Christoph Sachal (sp?) too. Only heard two songs, but it seems more upbeat than the Cremers music.
Ancient History
So I forgot an S. Sue me.

Christoph Sachal is a German composer, very good in my opinion.

Of course, you can also find music from two of the video games around and about-including a few remixes.
Cremers' stuff is quite good. Native American Cruiser, especially.

Since I'm a little proud of this mix, I figured I'd drop it into this thread. The following mp3 playlist is "Shadowrun social music" I'll be using in my campaign: essentially, a background soundtrack for "social scenes" set in clubs, cafés, restaurants, galleries, etc. It's really intended for spaces where the customers are expected to converse, not scream across the bar at one another, so the mix emphasizes quiet grooves.

Arovane, Acval
Pole, Heim (Four Tet remix)
Boards Of Canada, The Beach At Redpoint
Photek, DNA
Edson Cordeiro, Ave Maria (Thievery Corporation remix)
Orbital, Halcyon + On + On (Prodigy remix)
Télépopmusik, Breathe
Arovane, Amine
Sasha, Mr. Tiddles
Lush, Undertow (Spooky remix)
St. Germain, La Goutte D'Or
Bliss, Song For Olabi

The Orbital track is a bit jarring and may not remain in the final mix, but there ya go. All of these should be available on your preferred--highly illegal, immoral, unpatriotic and downright irresponsible--file-sharing protocol. sarcastic.gif
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Well, that's what you get when you try to steal from Hackers!
Boo. One song in the entire line-up is from Hackers, and it's not even the same mix.
Ancient History
A fair point. But I see it so often, I had to say something. :rotfl:
Ancient History wrote:
Well, that's what you get when you try to steal from Hackers!

Hackers, nothing--I bit that shit from Mortal Kombat. smile.gif
Ancient History
Now that brings back memories. :cyber:
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