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Has it been two years already? Wow. It's been 2 years since the last Art Attack thread and about time to start another one.

For those of you who are new, here's how it works:
You post a character description, I draw it. Simple. Here's a few rules...

1. Please describe ONE character at a time. If you post 5 different characters in a single post, I will sketch the one I think is coolest, and then move on to the next person.
2. All artwork will be in pencil. If you'd like something more (ink, color, digital painting), PM me for a commission.
3. Do the Hokey Pokey, THEN turn yourself around (to avoid injury).

Ok... hit me...

QUOTE (The Art List So Far...)
Claymore (Fortune)
Alex Knight (Kagetenshi)
Kyoto Kid (Kyoto Kid)
Yay! I'll put up Claymore. smile.gif

QUOTE (Claymore)
Nathan Sharpe, also known as Claymore, appears to be in his early 20’s, and is quite good looking, at least partially due to a number of extensive cosmetic surgeries. Despite the surgery however, some parts of his body still bear quite a few scars that tell the tale of his violent life. Nate has a wiry build, though he is slightly below the elven norm in height, measuring only 1.85 meters, and weighing in at 77 kg. His dirty-blond hair is neatly cut in a short yet shaggy style, with a small braided ponytail hanging down the back of his neck. The emerald pupils of his cybereyes are faceted in such a way that they seem at times to emit a gem-like green sparkle all on their own, even when they're not catching the ambient light. His only other visible cyberware is a datajack in his left temple, although other implants are definitely present.

Nate sports a tattoo on his left bicep of a pair of crossed swords with the Ancients symbol emblazoned over the top of them in neon green, with the word 'Ebonvert' ornately written in matching green on a black banner beneath. Another vibrantly-colored tattoo depicting a feathered serpent twisting around his right arm all the way from his wrist to peek over his shoulder, and in yet another, this one on Nate's chest right over his heart, a black cat reclines on top of the words 'Front Toward Enemy' written in small, neon green military script, its tail loving curled in and around the 'F'.

He normally dresses in street-style clothing, his preferred colors being the Ancients' own black and green,  with the occasional splash of purple or lavender. Conspicuously absent though, are the multiple zippers, chains and studs that generally accompany this type of fashion. A matched pair of Ares Predators typically hang in twin shoulder holsters, with an assortment of other pistols usually hidden on his body as well. He keeps a pair of Ingram Smartguns stowed in his bike for emergencies, and has been known to occasionally wear a full gunslinger rig, with a Warhawk slung low on each hip.
Alex Knight

Female, ~5'5", medium-light build, shoulder-length light brown hair probably tied back, extensive scarring around the left eye and left eye is obviously cyber (from a welding accident), probably wearing a sweatsuit or flight suit, possibly carrying or using one or more of the following: a welding or cutting torch, a crowbar, a Remote Control Deck, or some vehicle or drone part. Two datajacks in the base of her skull, if you feel like drawing datacables or some non-front angle. Expression probably some combination of grim and tired. Whatever degree of grime and wear and tear you desire.

Kyoto Kid
OK since every other artist here has done a pic of her, may as well send the my "Bushido Cowgirl", Kyoto Kid your way.

Kyoto Kid
Real name :Kelly Rourke
Alias: Keiko Okada.

Race: Human
Runner Archetype: Blade/Six Gun Adept

B: 4 A: 5 R: 4 (5 augmented), S: 4 ((5 augmented) C: 2 I: 4 L: 1 W: 3 M: 5 (4)

Augmentations: (1 Ess) Synaptic Acc 1, Sythcardium 2 Muscle Augmentation 1, Moderate Biosculpting - Ethnic change).

Of her powers the only one with a visible effect is her electrical Elemental Effect:

Ht: 4'10"
Wt 52kg
Hair: White - Worn tied back in a long single fall that reaches down to her butt.
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Fair, with Japanese Features (Cosmetic surgery)
Interests: Japanese Culture, Bushido Philosophy, Old Cinematic Westerns, Anime Classic Country Music.

Distinguishing marks/characteristics: Full back tattoo of a White Lily Wears Kabuki makeup with Rising sun motif around right eye.
Physique: very athletic. Once aspired to be an Olympic Gymnast.
A bit of a "Brick" (Dain Bramaged Quality) but astute and aware (Improved perception/Combat Sense Powers)

She also has the Ambidextrous quality and usually fights either unarmed, with two blades, shoots with two guns (in Doc Holladay Style), or a combination of gun & blade in each hand. A true "Gun Fu" type of character.

Dress: a real mishmash of Asian and old American Cowboy. Wears a Stetson. and an Armoured Jacket in style as a Old west range jacket with disguised shock fringes. Also has sport styled Forearm and Shin Guards (Arsenal update)

Heavily into Rollerblades and skateboards.

Weapons of choice:
Melee Classic Daisho set - Katana (Weapon focus) & Wakasashi
Ranged: Dual Ruger Super Warhawk revolvers. (hers are styled with a decidedly "wild west" look - 10.5? barrel).
She also now carries 2 Cougar Fineblades (long) and two concealed ceramic knives. (Arsenal update).

Background: [The very, very short version]

[ Spoiler ]
Venice"Vance"(Van) Raging Bear, Male Troll-Samurai with Amerindian Blood in his veins.
almost 3m Tall, Skin that seems to change colour from dark rusty red to blood red when oiled/sweaty(and come on, as a troll that happens often enough eugh) and long black, straight hair down to the middle of his Back often times tied up into one long braid.
His Skin is pretty smooth for a Troll as he had the luck of his dermal plating coming out like PLATES instead of horn-warts and were enhanced by one Level of cyber-dermal-plating . .
Scars across his upper Body and left Arm and his throat is a whole mess of scars.
Deep Brown natural looking cyber-eyes that shimmer black or red depending on light if not hidden behind his retractable protective covers.
As most Trolls he is proud of his size and his body, muscle pure and simple . . not all natural mind you, but all biological . .
A Pair of the most beautyfull('cause implanted made to look natural) horns and Fangs made too look like natural Tusks you will ever see on a Troll.
Most often seen wearing white, blue or b lack Jeans and a colour matching T-Shirt with his favourite Combat-Biking Team or Urban Brawl Team-Logo on it and above that a Leather-Vest with the Logo of the Urban Tribe he lives with most of the time consisting of an image of a group of Wolves in different positions. The Vest is hung over and over hung with chains that are actually one long chain-whip which is held together on the front by a License Plate and a REALLY long leather-Belt that seems to look like the whip indiana Jones used.
His Arms are most of the time left free to show of his Scars on one Side and the Tattoo of a spikey/spiked wheel on the other side and his muscles of course. His feet are covered most of the time by his old black army boots or some running shoes. Most of the Time wearing a Pair of Hardliner Gloves with the Fingers Cut off and a Telescoping Staff on his Back and an extendable Baton on his side.

[ Spoiler ]
Alright! The first piece is done less than 24 hours after my original post.

Without further ado, I present CLAYMORE.

Approximate Drawing Time: 50 minutes

Damn, that's pretty good indeed. smile.gif

I couldn't do anything even remotely comparable even if I had a year and was allowed to trace the outline. I envy people with artistic talent.
I hope it's to your liking. I got the impression from your description that, other than the tattoos, the character was pretty low-key (style-wise). I took a few liberties (the biker jacket, dog tags). I hope you don't mind...

Not at all. He's great! I love his glare.

Human Male Medtech

B: 7 Q: 6 S: 7 C: 5: I: 6 W: 6

PC Personals
Race: Human Hair: Brown
Sex: Male Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'4 Age: 28
Weight: 250 lbs Ethnicity: Caucasian

Air Filter 4
Boosted Reflexes 3
Commlink 5
Cerebral Booster
Synaptic Accelerator 2

Look here for two prior interpretations.

Plus message me your rates I'm always interested in seeing new versions of the main man.
We'll go with my fairly long-existing metal bouncer, i think i posted him in another one a couple years back, but i was quite late. grinbig.gif

And nice job on Claymore indeed!

In SR3, his stats run about:


Human Male Adept

Height: 6'(1.8 meters)
Weight: i never know how to convert pounds properly. I guess 180ish?
Age: 28
Hair: Long, dyed black, straight
Eyes: Blue-gray

SR3 stats aren't too important for the pic i guess, but it's priority A attributes, so he brings in B 5 Q 5 S 6 C 5 I 5 W 4. No augmentations. No visible adept powers. (killing hands, astral perception, etc.)

Stian has a wiry but muscled build, pretty attractive(to the goth club chicks kind of way), long, straight black hair, really pale, small black chin goatee, no mustache. 'Black Metal' look to him, sleeveless shirts, inverted cross necklace, spiked bracelets, black BDUs, tucked into black boots(tall, with buckles, and more spikes). Full sleeve of tats on right arm, half on left in varied pagan and demonic designs(but wears a leather jacket when it's cold..whichever is easier/cooler for you to do.) Physical Adept, Black Magic path. Straight from northern Norway(Tromso), living in Oslo for awhile before he migrated to the UCAS. Usually doesn't have a weapon(or need one, having trained in kickboxing for a long time).
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (Kenshi)
Alright! The first piece is done less than 24 hours after my original post.

Without further ado, I present CLAYMORE.

Approximate Drawing Time: 50 minutes


...very nice, It's good to see your work again.
Sorry about the lack of activity. Work has kept me swamped. Kagetenshi's "Alex Knight" will be up later tonight... promise!

Better late than never...

Here is Alex Knight!

QUOTE (Commentary)
I know the pose is similar to the last drawing but one of the key visual components of Alex Knight is her left cybereye.  I had a lot of fun with this one!

Approx. Drawing Time: 1h 20m (a little longer than usual)

Very nice work.
Again, nice work, Kenshi. And don't worry about the time, most of us are patient folk. You are doing us the favors, here biggrin.gif
QUOTE (ElFenrir @ Feb 1 2008, 11:59 AM)
don't worry about the time, most of us are patient folk.

speak for yourself <.< . .

Better late than never...

nah don't worry, we might bitch and complain . . but heck, we'd probably do that anyway for some other reason that has nothing to do with you, your drawings or the time you take *g*
you're doing us a favour and your drawings are good. take your time, don't rush things more than usual in this hectic time we live in . . and of course, any excuse concerning your real life is automatically valid *g*
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (Kenshi)
Better late than never...

Here is Alex Knight!

QUOTE (Commentary)
I know the pose is similar to the last drawing but one of the key visual components of Alex Knight is her left cybereye.  I had a lot of fun with this one!

Approx. Drawing Time: 1h 20m (a little longer than usual)


...ow, she looks like someone who could go toe to toe with My Hurricane Hannah.
I'll toss one out too.

Jiro Hatamura

Japanese Human, Combat Decker. I'll just toss out my character background here, it has a fairly good description of his face and general attitude. As for the rest of his body he is fairly tall for an Oriental man, standing at about 5'10", and carries himself with a fair degree of dignity that reflects on the way he dresses. He looks to be in his late 20's or early 30's and his hair is fairly conservative but still stylish. He'd likely be wearing a conservative business suit. His right arm is an obvious cyberarm with a cyberarm gyromount and a pair of spurs but other than that no distinguishing marks (they all got scrubbed off during the phenotypic alteration treatment). If you want to draw him armed, he typically uses a fairly tricked out machine pistol with a sound suppressor

As the doors of Seatac slid open, Jiro Hatamura got his first look at Seattle. The smog was heavy and a moderate drizzle quickly began to soak his business suit as drops of water ran down the hard lines of his face. As he paused for a moment to get his bearings several painted joytoys, of both sexes approached him shouting propositions, ideas, and prices. Jiro fought hard to keep a sneer from appearing on his face… He’d heard of how forward American society could be, but it was much more so than he’d imagined. If any of the punks knew that as little as a few months ago he would have likely killed them all where they stood for their impropriety with almost total immunity from any consequences they may have acted differently… but that was a different man, in a different world, living a different life. The old rules no longer applied, he had to adapt, evolve and relearn his skills if there was to be a hope of accomplishing his goals. He muttered something about not being interested and pushed his way past them to a line of waiting taxi’s.

Pulling the door open he shoved his small suitcase into the far side of the passenger seat and settled into the cracked, greasy synthleather seat. The driver, a grinning Rastafarian with no more than a half dozen teeth in his head turned to look at him.

“Hey mon, where ya headed??
“I would like to be driven to an… inexpensive hotel near downtown please…? the English still felt strange on his tongue.
“No prob mon, you here fer business??
“Yes… you could say that.?

The cabbie continued making small talk as the car wound its way through the rain slicked streets before pulling up beside a shabby mid sized building with a neon vacancy sign flickering in the evening light. As Jiro stepped out of the cab another streetwalker leaning against a streetlight smoking a cigarette shouted something at him. As she was across the street Jiro simply ignored her as he paid the fair adding the ten percent gratuity that his guidesoft assured him was customary in Seattle. Judging by the cabbies reaction the guidebook was wrong… ten percent was high, and he made sure to give Jiro his com-address in case he needed a ride back to the airport.

As Jiro walked into the hotel room and flicked on the light a naked fluorescent bulb bathed the room in a sick yellow light. He slowly removed his suit jacket and hung it to dry smoothing the creases that had formed around the armor plates concealed in the chest. Crossing the room to the window he gazed out at the street, apparently there was a club that was just starting to get busy but already the noise from the crowd and the thumping bass track could be heard clearly, sleeping might be a challenge tonight. Still though his eye caught the antiquated fire escape bolted to the side of the building, that was good, it always helped to have an escape route.

Moving to the bathroom he turned on the water and splashed some on his face. Pausing he gazed at the reflection in the mirror. His fingers slowly traced the hard line of his jawbone and across the thin lips that were still completely alien to him. It had only been two weeks since he’d emerged from the tank in Keruki San’s shadowclinic. Kanaye Sanesha had died in that tank and Jiro had been born. The rounded face that had earned him the nickname “kiddo? had vanished, replaced with angular, predatory features that looked vaguely like a bird of prey. Jiro was even taller, a fact that became readily apparent on the economy class flight over. Kanaye had sacrificed everything to come to Seattle and now it was up to Jiro to finish what Kanaye and so many others had died for.

After quickly drying his face Jiro activated his contacts list and found the one Seattle number in the list. His old fixer Hakari had given him the number, apparently Tinman was a friend of his. Hakari had gotten in touch with him and Tinman had agreed to try and find Jiro some work once he got here.

“Tinman-San, this is Jiro. I have just arrived in Seattle. Could you possibly return my call when it is convenient? I must purchase some items and find some employment and was told that you might be able to provide both.?

Jiro then began looking through the matrix hunting for some of the legal item that would be necessary to start his new life. He flagged a listing for a four-year-old Americar that would likely suit his needs for now, but had a difficult time finding a listing for an apartment that met his criteria. Perhaps this Tinman might have some suggestions.

Jiro quickly changed into jeans and a t-shirt and began organizing the rest of his possessions around the room. His armored working jacket went on a chair beside the bed. He mentally popped a catch on his cyberarm and removed a small compact pistol from the hidden compartment. He checked the clip and placed the pistol on the bedside table. The rest of his cloths were carefully folded and placed in the dresser drawers. With nothing left to do but wait and his sleep regulator preventing him from actually sleeping Jiro lay back on the bed and stared at the slowly rotating ceiling fan thinking back on the chain of events that had brought him here.
I'll play and present to you: Gamble

The short but stylized cropped hair that sits atop Gamble's head is nothing but a blazing and startling crimson. The color is so bright that some might believe it is a dye job but the subtle shift of orange within can't be produced by any commercial means. He's not one to star on any covers of major magazines but has that ruggedly handsome look with his squared and chiseled features. His face seems to be made of straight planes, hewn from hardened skin into his blocky facial features. Few lines mar his features; crows feet and laugh lines nonexistant but oddly a dimple ruins the smooth plane of his cheek like a chip taken from the hard surface. Dull, sea green eyes peer out from beneath thin brows, his nose hawkish and fitting with the sharp angled features of his face. Ruining the severe and serious demeanor he carries, a constant smirk causes that dimple to appear as a barbell through his tongue can periodically be seen when he speaks or when he fiddles with it absently.

The jacket that covers his upper body would appear bulky and large over someone of a smaller stature but at an even six feet tall and well built, the jacket just...fits. The sportbike jacket matches Red's hair and overall dress of reds and blacks, the ballistic and protective garment covered with impact absorbing padding over the shoulders, elbows, and forearms. The material is heavy and thick to provide the best protection against road rash, dual density body armor and dual density spine pad ensuring total protection. The jacket is left unzipped, a dirty rust colored t-shirt easily seen beneath the heavy garment. Casually placed in an inside the waistband holster, his signature Ares Predator, 'Lady Luck' can be seen.

Not one to step away from his red and black dress motif, heavy threaded cargo pants adorn his lower body, riding gloves made from the same material as his jacket peeking out of the side leg pockets. The pant legs are smartly tucked into a pair of well worn black boots most commonly seen on SWAT teams and Army Infantry.
*gentle nudge*

Since stuff got dropped down and mixed up in the switch, i figured to try to manuver this one back up front a bit so it doesn't get lost to time.
*pokes it*
"it's dead jim!"
Ok I'll drop my hat into the ring grinbig.gif Lets go with my adept rigger hehe.

Lets see
Real Name,

Alias, Gizmo
Race, Human
Sex, Male
Height, 5"8
Weight. 200 pounds
eyes, Brown
Hair: Brown, Short basic businessman style.

Runner Archetype: Adept/Rigger
Attributes: Body:3 Agility:5(7) Reaction:4 Strength:2 Charisma:2 Intuition:5 Logic:3 Willpower:3 Edge:6

Augmentations:Skill Wires 3, Skillwire Expert system, Muscle toner 2, Radar system 3. Head Com
Adept powers: none he has have a visible effect on the mundane world as they augment his normal abilities.

Interests: Firearms, Remote technologies, The Paranormal, Drone Customization, Bad Movies, worst Jokes, Heavy Ordnance.

Distinguishing characteristics:
Gizmo tends to be fairly distracted most times (multitasking) and lacks general tack. Though he is very perceptive, (5 perception, enhanced Perception adept power) It is assumed the lack of tack is more a product of not caring more then not knowing,
Dress: Tends to wear an Armored jacket most days with a buttoned shirt under it. A pair of Shooter Glasses auged with vision enhancments,

Though he lacks charisma he has a certain concern for both the condition of his belonging and cloths as he does for him self, this tends to catch people by surprise when he speaks since how he acts dose not always reflect the clean cut dress he sports. Other Characteristics include a number of Quirks, Such as the welding of Floppy bunny ears to his two Armed Lynx Drones, If asked about it, he will simply comment on how every team needs its gun bunnies.

Weapons used most often.
Roto and Lynx Drones all armed,
Silenced sniper rifle when needed,
Are's Pred 4 silenced, Normal in a arm slide
Warhawk heavy Pistol. All weapons tend to be loaded with either Gel rounds or ADPS

(With Gizmo think Militant tech Geek smile.gif With an Over developed sense of Overkill. Like the type of. I'm out of ammo. But my truck still has gas...which way did the target go MWAHAHAHA.)
::digs his way up from a deep thread grave::

WOW! That was a long wait! Sorry for the silence, but I come bearing gifts.

10 months later, here is Kyoto Kid!

QUOTE (Commentary)
This piece took me a little over an hour simply because it's the first time I've tried to draw something completely digital. Everything was done on the computer. I'm sorry if it's a little sketchy but that's kinda the point of the thread...
Wow, these are all great.

Does this resurrection also mean that you are taking more input? smile.gif
damn you make some nice drawings love.gif
hope you keep up the good work:) and that one day I end up with a char drawn by you cyber.gif
Whoa, welcome back! And again great work. biggrin.gif

Hope everything is going well for you!
The Jake
I got a character.

"Loki" - a Russian albino troll Raven shaman.

He stands tall (even by troll standards) but has a lean yet wiry, muscular build. His long white hair falls past his shoulders, his horns curling back and under his pointed ears. His pink-red eyes burn with mischief and intelligence and he always seems to be grinning about something.... His right arm is covered with Russian mafia tattoos and he typically wears a wifebeater and a golden necklace with a crucifix (he was raised Russian Catholic). His wrists are covered with native american style fetishes and his weapon of choice is a Ruger Super Warhawk. His fingernails are long and sharp. He also has a golden earring in his left ear.

I'd go into more detail but I think that's enough to come up with an interesting sketch... biggrin.gif

- J.
Man, I'd love to see my team up there. I'll start with my character first and when you get to me I'll describe the rest of the team too.

Jerome "Max Combo" Riley (the inspiration for this character was Jim Kelly of "Enter the Dragon" fame starring as Williams opposite Bruce Lee and Taimak as "Bruce" LeRoy Green from "Berry Gordy's the Last Dragon")

A lanky black ork who sports impeccable taste in conservative funky fashion. Seen as out of fashion by many of the younger ork crowd, "Max Combo" sports digs from early in the orxploitation craze. Never seen in armor beyond a stylish and sleek brown leather jacket, Max sports a turtleneck and bell-bottomed slacks. He wears some stylish suede shoes that match his conservative belt. Being a martial arts adept, he doesn't have any cyberware or other invasive mods, instead opting for the the rather large goggles strapped across his forehead and big full ear covering headphones hanging around his neck. He sports a small black goatee and sideburns down the side of his face. He's got a marvelous afro that gets part laterally across the top of his head when he wears his headphones.

He grew up on the street after running away from his loser mom and his various deadbeat stepfathers. He stole things and pawned them off to survive using what little extra he could get from a friendly chinese pawn shop owner to get outdated sims and trids of martial arts movies. One day he picked the wrong pocket though, and found himself getting tossed around by an taekwondo master who taught his art at a rec center in one of the rougher areas of Puyallup. Without asking or telling him, he took young Jerome in off the street and taught him taekwondo and raised him up to be respectful and have proper martial arts etiquette. fast forward 7 years or so, an now Jerome has earned his nickname of "Max Combo" and helps teaches classes at the rec center where his master continues to teach. He deals with all of the young orks and ork posers who come in off of the street and want to flaunt their shit, and puts them in their place and gets them to cool down and act properly. He's got high leadership, instruction and etiquette as a result. He looks out for all of his students and has to round a few of them up off street and keep the drugs away now and then. Being a young man, he's obviously got something to prove though, and started working nights bouncing at various different nightclubs around Seattle. When he was asked to show what he had, he put two of the biggest troll bouncers they had down before they knew what hit them and was hired on the spot. Not getting enough action putting drunks who can't fight down at clubs on the weekends, Max ends up talking to his chinese friend at the pawn shop asking for "dangerous work." It's through this pawn broker that he gets his first run assigned and enough rep to score work with team.
Sure why not I actually have a couple a husband and wife team. Jack "Patchwork" Sterling is a human male who stands 6'4. He was a Paramedic for Doc Wagon who became a full fledged doctor. He's a health nut who has a descent physique He still wears his old Leather jacket with the Doc Wagon logo on the left shoulder panel. I've had him done up a few times. He's in the Ben Browder type of guy.

The wife is Denise "Dolphin" Sterling. She is a human female who stand 5'4 ( blame the GM not me smile.gif ). She was a security specialist at one time. According to the GM she was supposed to resemble Kate Beckinsale. That would be the 4th link down.

Heck it's been so long I forgot that I already posted. smile.gif
Thanks for the welcome back! I won't bore you with details, but life has been... interesting. Meanwhile, I'm hard at work on more sketches. I've just finished Stahlseele's "Vance" character. Unfortunately, I don't have access to my scanner tonight (I did this one in traditional pencil). It should be up soon along with others.
thank you very much ^^
Welcome back from me too. Oh, and leave your life at the Door, the internets are for relaxing ^^
Woot! Lookin' forward to seeing them! biggrin.gif

And for some reason, when I saw Stahl squeel...I just pictured like, a big troll jumping up and down happily. I mean, not saying that Stahl is a troll, but I know Stahl likes his trolls. grinbig.gif
Well, now picture a big burly troll in a cute little school-uniform holding a hello-kitty backpack and doing that . .
got that?
good . .
forget it ^^

i am more like an orc. not quite as tall as a troll and too tall for a dwarf ^^
mmm an entertaining idea me and a friend in my gaming group came up with was a team of two gnomes,

My gnome is how can we say...odd

Picture a 20 something gnome, in a bomber jacket, WW 1 style pilots scarf, Pilot goggles, on inline skates (he's a gnome they have short legs hehe) duel weilding laser pistols smile.gif YA!

I'd like a picture of my social stealth character, Void.

Void is a human. While physically a female, her gender is an androgyne, that is, she identifies as being both and neither male nor female at the same time. With a passing glance it's difficult to discern whether she is in fact male or female (I'm thinking a look similar to Tilda Swinton or Annie Lennox.) She's at a height shorter than the male average but taller than the female average, with a slight build. She has short hair, which she can cover up with a wig when she needs to affect a different look. She also has the positive quality Blandness, so that people trying to identify her or draw a sketch can't come up with anything besides a generic portrait. When not impersonating anybody in particular, she typically dresses up in more "male-leaning" business clothes, like a nice suit and tie with matching slacks.

She's a face first and a hacker second... she uses one skill set to do things the other cannot. She's got a silver tongue, an eye for social cues, skills in identity theft and forgery, and a gift for languages. She's also got a growing identity crisis, as a bad run-in with some Black IC back in '62 damaged her long term memories... She's forgetting more and more who she really is, even as every new implant she gets allows her to become another mysterious face in the crowd, able to turn into another person altogether in a moment's notice. While she can become a new person, complete with a new accent, mannerisms, speaking patterns, and personality, her "real" side has a growing dark side, being fed by her loss of identity and paranoia of the world around her.

Despite her troubles, she's not a runner in the normal sense. She's more of an activist, traveling the world for a shadow organization based on alleviating human suffering, rather like an underground version of Amnesty International. She's always been something of an activist, and so using her abilities to rescue the exploited, abused, and subjugated falls in line quite well with her egalitarian beliefs. However, she fears getting to the point where the memories of her old self completely disappear, and she forgets why she was helping people out in the first place, instead performing them out of habit instead of in the spirit of good will that initially inspired her.

I hope this background gives you enough to work with, and an idea of the character kicking around in my skull. smile.gif
Ok, here's mine.

He's a Fomori heavy. He spends most of his days (and nights) in the desert (being unfamiliar with all SR backstory, I just assume there is some open desert still available somewhere). He drives a Hotspur with a Crimson Samurai in the drone rack. When he does have to venture into the city on a "lots of violence" job, his loadout is a Vindicator minigun (drum-fed) in a gyromount harness, with a GL-67 grenade launcher in an across-the-chest sling, a Ballista on his back, and an Ingram Warrior-10 in a quick-draw holster. Telescopic staff and survival knife on his belt.

The Vindicator has a weapon personality and goes by the name of Gloria.

The nanotattoo on his upper right arm usually plays clips from Dave the Barbarian. He is boisterous and a risk-taker, both in a bar and in combat. He's usually found laughing, whether over a beer or his screaming minigun.

Hope this is sufficient smile.gif
Picking up a new scanner later today. Will have more Art Attack™ goodness this evening.

I always love seeing awesome Shadowrun art. grinbig.gif
Very good, I really appreciate your art. And if you are interested, I have a character I think would be a fun piece to draw since he is a satyr with steampunk googles and overcoat.
You can find his description and stats here. I tried to sketch him myself but those satyr legs are a little too much for my poor drawing skills...

Wow, Kenshi! Awesome artwork! I feel the need to submit my character to you. And here I thought I was original with my revolver gun adept sleepy.gif

Anyways. (Steals the Kyoto Kid's form)

Real name :Ian Brody
Alias: "Malcolm Reynolds"

Race: Human
Archetype: Gun Adept.

B:4 A:8 R:8 (5+3 from Adept Powers) S:4 C:3 I:
Augmentations: Cybernetic left arm (synthetic skin cover) with agility mod and comlink.

Ht: 5'8"
Wt 80ish-kg
Hair: Short, brown.
Eyes: Green.
Complexion: Tanned, a few facial scars from combat, nothing major.
Interests: Guns, western and early 21st century Sci-fi trids.

Distinguishing marks/characteristics: Signature brown lined coat with a small blue coat of arms added recently. Acts very 'average Joe' with an almost salesman charisma in his gun store.
Physique: Fit, but average Joe body size. He wouldn't stand out in a crowd had he not gone legit.

While many people Ian has ever worked with in his careers, he has always found himself odd man out. With the exception of his former sniper comrades, going for one shot one kill wouldn't be the norm in a firefight.

Dress: Simple: Brown long coat, long sleeved shirt, jeans or cargo pants, and a pair of combat boots.

Weapon(s) of choice:
While trained in many weapons, Ian lives fully on his personal Ruger Blackhawk (also his weapon focus), modified to have a second barrel below the first. While it limits him to three shots before reloading, he has never needed to use it, except when he was facing a cyber zombie troll.

Formerly of CFS Special Forces, he was one of the soldiers that liberated San Fran before turning to the shadows. After taking care of business with the people who destroyed his home, he moved north to Seattle and retired. He opened up his own gunshop and his name got around, as the go to guy for weapons. It amazed him how many would be runners and gun slingers had little to no clue how to handle the gear they were picking up. By the time he hit 30, he had finally opened the gates to Rasalhauge Training Academy (wont go into details), clearing out a small chunk of the Tacoma district as a neutral zone for all within a few miles of its gates. His roguish smile hides the history of a trained killer.

"Rooster" A human Irishman in every sense of the word. He's barely over 5feet tall, but is very very muscualr from muscle Aug. He has Fiberoptic hair that is always fire engine red. Constantly wears tanktops with crude and funny sayings on them, mostly to show off his physique. Usually has a black patched up lined coat on with flame designs on the back, camo desinged canvas pants, and combat boots. Often geared up with a Pistol tucked in his pants, and a Ingram smart gun on a sling on his right shoulder. Rooster is pale but his arms and shoulders are covered in freckles from too many summer sun burns. He has a big chip on his shoulder and is itching to fight, so he usually looks pissed off.
Street name: Rook (as in the chess piece - not the bird)
Matrix icon: a slowly turning white chess piece

B:2, S:2, R:3, A:2, I:5 ,L:5(7), C:5, W:4

Cyberware: Cerebral booster 2, Datajack, synthetic left hand (w/ nano hive[2]), Math SPU, PuSHeD, (none of which apart form the data jack is visable but it gives an impression)

Gear: Hamereli light pistol, Auctioneer Business jacket, Fairlight Caliban commlink, Mortimers of London great coat

Description: A constantly distracted 30 something, however whenever something atracts his attention it gets his full attention. A little over 6' with shoulder length ash blonde hair and a lean body type, often accepts payment in the form of goods rather than services (ehich to date has included a new car, a fine suit, and membership in a golf club). When working tends to be surronded by a "flowing stream of ASCII, showing the transitory nature of information", appearance wise he has finely sculpted features (the best that money can buy) with a nod toward the classical greek appearance.
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