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Full Version: Rules query on creation and knowledge skills
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Well, I don't post here much (this may be the first actually), but I'm starting up 2 Shadowrun campaigns soon so expect to see me around more biggrin.gif.

Anyways, my players had a fairly pressing question and I have been unable to find an answer in the book; I'm sure it is probably in there but I have had no luck in finding it, so hopefully you folk can help me out.

Basically at character creation you buy something that augments your Logic or Intuition (bioware most pressingly), does this augmentation affect the number of knowledge skill points you receive? That's it, thanks.
Kyoto Kid it doesn't. Knowledge skill points are a function of unagmented Intuition and Logic only. However, the dice pools for Knowledge skills are adjusted by Augmentation bonuses for the linked attribute.
And to give your players a reference:

QUOTE (Page 84)

Note that any attribute boosts gained from implants do not affect other aspects of character creation - a boost to Logic, for example, does not increase the Knowledge skills you start with.
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