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Raven Bloodeyes
Well, I've lurked here for a few years now, but Arsenal got me wanting to post some game stuff and I wanted to see if it broke, some are more original then others, but I kept having ideas to get a full "suite" of weapons. Anyway, here goes:

Welcome to Ravencorp, home to a suite of top-of-the-line weapons available for shipping anywhere in the world. BUT, order now, supplies are limited!!!! Order yours today!!!

Here's an overview of our line:
-Ravencorp Whisper Ultimate Stealthy Light Pistol
-Ravencorp SBD 10x Silent, but VERY Heavy Pistol
-Ravencorp Havoc Quiet, but SCREAMING SMG
-Ravencorp Cricket Devastating Hold-out Pistol
-Ravencorp Popgun Undetectable, beefy Hold-out
-Ravencorp Gahtaroc The real man's Sniper rifle
-Ravencorp BFG Mark I Deadly Accurate LMG!
-Ravencorp Devastator Amped, Death-dealing HMG
-Ravencorp Commando Assault Shotgun With an Attitude
-Ravencorp Full Assault redefining ASSAULT rifles...

Here's the advertisements for the Ravencorp Line:
First, our feature item of the day:

The Ravencorp Whisper!
For stealth in the firing of a weapon, the Whisper is unsurpassed. It features an integral smartgun system with skinlink and an adaptive coating to keep its appearance as discreet as its lack of muzzle noise. Buy our pre-packages ammo clips to get the most out of your deadly Whisper today!

Second, the Ravencorp SBD 10x.
A heavy pistol with a quiet, but lethal punch. This sleek and unique-looking weapon delivers a powerful punch without the noise of its competitors. The long clip, skinlink for your privacy, and action almost completely free of recoil make this model even more desirable.

Third, the Ravencorp Havoc.
A submachine gun to remember, the rate of fire sets this gun ahead of the pack. Add sound suppression, a smartgun system with skinlink, and a large clip, and this exceptional rate of fire can be used to great effect.

Next, our smallest entries:

The Ravencorp Cricket
A favorite for our interpid customers, the Ravencorp Cricket, is a pocket blaster when you there's nothing else between you and an oncoming SWAT Van. It's pre-packaged, custom-extended clips allow for fast reloading for your next anti-vehicular shot...just mind the kick!

The Ravencorp Popgun
Slightly less hazardous, but much easier to sneak around, the Ravencorp Popgun, allows a pocket-sized surprise that will sneak through scanners as well as by most pat downs. The laser sight helps you aim those bursts, even on a fast draw.

As you can see, they are not to be underestimated!

Sixth, the Ravencorp Gahtaroc
Wanna drop a troll sami from 10 clicks like it's nothing? This is your gun! Wanna run right into combat and blow some slots head off without switching rifles? This is your gun, too! The Gohtaroc is a high-powered Sniper rifle built to give and take damage like you've never seen in a sniper rifle before. You have to try it to believe it!

Next, our most serious firepower:

The Ravencorp BFG Mark I
When you need a big gun, but need a stable firing platform, the BFG Mark I is for you. A tried and true light machine gun with enough protection to barely twitch your shoulder, it allows you the most accuracy in mowing down your foes, while, with the installed safety system, avoiding your friends in the process.

The Ravencorp Devastator
A heavy machine gun to remember, its firing rate has been amped to the extreme, but with easy smart- and skin-link interfaces to make the most of the extra power. Our pre-packaged belt ammo gives it that extra Ravencorp kick. Send in your hand scan today for a form-fitting grip on this impressive piece of artillery!

Ninth, the Ravencorp Commando.
Blow open a door, mow down the soldiers behind, and fire a present down the hall for the reinforcements! This assault shotgun is fully-automatic with selection of two ammo types and an underbarrel grenade launcher to boot. How can you go wrong?!?

Lastly, the Ravencorp Full Assault.
For what you always wanted in a weapon system, but felt unsatisfied with elsewhere. This gun re-defines the classification of assault rifle. Dole out silent death, with an enhanced sound suppression system and the reliability of electronic firing. A smartgun system with skinlink is standard with this grade of quality. In addition, this gun shines in having a quick snap in system to change the underbarrel accompanyment, from grenades to bolas, flamethrowers to lasers, this baby does it all!

Before you go, a quick reminder:
-Ravencorp Whisper Ultimate Stealthy Light Pistol
-Ravencorp SBD 10x Silent, VERY Heavy Pistol
-Ravencorp Havoc Quiet, but SCREAMING SMG
-Ravencorp Cricket Devastating Hold-out Pistol
-Ravencorp Popgun Undetectable, beefy Hold-out
-Ravencorp Gahtaroc The real man's Sniper rifle
-Ravencorp BFG Mark I Deadly Accurate LMG!
-Ravencorp Devastator Amped, Death-dealing HMG
-Ravencorp Commando Assault Shotgun With an Attitude
-Ravencorp Full Assault redefining ASSAULT rifles...

Thank you for shopping at Ravencorp! Have a trigger happy day!

Now for the Game Info:
"Ravencorp Whisper"

Light Pistol: 4P +2AP SA RC: 1 16© 10F 2830Y
Silenced with special additions for an extra -4 (total -cool.gif to Per to detect, requires special ammo
Smartgun system w/skinlink, range 20% less than a Light Pistol, -4 to Concealability due to Chameleon coating

Likely Markup: 3500Y
Marked-up Clip: 200Y

This is a...
Ares Light Fire 70 350Y
-with special silencer and its extra -1 to detect sound
--Electronic Firing [2 SLOTS], 1000Y, (1 recoil, -1 to detect)
--Chameleon Coating [2 SLOTS], 1000Y, -4 to Concealability
--Skinlink [1 SLOT], 50Y
--Smartgun system [1 SLOT], 350Y
--Clip of Subsonic rounds, extra -2 to detect sound (since a silencer is in use), +2 AP, range reduced by 20% [~80 Y]

The mark-up on those "specially packaged custom rounds" is gonna getcha

"Ravencorp SBD 10x"

Heavy Pistol: 7P -3AP BF RC: 4 15© 12F 3900Y
Uses a special ammo, is sound suppressed (externally) with an extra -1 to Per to detect. Smartgun system w/skinlink and a sleek new look unlike anything else. Can fire only narrow bursts (for another +2 DV under BF rules)

Likely Markup 5000Y
Marked-up Clip: 400 Y each

This is a...
Ruger Thunderbolt 1350Y
-comes with: Gas Vent 2, smartgun system, narrow bursts only
--Skinlink [1 SLOT] 50Y
--Electronic Firing: [2 SLOT], 1 Recoil, -1 to detect; 1000Y
--external barrel-mounted sound suppressor 300Y
--Gas Vent upgraded to 3 [1 SLOT] 400Y
{I know it's a pistol, but it already had a Gas Vent system, so it seemed reasonable to upgrade it}
--Custom Look (level 1) [1 SLOT], 100Y {to avoid Lone Star prejudice wink.gif}
--Extended Clip [1 SLOT], 500Y
--Use only EX explosive rounds! ~200Y in one clip

...yes I do mean "Silent but Deadly" "magnified by 10"
**ALSO, I could SO see a gunslinger adept two-fisted with these, suffering no penalty on the first double shot and only -2 to each with the second double shot...**

"Ravencorp Havoc"

Submachine Gun: 5P BF/FA RC: 4(5) 40© 12R 5200Y
Sound suppressed with an extra -1 to Per to detect, smart gun system w/skin link, and its a deadly High Velocity Weapon!

Likely Markup: 6500Y

This is a...

Ingram Smartgun X 650Y
-comes with: Smartgun system, Gas Vent 2, Sound Suppresser, Detachable Folding Stock
--upgraded to Gas Vent 3, [1 SLOT], 400Y
[NOTE: Gas Vents must be turned off to benefit from the Sound Suppressor]
--Electronic Firing, [2 SLOTS], 1000Y
--Skinlink [1 SLOT] 50Y
--Extended Clip [1 SLOT], 500Y
--High Velocity Weapon [2 SLOTS], double cost
--7 Slots used, but between the Extended Clip and Skinlink, I think that's OK.

"Ravencorp Cricket"

Hold-out Pistol 4P -4AP/-6* FA RC: 1 10© 14F 3575Y
A full-auto hold out for when you only have what's in your pockets. It's special pre-packaged clips make it particular potent against the arrival of uninvited guests or pesky barriers. Biometric hand scan needed to customized hand grip.

*-6AP to vehicles and Barriers

Likely Mark-up: 4000Y
Marked-up Clip: 400Y

This is a....

Cavalier Scout 375Y
--Firing Selection Change (Large Mod), Full Auto [4 SLOTS], 375Y+2000Y
[dropped SA capability as there's little room to switch things in it]
--Extended Clip [1 SLOT] 500Y+105Y, fudged up to 10, instead of 9 (for an extra 105Y).
--Personalized Grip [1 SLOT], 100Y {Gas Vent 2 would be nice, but it's a pistol, selah}
--Using AV rounds, 120Y for the one clip (10 rounds)

Maybe they should look into reducing the mod's that fit in a hold-out....although this guy is A LOT of fun!!!

"Ravencorp Popgun"

Hold-out Pistol 4P* SA/BF RC: 0 7© 14F 6250Y
With a laser sight, you can more easily pop off two quick and deadly shots with a comfortable, pocket-sized pistol, that also can sneak past scanner with ease. Our pre-packaged clips save you time, and keep the shots living up to the Ravencorp reputation.

*-1 DV at Long and Extreme ranges

Likely Mark-up: 6500Y
Marked-up Clip: 400Y

This is a....

Morrissey Elan
--undetectable by MAD
--Firing Selection Change (Large Mod), Burst Fire [4 SLOTS], 450Y+2000Y*2 to keep it undetectable
--Extended Clip [1 SLOT], 500Y+500Y to keep it undetectable
--Laser Sight [1 SLOT], 100Y+100Y to keep it undetectable
--Clip of Hi-C Plastic rounds to keep it undetectable, 150Y

"Ravencorp Gahtaroc"

Sniper Rifle: 9P -8AP/-10AP* SA/BF RC: 3(5) 14© 20F 21350Y
This impressive sniper rifle is hardened to take a beating, and lays it out with burst capability, but considerably lessened in kick and noise to still allow for precision long distance shots. Skinlink is also standard, and pre-packaged clips are provided for your convenience.

*-10AP against vehicles and Barriers

Likely Markup: 23000Y
Marked-up Clip: 400Y

This is a...

Barret Model 121: 9000Y
-comes with a integral silencer, smartgun system, and folding bipod
--Firing Selection Change (Large Mod), Burst Fire, [4 SLOTS], 11,000Y
--Melee Hardening [1 SLOT], 300Y
--remove integral silencer [-2 SLOTS]
--Integral Gas Vent 3 [2 SLOTS], 400Y
--External sound suppressor, 300Y
[NOTE: To gain benefit from it, the Gas Vent must be turned off via the Smartlink: Free action]
--Skinlink [1 SLOT], 50Y
--Clips of AV ammo ~300Y

So...what do you "got"?!? [homage to my fav CCG.... among other things...]

"Ravencorp BFG Mark I"

Light Machine Gun: 8P -3AP BF/FA RC:5(12) 60© 18F 11200Y
This big gun lays down a beating with a minimum of disruptance to the bearer. Just send in a biometric scan of your weapon hand, and the required customizations will be ready before you know it. A smartgun system with a safe target system allow you to let loose without worry of gunning down your friends. Trust me, they'll love you for not hitting 'em with this bad boy.

Likely Mark-up: 12000Y
Marked-up Clip: 700Y

This is a....

SA Nemesis LMG 3500Y
-comes with smartgun system, basic safe target system, Gas Vent 2
--upgrade to Gas Vent 3, [1 SLOT], 400Y
--Heavy Barrel [3 SLOTS], 3500Y
--Personalized Grip [1 SLOT], 100Y
--Powered Folding Stock [1 SLOT], 100Y
--Gyromount, 3000Y
--Clip of EX explosive rounds, 600Y

"Ravencorp Devastator"
Heavy Machine Gun: 9P -5AP FA 4(11) 100(belt) 18F 32150Y
This high velocity weapon spits out our lethal belt ammo at a phenomenal rate. Fitting to your hand for comfort, and responding to your touch via smartlink and skinlink, this heavy weapon can easily pick off far away targets with a sheet of metallic death. To cut the recoil, this weapon is outfitted with a detached tripod, a stock with shock pad, and a top of the line gas-vent system.

Likely Mark-up: 33000Y
Marked-up Ammo Belt: 1200Y

This is a....

Ultimax HMG-2 7500
-comes with Rigid Stock with Shock Pad, Gas Vent 3, Detachable Tripod
--High Velocity [2 SLOTS], 15000Y
--Personalized Grip [1 SLOT], 100Y
--Smartgun System [1 SLOT], 7500Y
--Skinlink [1 SLOT], 50Y
--Improved Range Finder [1 SLOT], 1000Y
--Belt of EX explosive rounds, 1000Y

"Ravencorp Commando"
Shotgun: 8P/9P(f) -1AP/0AP(f) SA/BF/FA RC: 2(3) 10©/32(d)[f] 20F 26880Y
--w/Grenade Launcher: SA 6© w/airburst link
This fully automatic shotgun is meant to inflict destruction. With a drum of anti-personell rounds that are excellent for suppressive fire and a clip of lock-busting power to an underbarrel grenade launcher, this gun can get the job done. Equipped with a smartgun system, airburst link, and gas venting, it is easy to get used to and hard to live without.

Likely Mark-up: 27500Y
Marked-up Clip: 125Y
Marked-up Drum: 400Y

This is a...
Auto-Assault 16 8000Y
-comes with Gas Vent 2, only uses 10 flech rounds for suppressive fire
--Smartlink [1 SLOT], 8000Y
--With Sling, 10Y
--Underbarrel Weapon [3 SLOTS]:
-Grenade Launcher 2000Y: (6[c] ammo) ArmTech MGL-12 SA
-add airburst link, 500Y
--Additional Clip [2 SLOTS], 8000Y
-one clip of 10: Shock Lock Rounds, 70Y
(or two drums if you're a sadist, but I couldn't see it)
-one drum of 32: Flechette Rounds, 300Y

"Ravencorp Full Assault"

Assault Rifle: 6P -1AP SA/BF/FA RC: 5 42© 16F 18,360Y
Sound suppressed with an extra -1 to Per to detect, smart gun system w/skin link, melee hardened, and -1 to range penalties
-underbarrel exchangeable weapon mod (switch in one of the following):
--Grenade Launcher: SA 6© w/airburst link
--Bola Launcher
--Grapple Gun
--Shotgun: 7P -1AP SA/BF 5(m)
--Flamethrower: 6P -(half)AP SS 2 ammo
--Laser: 5P -(half)AP SA 5©

Likely Markup: 20,000Y

This is an....
Ares Alpha: 1700Y
-comes with: underbarrel grenade launcher, smartgun system, gas vent 2
--upgraded to Gas Vent 3, [1 SLOT], 400Y
--change underbarrel launcher to Exchangeable Weapon Mod 50Y, no extra slots needed.
--BOUGHT: Underbarrel:
-Grenade Launcher 2000Y (6[c] ammo) ArmTech MGL-12 SA
--add airburst link 500Y
-Bola Launcher 350Y
(amp it up: let it use a Monofilament Bola [8P -4AP for another 2500Y EACH!, but it's worth it])
-Grapple Gun 550Y
-Flamethrower(Shiawise Blazer) 200Y + 1200Y
-Shotgun 1250Y (5[m] ammo) Franchi SPAS-22 7P -1AP SA/BF
-Laser(Ares Redline) 7,500Y
--Electronic Firing 1000Y (1 recoil, -1 to detect) [2 slots]
--External Sound Suppressor: 300 Y [NOTE: you have to turn off the Gas Vent to benefit from this and take the extra recoil]
--Skinlink [1 SLOT] 50Y
--Sling 10Y (1 recoil) [OR shock pad Or hip pad bracing instead]
--Improved Range Finder [1 SLOT] 1000Y
--Melee Hardening [1 SLOT] 300Y
--only 6 slots used.... wink.gif
--ALSO, the Laser and other options could be dropped to lower the cost, but then it won't be a FULL assault


The thinking...

The thought is, Ravencorp is an enterprising gunsmith shop, capitalizing on the desires of black operatives, shadowrunners, and other shady clientele, by tricking out commercial firearms for even more devastating uses. With a friend who's a hacker and some smuggler friends, they sell and meet completely via the Matrix, and have shipments sent through illegal channels to nearly anywhere you want it go....given enough of a "shipping and handling" charge, that is....

Hope you enjoyed them!!! And please! Comment! Is this broken? What would you do differently? Any additional suggestions for them to sell? Any insults....w/e? Bring it on!

LASTLY: some quick wackiness to finish her off:

Silent Knight
Ultimax HMG-2 7500
7P -3AP FA 1(cool.gif 50© OR 100(belt) 15F
-comes with Rigid Stock with Shock Pad, Detachable Tripod
--Gas Vent 3 removed [-2 SLOTS]
--Integral Sound Suppressor [2 SLOTS] -6 to detect sound...{the benefits of being integral...}
--Electronic Firing [2 SLOTS] -1 to detect
--Belt of Subsonic rounds, -2 to detect
--Smartgun system [1 SLOT], Skinlink [1 SLOT]
--Chameleon Coating [2 SLOTS]
So, -4 to Conceal and a whooping -9 to hear a FULL AUTO HMG!!!

Barret Model 121
11P -6AP SA/FA RC: 4(10) 100(d) {I don't want to know Avail and Cost....}
--Firing Selection Modification, Full Auto [4 SLOTS]
--Extended Clip [1 SLOT] --stretch it alittle and make it a 100 rnd drum..(or 50 if you're less generous)
--Fill the new drum with EX explosive rounds
--Personalized Grip [1 SLOT]
--Replace integral silencer with Gas Vent 3 [2 slots for 2 slots=0 SLOTS]
--Include a Gyromount instead of the bipod (detach it)
Can we say digusting?!?!?

Tesla Cannon
9P -4 SA/FA RC: 1(7) 100(d) 100FFF (Way too much)Y
--Firing Selection Mod, Full Auto [4 sLOTS]
--Extended Clip [1 SLOT], it's an assault cannon, so this can be a drum, make it 100 rnd [might need Power backpack too]
--Personalized Grip [1 SLOT]
--Include a Gyromount or Tripod
Go look up how many Gauss a Tesla is....
HOWEVER, I would think this counts as "exotic ammunition," so my guess is this one is invalid/illegal....but fun to think about!!!

Also,....I'm still trying to figure out to configure things as miniguns by RAW.... also, won't a shotgun turned minigun be SWEET!

Hey, I like all this. I particularly like the work that you put into "marketing" the weapons. I'm not a gun-nut so I'll leave it to others to howl at a silenced HMG wink.gif , but this is useful stuff.

I may put one or two of these in as the customised weapon of a Prime Runner at some point, or as a side reward for one of the sammies when my game starts up again. Anything that saves me having to crunch numbers on the weapons modification rules is much appreciated. biggrin.gif

Don't know if you're interested but I have a Shadowrun site with a lot of this sort of stuff and if you don't have your own site, I could PDF this up and host it so you get even greater glory. That way it keeps this more current than if it's just in a DS thread slowly vanishing down the rankings. Just offering though.

Thanks for posting this and welcome to the boards (though you've sort of been here for ages).

Rotbart van Dainig
The AACG does not come with a Gas Vent 2 - that RC is magi... errr, integrated.
Raven Bloodeyes
Thanks, I'm glad you like 'em! Hope they are well received if and when the time comes.

I'd be more than happy to have the pdf'd. I quite liked your tricked out 'borgs and drones!!! Would like any additional write up or formatting done for that on my end?? Just let me know!

Any thoughts by anyone else on the rule-bending ones above?!? I'm curious if I missed any obvious violations of the rules (other than the Telsa Cannon not being legal due to the exotic ammo stipulation, as I mentioned)

Raven Bloodeyes
I figured such integrated recoil reducing chamber would be roughly equivalent to a Gas Vent system, at least in terms of taking up slots, so replacing that integrated chamber for an integrated Gas Vent 3 system (at the cost of 1 additional slot) seemed reasonable to me....

If such a chamber also stacked with Gas Vents I think that'd be way too sick (but maybe they do), but at worst it costs that gun one point of RC....and then there'd be one left over slot to play with.....(Personalized Grips to get that point of RC back maybe wink.gif)
Rotbart van Dainig
That's the point:

Stuff that comes with a weapon takes up no slots. And internal RC can be combined with a Gas Vent.
Raven Bloodeyes
I wasn't sure if it counted as "two of the same modification" or not.... they can also be removed to get the slots "back", which is kinda what I was getting at...

However, if they stack, I'd rather take one slot and throw in a Gas Vent 2 + this chamber and up the total RC by +1. THANKS!! grinbig.gif

Edit: --rereading pg. 148 and the recoil stacking rules and I think you're right SWEET!
Welcome to the posting side of DS biggrin.gif

Oh.... and *howl* of course.
Daddy's Little Ninja
I keep reading the title of this thread and 'Ravecorp' makes me think of clothes and bling to wear at a rave.
probably forgot an N in the title somewhere . . also think about those babies carried by STRONG People who get MORE Recoil-Compensation through Strength anyway . . so they can in fact shoot full auto silenced without getting any problems from recoil . . or a tricked out cyber-arm with gyromount or foot-anchors or something else like that . . also the Tesla-Gun seems kinda . . i dunno . . weak? O.o that and because of Command and Conquer when reading tesla i think lightning guns now <.< . . hrm . . a little tinkering with las-cannon and taser and the gauss cannon maayybee . . nah x.x . .
there was a similar idea for a shadow corp. once in the SRO/6WG Boards . . Trog-Corp! Join us while it is stil volountary! ò,Ó
i had the whole build-up all figured out . . and then they shut down the boards *grumbles*
yeah, anyone try this stuff? full auto and silenced? Unless Newton's 2nd law has been revoked that power has to go somewhere. wanna bet these puppies blow out their barrells with the regularity of an octegenarian on a prune heavy diet?
Raven Bloodeyes
Yeah... I forgot the N....and I couldn't figure out how to edit the topic title..... a good impression for my first dumpshock post.... <shakes head>.....ah well.....

Well those full-auto silencers only last 300 rounds..... that's why I tried to keep those all external......., so a regular weapon with all full bursts fired can only take 30 actions of shooting before it's useless and needs to be replaced.... even worse, a high velocity one, takes 25 actions of shooting before it needs a change (two long bursts per action or one 12 rnd full burst).....

Look into investing stock in sound suppressors if you do that wink.gif
QUOTE (Raven Bloodeyes @ Feb 5 2008, 02:47 PM) *
... and I couldn't figure out how to edit the topic title ...

You can't ... but if you ask real nice maybe one of our extra-cute moderators will fix it for you. wink.gif biggrin.gif
Raven Bloodeyes
Thanks Fortune! I'll do that!

If any of 'em are reading here. It would be wonderful and much appreciate if an admin could change the title of this topic to "Introducing Ravencorp...." instead of Ravecorp and help this noob out! Thanks you!!!

notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif
Seems to have worked! smile.gif The point about internal silencers and cost is a good one. But I like the idea of disposing of the barrel after a few runs, old-fashioned destruction of evidence.
Raven Bloodeyes
....@ Ryu: ye olde, "If you can't fix it, feature it!" wink.gif .... hey, Ravencorp could even charge for internal sound suppressor/silencer and barrel refits wink.gif
Raven Bloodeyes
OK, I updated a few of these and added a few other ideas... including a sweet machine pistol for any crazy two-fisters.... 4P +2 for EX expl +2 for burst fire, with 5 RC for now recoil with 40 ammo each.... (based off the Ares Crusader wink.gif)....

Anyway, knasser was nice enough to host these as a pdf, so check 'em out there....

As well as his other excellent stuff:

Thanks and any feedback is always welcome!!!

I worked up something the other day on behalf of my mechanical guy for our local mage and pyromaniac.

The Max Power special edition BOOMSTICK.

This is what got sent to his comm.

To: Max Power
Sender: Black Hole Armaments Inc.

Event Horizon Presents the MAX POWER special edition BOOMSTICK

Does our design team have a treat for you! A custom weapon to fit your exacting needs and specifications.

The BOOMSTICK is pure firepower!

This custom built Enfield AS-7 Assault Shotgun comes equipped with a custom grip built right to your hands! The internal Gas Vent 3 system will make sure you don't stray off target! The large drum magazine means you can shoot more!

But we have a treat for you, specifically for you sir, we have...... The underbarrel Shiawase Blazer! BURN BURN BURN BURN. Everyone needs a flamethrower devil.gif

And to top it off, our design specialists have custom coated it in the most sophisticated shades of anodized Red, Orange, and the darkest Black.

Be sure to impress the ladies with your gun.

attached: Boomstickdemo.avi

Please respond back with the desired quantity as this is a limited time offer.

Tech specs: Enfield AS-7, Custom Look level 2, Personalized Grip, Underbarrell Shiawase Blazer, Gas Vent 3

Price would be 4k for raw materials + markup for labor etc.
Raven Bloodeyes
A few more guns, for a character I have in mind....

(see the "Two-guns" thread for him...he's a little cracked, so the gun names make slightly more sense for him....)

Ludicrous Speed
SMG: 4P SA/FA RC: 8 60© 12F 2950Y
High Velocity, +1 Concealability

This is an:
Ingram Supermach 100
-comes with High Velocity, RC:3 special chamber, folding stock
--Gas Vent 3 [2 SLOTS], 400Y
{this is a re-tooled modification to make it integral, so it should be fine, as opposed to mounting an accessory}
--Personalized Grip [1 SLOT], 100Y
--Heavy Barrel [3 SLOTS], 1000Y
--remove folding stock....more for style...
--Clip of 60 Tracer Rounds, 450Y

Romulan Warbird
SMG: 5P -1AP RC: 4 40© 12F 4000Y
High Velocity, -7 to Per to detect, Smartgun system w/ skinlink

This is an:
Ingram Supermach 100
-comes with High Velocity, RC: 3 special chamber, folding stock
--Sound Suppressor [3 SLOTS], 600Y
{integral should be fine, also get -6 to detect}
--Electronic Firing [2 SLOTS], 1000Y
--Smartlink [1 SLOT], 975Y
--Skinlink [1 SLOT], 50Y
--remove folding stock [-1 SLOT] {get an extra slot back}
--Clip of 40 EX/EX rounds, 400Y

The Stuff
(you got the money....)
SMG: 5P +2AP SA/BF/FA RC: 2(3) 30© 9F 4470Y
--disguised as a custom briefcase, -9 to Per to detect, Sound Suppressor, smartgun system with skinlink and trigger removal

This is an:
Ares Executive Protector
-comes with smartlink (and trigger removal), folding stock, briefcase, sound suppressor
--custom case (300Y)
--Skinlink [1 SLOT], 50 Y
--Electronic Firing [2 SLOT], 1000Y
--Heavy Barrel [3 SLOT], 1500Y
--Clip of Subsonic rounds, 120Y

(kids don't go anywhere without theirs...I don't go anywhere without mine....)
Machine Pistol: 4P SA/BF Rc: 2 40© 12F 8010Y
-1 Concealability (down to +1), -2 to MAD scanners, -2 from Chameleon coating, smartgun system with skinlink
-reduce DP by 1 at long and extreme ranges, 2x uncomp recoil

This is an:
Ares Crusader
-comes with Gas Vent 2
--Barrel Reduction, [1 SLOT], 20Y
--Smartlink [1 SLOT], 700Y
--Skinlink [1 SLOT], 50Y
--Chameleon Coating [2 SLOT], 1000Y
--Ceramic/Plasteel Components [1 SLOT], 4940Y
--Clip of Hi-C plastic rounds, 600Y

Raven, this is good stuff. I know you sent me a couple of corrections that I haven't uploaded yet. If you want to send a version with these included as well, I'll upload it in place of the existing.

I like the Warbird. Definitely going to use some of these in my game.

QUOTE (knasser @ Feb 19 2008, 03:18 AM) *
Raven, this is good stuff. I know you sent me a couple of corrections that I haven't uploaded yet. If you want to send a version with these included as well, I'll upload it in place of the existing.

I like the Warbird. Definitely going to use some of these in my game.


*grins* oh but I think you have forgotten one tiny mod to one gun...MGL6/MGL12? forget the larger versions name.

Now of course smart link ect. but add in burst fire for 4 slots and have fun. *warning* not recommended for any job that requires the concept of quiet.

Not the most innovative mod granted but a fun one
QUOTE (Cadmus @ Feb 19 2008, 11:57 AM) *
Now of course smart link ect. but add in burst fire for 4 slots and have fun. *warning* not recommended for any job that requires the concept of quiet.

Ah, those stealth jobs are never fun. biggrin.gif
Rotbart van Dainig
QUOTE (Raven Bloodeyes @ Feb 19 2008, 06:59 AM) *
remove folding stock [-1 SLOT] {get an extra slot back}

You don't get back slots for mods that come with the gun.
QUOTE (Grinder @ Feb 19 2008, 06:00 AM) *
Ah, those stealth jobs are never fun. biggrin.gif

Well in that case, Load up my friend grinbig.gif grab two and a duel weilding gun fighter and lets have the world burn baby! *cough* not that I would something like that...Oh did you guys notice that a MGL 6 is clearly smaller then a LMG and their for can fit on a drone? *Grin* "Sir are these your drones?" Why no thats my mobile mortor squad *grin*

Oh..since I'm here. a fun thing not sure if it can be done since I don't have the book with me. The device that lets you talk to a person your targeting, I forget the items name. you need an exotic weapons skill for that device. um..can that be fited under a gun barrel? becouse I keep picturing a sniper with one and ever time he goes to fire he whispers to the target, "Hey buddy, Over here" *crack*
Raven Bloodeyes
I think it's a matter of interpretation (on getting slots back), see the following that made me think you can:

Arsenal, pg. 129, right col, "Removing a Modification":
"A modification can be removed to get back the slots it took up and..."

Coupled with Arsenal, pg. 148, left col, "Modifications vs. Accessories"
"If an off-the-rack weapon comes with certain is assumed that those upgrades are modifications instead of accessories"

..granted they don't count towards the 6-slot limit, BUT it seems if you remove them, it falls back to the pg. 129 bit there... for the MGL-6...yeah burst fire would be cool there too, too bad the clip is only 6 rounds though... I actually used that one as an underbarrel weapon for an Ares Alpha...that way you got a SA grenade launcher with it!!! So you can shoot twice (two shots, one shot + one grenade, two grenades)!! [I also snuck it unto an assault shotgun for some fun too wink.gif]

@Knasser: I'll try and send you an updated Word file either this evening or tomorrow night. Thanks again for hosting them!!!
Raven Bloodeyes
A few more I had fun with...

Knasser should be updating the pdf before long as well, and it includes these as well as giving accurate pricing for all the extra weapons at the end (not included in the Ravencorp ads)

I hope you can all enjoy!!


THE Colt! [might also be called: Thunder!]
Ruger Super Warhawk (Heavy Pistol)
7P -3AP SA RC: 1 8(cy) 14F 1800Y
--Firing Selection Mod. [small, 1 SLOT] for SA, 300Y
--Smartlink, skinlink, increased cylinder, total: [3 SLOT], 800Y
--Personalized Grip [1 SLOT], 100Y
--Ammo Skip System [1 SLOT], 250Y
--Loaded with EX/EX rounds, 100Y
A hard-hitting heavy pistol that’s easy on the wallet. Can load with various rounds as well and select between them with a Free Action if smartlinked.


Grenade Launcher: Grenade SA/BF 12© 10F 8640Y
Smartlink w/skinlink and airburst link; grenades are: 10P -2AP -2/m

This is an:
ArmTech MGL-12
--Firing Selection [4 SLOTS]: Burst Fire, 4000Y
--Smartlink [1 SLOT], 2000Y
--Airburst Link, 500Y
--Skinlink [1 SLOT], 50Y
--High Explosive Grenades, 90Y

-somewhat of a stretch, but a great idea (thanks to Cadmus for the BF idea on this one!!!)
-raining explosive death…. with style!!!

LASTLY, two more fun ones…with a different character in mind (and an obvious nod and some declared poetic license):

5P -5AP SA RC: 1 18© 14F 4200Y
Smartlink w/skinlink and improved range finder, and use SMG ranges

This is a Colt Government 2066
{close and rather close-looking to the Colt 1911, the model the Ebony and Ivory are supposedly heavily modified from}
-comes with Electronic Firing
--Barrel Extension [1], 500Y {well…also include [1] extra for using a slightly larger round to get the hand-waved benefit above}
--Smartlink [1] 500Y
--Skinlink [1] 50Y
--Improved Range Finder [1], 1000Y
--Extended Clip [1], 500Y
--Custom Look (Level 2) [1], 1000Y
--elongated barrel, anodized aluminum finish, portrait of dark-haired Victorian woman on the brown handle
--inscription: “For Tony Redgrave | By .45 Art Warks?
--loaded with clip of APDS rounds, 140Y


6P -2AP SA/MB* RC: 1 18© 14F 4250Y
Smartlink w/skinlink, +2 to quick draw, MB-miniburst firing mode*

This is a Colt Government 2066
-comes with Electronic Firing
--Reduced Weight [1], 500Y {make it easier to quick draw}
--High Velocity [2], 1000Y*
--Smartlink [1], 500Y
--Skinlink [1], 50 Y
--Extended Clip [1], 500Y
--Custom Look (Level 2) [1], 1000Y
--elongated barrel, bright silver finish, portrait of fair-haired Victorian woman on the brown handle
--inscription: “For Tony Redgrave | By .45 Art Warks?
--loaded with clip of EX/EX rounds, 200Y
* MB firing mode introduced. Fires two bullets instead of one (but not the 3 of burst fire) per trigger pull (otherwise just like SA, firing only takes a simple action), so it does +1DV if used (instead of the +2DV of burst fire), BUT has the recoil of SA mode due to the design to the efficient design of being rapid firing
-Also NOTE, slight stretch on SLOTS to 7, due to “smallness? of Extended/Skinlink/Smartlink…. And the Custom Look extending the barrel and providing extra room….


NOTE on the last two: for a more true to form Ebony and Ivory…. Anchored spirit or spell to give unlimited ammo,
-For Ebony: SMG ranges and bonuses to hit as with a focus, and burst fire and full auto capability when magically actived...
-For Ivory: bonus to quick draw and to initiative when quickdrawing it (due to magic), burst fire without recoil as the default, full auto when magically activated
I really like the Mini-burst. Seems fairly balanced and really cool, I'd just jack up the availability and pricing on it to reflect its status as proprietary "new tech" and prevent every Tom, Dick, and Virgil from carrying them, thereby seriously reducing the level of cool.
QUOTE (Raven Bloodeyes @ Feb 19 2008, 09:33 AM) * for the MGL-6...yeah burst fire would be cool there too, too bad the clip is only 6 rounds though... I actually used that one as an underbarrel weapon for an Ares Alpha...that way you got a SA grenade launcher with it!!! So you can shoot twice (two shots, one shot + one grenade, two grenades)!! [I also snuck it unto an assault shotgun for some fun too wink.gif]

Um...mmm if your shooting at some one and empty the MGL 6, ( lets not even take into acount diffrent grenade types smile.gif But they do have some containing good old Willie-Pete) and your still in trouble I think theirs large problem then the ammo consumption of the burst fire mod smile.gif and you could always extend the clip hehe. Remember its one of those tacticle weapons heheh, using it means theirs a whole lot of targets or some very large ones hehe.

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