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I've played SR3 for some while, but have only recently returned to the scene to find SR4 as the new kid on the block. I have to say that SR4 has a lot of cool things going for it, and I plan on getting a group together to start a new campaign. In order to understand games, my first step is to make a character, this forces me to read sections that my not readily be apparent but are none the less important (especially for a GM like myself). I'm looking at my first character now, and I'm questioning some purchases I've made. Specifically, does the Simsense Vertigo negative quality effect cybereye enhancements? It says that the negative modifier is applied to image links, but are cybereyes considered image links? If there's a reference in SR4 core I'm missing, then let me know! wink.gif Thanks in advance.
Simsense Vertigo affects you whenever SimSense data is overlayed over your natural (or augmented) perception.

The cybereyes are affected once you display a smartlink crosshair or images or text, but not while you use the low-light system.
Awesome, just what I was looking for, thanks Ryu!
QUOTE (DeadLogic @ Feb 4 2008, 06:33 AM) *
It says that the negative modifier is applied to image links, but are cybereyes considered image links?

All Cybereye systems (replacement eyes) come with image links included (there's a footnote on the Eyeware table in the gear section). You don't have to use them, of course, and probably you could get it disabled to be on the safe side to avoid getting AR-spammed by hostile hackers. You won't be able to use a smartgun system without an image link though, nor view digital images without some external display (like your commlink).

Something else to remember is that you are giving up the goodness that is AR Bonuses in general, not just with smartlinks in combat.
Interesting, I'll have to read more of the AR and Image Link stuff in my SR4 when I get the chance... I'll tell yah, being away from a game for a few years and coming back to a new edition isn't the friendliest thing in the world. Especially when the system and fluff has been overhauled so substantially.
Kyoto Kid
...which is why the Short One has laser sights on her Warhawks and uses her Commlink as a glorified cell phone.
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