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Full Version: Cooking Explosives (arsenal)
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Strangeness ALERT!

When you are cooking explosives, you make an extended test against a threshold which varies based on what you are trying to do. Lets say you desire to make some High-Grade plastic explosives, say.... C-6. Unfortunately, you only have a chemistry kit not a lab, but you a a former chemistry grad student and mad bomber, so your dice pool for the activity is 11 (-2 for inadequate tools).

Now, the cost of C-10 normally is 1,000 nuyen.gif. The cost of the materials to MAKE C-10 (according to Arsenal) is 1,500 nuyen.gif. This is strange thing #1. So clearly, cooking your own explosives looks like a bad financial deal at first glance. BUT WAIT!

When you make the extended test to cook the explosives, every extra hit increases either the rating of what you are making, or increases the quantity. Since this is an extended test, can you buy a single unit of cheap materials and just keep rolling until you have accumulated the successes for the quality and quantity you want?

For example, lets say my above mad bomber decides he needs 5 kg of C-6 for his bomb, but has only 600 nuyen.gif. He goes out and buys 1 unit of rating 4 plastic explosives materials. He then gets to work. For simplicity and safety he buys successes (1/4 dice pool). So every "roll" gives him 2 "hits". Six rolls gets him to the threshold of 12. From there he has three more rolls (6 hits) before he runs out of dice rolls (under the optional rule limiting him to a max of dice pool roles). He uses those six successes to bump the quality up by two and the quantity up by 4 (to 5).

Seems kinda odd, unless you make it so you can't keep rolling after you get to the threshold, but that can lead to some weirder behavior, like the guy who just makes it winding up with a worse result then the guy ho just fails to make it one hour, then goes WAY over the threshold the next hour.

I don't know, just seems odd to me.
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