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How do you make your Guards competitive? While my SR has a high percentage of the population augmented in small ways, SecGuards can benefit greatly from equipment alone.

900 FFBA II (privately owned)
1400 Urban Explorer Overall (tailored to/for the SecCompany), Chem. Protection 1 (water-proof), Shock Frills, Insulation 3
225 Helmet, Visor has: Low-Light, Flare Compensation, HUD
Armor 10/9 with Chem. Protection 1 and Insulation 3

300 Colt Manhunter (privately owned Sidearm; has to be a Heavy Pistol or an Automatic Pistol)
1000 Handheld Sensor with Cyberware Scanner 5, MAD 3, Camera

Expenses: 2625¥ - Discount for the company, 1200¥ for the employee. Certainly an acceptable base.

Optional Gear:
150 Goggles with Thermographic Vision (on night assignments)
350 Sandler TMP
475 Defiance T-250

Anything to good to pass up that I´m missing?
A Jazz inhaler for the one time a Sec guard will probably encounter heavy resistance.

Balancing the chance of addiction vs the decreased chance of dying, I would do it in a heartbeat.
Like Ed_209a said, corp-issued combat drugs, and since in the long run the employee is going to be paying the corp for the equipment I have a hard time imagining that cyberyes/ears and a datajack wouldn't also be required.
Don't know for sr4, but a radio transceiver would be a welcome addition to the above... rest looks pretty solid
Tasers or Stun Batons are very likely to show up in the Corp-Sec bag of tricks. Same for Freeze Foam. A company issued commlink is probably a pretty good bet too, possibly with the ability to feed data back to a tactical coordinator / dispatcher. A dozen or so zip-tie style plastic restraints are a good bet, though those are really more of a post combat issue. The biggest equalizers for coporate security is usually numbers and the ability to call back up.
A lot of Dumpshockers think that CorpSec would use a lot of visibility inhibitors, and I tend to agree. Flashpacks and smoke grenades would probably be the main countermeasure to block mage LOS. Some kind of flickering, confusing pattern on the building lights also sounds reasonable, and gives your decker something to keep him busy.
It really depends on the outfit in question and the level of security involved at a facility in my games.

Here's a low grade "desk jockey" security mook's equipment, the kind that's more likely to be sitting around watching live AR security feeds in an armored glass booth and vetting visitors at the entrance rather than making rounds. Really just a glorified receptionist, he's mostly there to provide a friendly face, boot out the occasional disruptive but mostly harmless visitor, push the Panic Button in the event of emergencies and to have something other than drones watching the entrance. Better trained for combat than Joe Mall Cop, (8-10 dice or so in combat after specializations, Homeground and laser sight) but not by much.

Armor Vest (easily worn under any uniform) 600
Defiance EX Shocker, 150
Seco LD-120, 250 (cheap and has a laser sight)
GloWand, 60
Jazz Popper, 75
Flash-Pak, 200
Glasses w/ Image Link & Flare Compensation- 100
Handheld Motion Sensor, Rating 6 Radio Signal Scanner & Rating 3 MAD Scanner, 425
Company Commlink- The most variable piece of equipment, I figure for security reasons the company just provides you with one to use while on duty and that tampering with it can cost you your job. Cyberterminals for guys who are mostly boothbound are likely common as well.

Normally I don't really put prices and names to things mooks carry that terribly often nor have I really used the Arsenal stuff yet, but light pistols with laser sights and tasers have always been really common amongst my weakest security mooks, and it's nice to see that the numbers hold up with what I was going for, 'cuz I really wanted such guys to be cost effective, and just about everything there is cheap and/or reuseable.

It's worth noting too that in my games there's also a world of difference between what a mook will be carrying when you ambush him as he's getting a cup of soykaff and what he'll grab out of a security locker once an alarm has been sounded. I think even the lowliest installations will have a couple of AK-97 Carbines (now rendered obsolete by the Sandler TMP, incidentally) and a few crowd control grenades like flash-bangs and tear gas available for use. I also tend to keep a half dozen drones offline in any given facility as well; a few Steel Lynx being brought online and then immediately being jumped into by top notch Riggers from another facility is about the quickest and cheapest way I know of for the corps to have quality personnel support a low priority installation. And of course, what the CRT brings to the party depends mostly on how mean I'm feeling.
Grenades are a possibility, as optional task specific gear at least. Freeze Foam is a nice addition, too. Say splash foam grenades...
QUOTE (Whipstitch @ Feb 4 2008, 03:49 PM) *
It really depends on the outfit in question and the level of security involved at a facility in my games.

I see it the same way
if the security guard sees a couple guys sneaking around outside, he's not neccissarily going to reach for the big gun slap on his goggles, head on out to check it out while calling backup. he's going to walk up and say "hey! you can't be here!"
now if that same guard sees a couple guys carrying assault rifles, with a troll backing them up with Heavy machinery, he's going to stay inside his nice safe little impenitreble box and call in the HTR team.
the more gear they have the more secure the facility is supposed to be. but then he's not a security guard, he's an armed guard.
anytime a guard has a grenade he's more than the first line of defense.
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