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Full Version: "where're The Cheetos?!"
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Zhan Shi
The Dead Alewives

Purpose: The Dead Alewives is a group of Awakened teenagers dedicated to furthering their magical potential through playing the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game.

Group Avatar: Artificer
Members: 6
Strictures: Attendance, Geasa (see below), Limited Membership (geeks only)
Resources/Dues: Squatter. No dues.
Patron: None

Description and Customs: Childhood friends, the original five members formed the Dead Alewives shortly after hitting puberty and Awakening. Through gradual experimentation, they discovered that their favorite activity, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, provided an excellent vehicle for the expression of their Gifts. Now seniors in high school, the Dead Alewives take the occaisional (very) low level shadowrun to finance the purchase of old AD&D products. Each member must attend at least one gaming session per week, which is held at a member's home or in the basement of the high school. The focus on roleplaying has had an unfortunate side effect: members may only use their powers when dressed "in character". In addition, adept members may not use their abilities in conjunction with modern technology, such as commlinks or firearms.

Graham (aka Dungeonmaster, aka DM, the group's "face")
"If YOU can't remember, then your CHARACTER can't remember!"
Human Physical Adept
Eidetic Sense Memory
Cool Resolve

Scott (aka Gallstaff, Sorcerer of Light)
"I wanna cast magic missile!"
Human Hermetic Mage
Magic Missile (Powerbolt with Light elemental effect)
Detect Magic
Friendship (Control Emotions)
Ring of Charms (Spellcasting focus, Manipulation)

"Well, it says I have blue eyes, but I decided I want gray eyes."
Elven Hermetic Mage
Greg refers to summoning his watcher spirits as "casting Mordenkainen's Magical Watchdog".

Mark (aka Picard, the Elven Ranger)
"Graham, you're confuthing her!"
Elven Mystic Adept
dental braces
Locate Person (Detect Individual)
Improved Sense (Direction Sense, Image Magnification)
Improved Ability (Archery)
Animal Empathy

Jeremy (aka Nightblade, the Halfling Thief)
"Heyheyhey, look who brought the Mountain Dew!"
Midget Elven Physical Adept
obese from overindulgence in Cheetos, Funyuns, and Mountain Dew
Combat Sense
Enhanced Perception
Improved Ability (Infiltration)
Traceless Walk
Nimble Fingers
Ogre Slaying Knife (Weapon Focus, Geas: only useful against opponents larger than Jeremy himself)

Sarah (aka Titania, girlfriend of Mark, newest member)
"I don't know what any of this stuff means."
Human Physical Adept
Combat Sense
Improved Reflexes
Improved Ability (Blades)

Theme Music, Courtesy of 8 Bit Entertainment (with apologies to the Beatles):

Hey, dude
Don't make it bad
Take your playstyle, and make it better
Remember, to let it into your heart
Then you can start to roleplay better
Hey, dude
Don't be afraid
You were made to play your role better
The minute you're in your character's skin
Then you'll begin to roleplay better
Love it !!

Would add :-
Dice [as some sort of probability focus]
Dues = Street/Poor [to cover munchies, drinks, etc]
Dont really get why these kids still are playing RPG's when they got the real mojo running, I mean they can just go ballistic in the streets in the barrens, and have a great time LARP'ing (without having to resort to cheesy poems for spells) although i doubt the inhabitants would leave them alone "My, my .. I though these metal balls had seen it all, but then I see wageslave kids running around in the barrens playing, hun! get my gun.. I've finally lost it"
Midget Elven
whiskey tango foxtrot silly.gif
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