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Full Version: Technocrats, Archconservatives, and Democrats!
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Ol' Scratch
This is just a quick question. Can anyone point me to the (hopefully third edition) sourcebook that includes information on the politcal parties such as the Technocrats, One World Party, and Arch-Conservatives? I know I've seen it somewhere, but after pouring through most of my books, I can't seem to find it.

HMHVV Hunter
Shadows of North America, in the UCAS section.
Ol' Scratch
Shoot. I didn't even think to look there. Much obliged.
One of the older books had a section relating to the elections.
I'm sure there might be some info on political parties in the Super Tuesday book as well.
Super Tuesday has info on the UCAS Parties prior to the Dunklezahn Election, Target: UCAS has some information on them after Haeffner takes office, Shadows of North America updates both and Sprawl Survival Guide updates it even further (ie. 2063).
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