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Full Version: Mystic Adept Question
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If someone is a mystic adept and takes the living focus power, does the focus count as their full magic or their adjusted magic?

They planned on taking that as a cheap way to get a level 6 focus at character creation.

Also from what I understand, they do use their full magic to determine if they are overcasting so in this case their magic is six not five.

I rule no on both counts, they use the adjusted magic on both counts, ( Magic 6 Adept 5 Mystic 1 ) can only overcast ( Force 2 ) ect...
Since Living Focus is an Adept Power, I'd only let the adept's Magic for Power Points apply. Also, they do not use their full magic to determine if they're overcasting. Here's the appropriate question from the FAQ:

Though mystic adepts must split their Magic between Magic-based skills and adept powers, it says that for all other purposes, including the limits of adept powers, the mystic adept uses his full Magic attribute. Does this mean that a mystic adept with Magic 6 who has allocated 2 points to Magic skills and 4 points to adept powers can cast Force 6 spells without flinching?

The Magic points allocated towards Magic-based skills counts for all aspects of those skills. This includes: Magic-linked skill tests (Summoning, Spellcasting, Enchanting, etc.), overcasting, and maximum spell Force, for example.

For power points and Magic when used by adept powers, only the points allocated towards adept powers apply. This includes Attribute Boost Tests and the like.

For all other purposes -- i.e., non-Magic-linked skills -- the mystic adept's full Magic attribute is used: pressing through astral barriers, initiation grade limit, Masking metamagic, and so on.

So in the example above, the maximum Force he can cast at is 4, and anything over Force 2 is Physical Drain.

The full FAQ can be found here:
Doesn't the adept still have to suffer the -2 sustaining penalty? In which a mystic adept would get no bonus using themself as a focus. I thought of this as a way for a adept sammy with crazy dicepools to be more powerful without the magician having to sustain him constantly, he could sustain it himself with only a -2 penalty.
That is the case. But, the Adept doesn't have to cast the spell herself. As long as a sustainable spell is cast on an Adept with Living Focus, they can sustain that spell for the mage at the normal -2. 'Course, toss psyche in the mix and you're at -1 biggrin.gif.
OK, thanks for the info. I need to remeber to check the FAQ before asking. Sorry about that /bonk

But as far as the -2 dice for sustaining, I thought that Living Focus sustained the spell so there would not be a -2 dice pen.
QUOTE (Dayhawk @ Feb 9 2008, 08:20 AM) *
But as far as the -2 dice for sustaining, I thought that Living Focus sustained the spell so there would not be a -2 dice pen.

QUOTE (SR4 pg. 178)
Living Focus
Cost: 1
Living Focus allows the adept to physiologically adjust his body to channel mana in order to sustain a spell cast solely on him (in effect becoming a metahuman sustaining focus). The magician who cast the spell need not sustain it; this power allows the adept to do so with a little concentration. The Force of the spell sustained in this manner may not exceed the adept’s Magic, and the adept may only sustain one spell at a time. The adept suffers a –2 dice pool modifier for all actions for the duration he sustains the spell.

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